Lance Stroll, Racing Point, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2019

Caption Competition 153: Stroll’s grandstand

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Lance Stroll had his own grandstand for the Canadian Grand Prix, which he showed off on the Thursday ahead of last week’s race.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 98 comments on “Caption Competition 153: Stroll’s grandstand”

    1. There is no picture.

      1. @aapje Apologies, technical hitch; fixed now

      2. joe pineapples
        15th June 2019, 11:02

        Of course there’s no picture, its not a baseball field.

    2. Donald Bennett
      15th June 2019, 8:52

      The combination of snow, the newly painted white road and a large field of polar bears made the picture unviewable

    3. Just how Stroll got his seat, you need to pay to see the picture.

    4. Lance was disappointed at the visibility of the grandstand his father promised.

      (no picture @keithcollantine)

      1. @kartguy07 apologies – technical glitch, fixed now

    5. Looks like the picture has failed to qualify!

      1. @nullapax it’s been granted special permission to start the race after some technical difficulties in Q1

    6. Stroll: Look at all my fans!

      1. Beat me to it. Dang it, @aapje :)

    7. ‘Here’s everyone who thought I deserved my seat in F1’

    8. Daddy has already paid all figurants who will sit there on Sunday.

    9. “Dad … I’m so proud of you! All these seats will be filled with employees chanting your name”.

    10. Look what daddy just bough me!

      1. *bought

    11. There are loads of people who know I’m here on pure merit

    12. Note from Lawrence Stroll to his secretary: Please tell Liberty Media that the white paint used on the red and white contoured curbs of the Canadian Grand Prix race track is slightly less white than the exclusive and patented white colouring used on Lance Stroll’s Michael Kors Exclusive sports shoes, so the distinctive styling of the shoes fails to stand out. Can you ask them to repaint the white parts of the track slightly darker so Lance’s shoes stand out more distinctly?

    13. Stroll shows off the support from his home crowd

    14. The Stroll grandstand, suitably located at the slowest section of the circuit

      1. He have a clear winner here :))

      2. Fantastic

    15. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      15th June 2019, 10:51

      Stroll: Now this is grandstanding!
      Vettel: Hold my beer

    16. Wow,this grandstand is almost as big as my head :)

    17. I mean…you are not likely to get much variety in the spirit of the proposed captions in this case, Keith. Your bait is fat and juicy, and based on the comments so far, no fish in the water seems likely to resist the temptation.

      1. Worst caption ever

        1. @philipgb Maybe, but almost everyone has gone for the lowest hanging fruit. What sort of competition is this?! 😂

          1. “lowest hanging fruit”
            thats what she said

          2. @neutronstar Bwaaha ha……Lol.
            There is no other “fruit” to be had with this particular caption comp ;)

        2. @philipgb
          If there were a meta-caption competition, you’d have my vote.

    18. For my next birthday daddy promised spectators too!

    19. Fred Frogget
      15th June 2019, 11:04

      Lance to Chico…Take one of those photos that looks like I’m holding up my new grandstand. Chico…OK no problem ;-)

    20. Lance doesn’t take handouts from his Dad. But he did kindly re-create his pose used to represent him, with hands out, on his personal grandstand.

    21. While doing is track walk, Lance was caught practising spinning on the kerbs.

    22. joe pineapples
      15th June 2019, 11:51

      And the crowd go wild.

    23. Derek Edwards
      15th June 2019, 12:00

      And my dad will build something similar for Sergio in time for the 2020 Mexican Grand Prix…

    24. Derek Edwards
      15th June 2019, 12:04

      Lucky Strike embroiled in latest Formula One subliminal cigarette advertising row.

    25. “See, Karen, I got us a romantic place for two. What do you mean “How is this romantic?”, of course it is – wait, where are you going, Karen?”

    26. Ocon always seems down about not being able to buy a seat, so I got him 500

      1. Ooo that’s kinda cruel …. I smile though :)

      2. @yossarian – wow :) Love it!

        1. Lol – excellent!

          1. Meant for Steve :)

    27. The next phase in his cooperation with Rolex will involve the introduction of a new “StRollex” line of watches. The customer will be paid to wear the watch, but has to accept the risk that the watch my run slow sometimes.

      1. … m*a*y run slow …

    28. … m*a*y run slow …

    29. Lance shows off all his fans.

    30. I’ve been on the grid with drivers who could fill that

    31. That feeling when on your job you just relax, do what you love, travel around the world!.. And actually can’t be fired!

