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Hamilton “relaxed” when he heard Ferrari’s new evidence was Chandhok video

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Lewis Hamilton says he stopped being concerned about Ferrari’s attempt to have Sebastian Vetel’s Canapdian Grand Prix penalty reviewed when he learned the details of the new evidence the team intended to present.

Ferrari asked the stewards to reconsider Vettel’s five-second time penalty for rejoining the track unsafely in front of Hamilton during the race. This can only be done if new evidence is presented to the stewards.

Of the seven items Ferrari presented to the stewards, only two were considered new. Among those was a video of ex-F1 driver Karun Chandhok analysing video of the incident on Sky television.

Hamilton said that eased his concerns over the hearing.

“It was definitely odd coming here when I heard that Ferrari was spending time focusing on something past,” he said. “Naturally for me with my team I would be having them focus mostly on trying to improve the car.

“But then we came there and I think when I arrived in the morning I heard it was Karun Chandhok’s video was the new evidence. I was pretty relaxed after that and just put it behind me.”

The world championship leader was booed by some spectators following his fifth victory of the season in Montreal. Hamilton said he drew strength from the supportive messages he received from his fans on social media.

“It’s not easy when you hear boos for example but that’s a part of the game and if anything it generally just spurs me on. I know I’ve got great support when I come to these races.

“Particularly on my social following I’ve got a lot of great people following me there. Even if you feel crap it’s not a bad time to say something motivational.”

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12 comments on “Hamilton “relaxed” when he heard Ferrari’s new evidence was Chandhok video”

  1. F1oSaurus (@)
    22nd June 2019, 17:22

    I still wonder what theoretically would have happened if the review was accepted and then the decision overturned. The formula1.com site suggested that the race result could have been changed. Or at least they stated that the race result will not be changed now since the review was rejected.

    Yet other sources claim that a review like this could only lead to a potential “moral victory” for Ferrari with no possible change in the actual results.

    1. Ferrari took the completely wrong strategy. They should never have made it about Vettel’s Canada win but about the general question of racing and stewarding. They set themselves up for a fall, and a demoralized Vettel, when they could (and should) be calling for a wider review – presuming that’s what they actually want – backed by the widespread support for them in the Canada incident. In other words, they should have accepted the race result but called for a review. After a promising start, Binotto seems to be repeating the mistakes of his predecessors.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣

    Chandok was acting mighty high when he found his video was used as evidence.

  3. Is this real news, or a funny caption you made up for that picture?

  4. The other day I posted here in other article, that I wish the appeal is thrown out for its stupidity.
    In the end Stewards said it was because of lack of new evidence, but considering WHAT has been presented as new evidence, the “stupidity” reason is just one word away, and probably wasn’t used only because it would have been considered a harassment.

    The only question – several different sources (including RaceFans) claim it differently – could this “review” have resulted in overturning of penalty?

  5. Come on Lewis don’t need to fear losing a hollow victory when you drive such a mighty car.

    1. Lol he earned that win by putting vettel under pressure, and vettel threw that win away the second he made that mistake

      1. Considering he remained ahead I disagree, been done in the past too.

  6. “Relaxed”? Yeah I often find laughing relaxes me too; and how Mercedes (& everyone else) must have laughed when Ferrari unveiled their killer bit of evidence!

  7. And where can we see the aforementioned video?

  8. @sihrtogg It was part of Sky’s post race analysis program in Montreal.

    He was joined by Jenson Button to look over it again not long after.

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