    32. After the 45th attempt the photographer gave up trying to get Lance to point at the Rolex logo for today’s press shoot.

    33. Stroll to us: “Look at all the f—s I give about your opinions”.

    34. “Look kids! It’s my grandstand” (times 58)

    35. All we need is a spectrum microscope to find Mr. Strolls fans.

      1. Nice one :)

    36. ici c’est les gens

      Just no time to paint it pink! 😂

    37. Think it’s a nice spot to see my afterburning exhaust? 🚀🏎️😜

    38. Neil (@neilosjames)
      15th June 2019, 15:37

      No one elected to sit in the Lance Stroll grandstand when they discovered it was $20m per seat.

    39. Doing his best David Copperfield imitation, Lance Stroll makes all the people in a grandstand disappear.

      1. @schooner
        We have a winner!

      2. Alligator sounds can be heard in the background.

    40. Look at all the people who turned up to watch me win my first Grand Prix Dad.

    41. Sonny Crockett
      15th June 2019, 16:38

      (Pointing at an empty stand) “This is what drivers like me bring to F1…”

    42. Dean Stewart
      15th June 2019, 16:57

      “I would be sitting up there if my Dad wasnt rich…..”

    43. Josh (@canadianjosh)
      15th June 2019, 18:19

      The only grandstand where they serve lobster and caviar with a silver spoon.

      1. @canadianjosh – aww, c’mon. You do this to your fellow Canadian? :)

        1. Josh (@canadianjosh)
          16th June 2019, 12:03

          Lol sometimes the truth can hurt.

    44. Despite daddy buying him a Formula 1 team and a grandstand Lance couldn’t help feeling like something was missing.

    45. The Strolls showing their power of buying seats in F1.

    46. Lance shows off his grandstands he is renting to Max to help Williams overcome their budget deficit since he left.

    47. Lance is starting to do some yoga.

    48. The only better seat for watching Stroll is Pierre Gasly’s

      1. Josh (@canadianjosh)
        16th June 2019, 12:04


    49. Noah Robinson
      15th June 2019, 21:46

      “Lance Stroll and all his fans”

    50. “.. everyone in this stand paid for their seat too”

    51. Stroll demonstrates “The Lance”, which is a little like the Floss but with your hands raised.

    52. Stroll explains why Hamilton and Verstappen are so fast.

    53. While funny, Stroll’s Wooly Mammoth joke cannot be repeated in public.

      1. @slotopen

        Wait wait….edit.

        Stroll was given a reprimand for his Wooly Mammoth joke.

    54. Jude Beattie
      16th June 2019, 1:48

      Daddy says next year he’ll get me my own track!

    55. Paul (@evilhomerr)
      16th June 2019, 2:22

      Thanks Dad!

    56. Stroll’s fan-stand was for actual fans to sit in during the race, as opposed to the virtual fans on twitter or whatever the other drivers liked boasting about

    57. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there standing on the sidelines supporting their kids’ dreams. Some have bigger budgets than others, but their hearts are in the same place.

    58. Stroll….”Look at all if my fans!”

      1. Stroll….”Look at all of my fans!”

        Damn auto correct….

    59. Alex McFarlane
      16th June 2019, 10:47

      *Sings* “I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love”

    60. Checco said F1 was a circus – well here’s my white elephant!

    61. Ta da! Common people c’mmon! Hurry up! Fill this grandstand common! Dad said count them who showed up..faster fill it up! be at the tail end of qualy again! Arrgggg!

    62. Wow!!! I can’t believe it’s emptied faster than my Q1 times!

    63. New from RaceFans, the Lance Stroll spot the fan competition…
      Simply draw the x where you think the fan is and you could win!

    64. Sings, “I’ve got the whole world in my hands, thanks to my rich dad”.

    65. The Lego: Lance Stroll Stand Canada GP 2019 Edition nears completion.

    66. Stroll giving a hug to his fans.

    67. Electroball76
      17th June 2019, 12:09

      One day all this will be mine!

    68. Lance began the process of summoning energy to release his Hadouken….

    69. Lance’s attempt to make the “Canadian wave” take off didn’t go too well. He will be reviewing his team mate’s fan telemetry later in the year…

    70. That’s were I’ll be sitting next year.

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