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Verstappen also wants to do Le Mans with his father

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen says he would like to race at the Le Mans 24 Hours with his father Jos, whose second and last appearance in the race was 10 years ago.

What they say

Kevin Magnussen recently said he would like to race at Le Mans with his father Jan and Verstappen is keen to do the same with his dad:

Well I haven’t talked about it but my desire is to do Le Mans one day. When it happens I don’t know. I’m talking to my dad as well so he needs to train a bit. Because if I want to do Le Mans I would like to do it with my dad.

It doesn’t clash. You could see Nico [Hulkenberg] did it and he won it.

I always want to win but there’s luck involved as well, it’s such a long and crazy race, a lot of things can happen.

I’ve watched it a lot, I’ve been there when my dad was driving. I think it’s a very cool race. What I like is you have so many different cars and categories that going through the traffic and stuff, especially at night, I find it’s really amazing to try it. I’ve done one myself online, it’s a lot of fun. I couldn’t get enough of the night driving.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Ferrari’s failure to get on top of their car problems feels familiar to Jay:

Hasn’t this been going on with Ferrari since, I don’t know, 2008?

When Domenicali was in charge, you go the feeling that although they we’re slower than the other front runners, they did function quite well as a team. Their strategy was sound, and they weren’t prone to gaffes that occurs in regularity these days.

In all honesty, Mattia Binotto looks like a nice guy, but I get the feeling that he is overwhelmed but the sheer task that’s on hand. As I’ve said before, Ferrari are now struggling with a power vacuum. The period after the fall of every dictatorship is succeed by a period of disarray. Ferrari have had strong characters at their helm since the days of The Old Man. Now there is no one of the sort.

For the sake of F1, they must get better. Having said all this, I think Vettel needs to go off on a break. He seems quite spent, shadow of his former self. I think a more hungry driver may be the spark that they need.

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  • 19 comments on “Verstappen also wants to do Le Mans with his father”

    1. Hope it happens, this kind of thing is very cool.
      @I’ll put my money on the Herta’s :)

    2. Ferrari need Alonso back, i’m not joking. :)

      1. To be honest, if Vettel leaves looking at the current drivers available, there isn’t anyone who fits the mould of superstar driver ready to be world champion out there, unless they can get Ricciardo, or if Max decides to go red.

        I still have a feeling that Lewis will end up in Ferrari at some stage. Ferrari need a big spark now. Although Alonso is selfish, his unrelenting will to win will certainly drive them forward.

        @keithcollantine Thanks for COTD!

        1. @jeymenon10

          Although Alonso is selfish, his unrelenting will to win will certainly drive them forward.

          Ummmm…..History has shown that Alonso does quite the opposite to driving a team forward with his “will to win”!

    3. I don’t believe that the race will move to Rio. Brazil’s president is a complete idiot.

      1. @edmarques, I personally think it is more of a case of Bolsonaro playing to the crowd given his political links to the state of Rio – he started his political career in Rio and a number of his political allies are also from Rio, so he has more of a vested interest than most in moving the race to Rio.

        1. And his intentions to demoralize the Governor of Sao Paulo who he believes will run against him on the presidential election, which is in 2022!

    4. Even though Interlagos is a cool layout and track I can see why they urge to move. Everything around the track feels more like the 60s compared to a modern track like silverstone for example, and its placed in a pretty sketchy place of town. People need to be bussed in and then you walk the last bit with machine gunned guards all along the way. However personally i love the older tracks, they look better and are almost always more unforgiving, the new one will be a flat asphalt desert with long straights and hairpins I guess.

      1. Well, if safety is one of your concerns, I have bad news…

      2. Interlagos is a great track which almost always produces good races no matter the weather. It will be a travesty if it loses the race no matter where it goes.

    5. Ferrari using Chandhok’s analysis as part of their right to review is laughable to say the least.
      Next time they might use the opinions of tens of frustrated tifosi on the internet, i’m sure that will work better for them.

    6. Lol, I hope Alonso goes to Ferrari or Mercedes.

      Both teams need a better #2.

      Meanwhile Wolff only has himself to blame. Constant discrepancy between his words and teams actual performance makes them an easy target for all kinds of trolling.

      You don’t see other dominant teams in other teams talking like that. They would benefit a lot from some straight talking.

      Like: “We are fast in FP1, but don’t worry that Ferrari time was only competitive because we ran low power and told drivers not to push to much. Come Quali we should be infront.” i would respect that a bit more than constant paranoia on how fast Ferrari is and Hamilton affraid of Vettel…

      1. Saying “come quali we should be in front” risks making your own team complacent but can also increase the pressure on them and makes you look daft if you don’t get pole. Nothing to gain.

        Didn’t you notice how embarrassing it was for McLaren after they’d been talking up how quick they were going to be but then couldn’t live up to it?

      2. Meanwhile Wolff only has himself to blame. Constant discrepancy between his words and teams actual performance makes them an easy target for all kinds of trolling.

        Not this bull again. People twisting Wolffs words so they can mock something he never said. Typical troll behaviour I hope it spurs Mercedes on to win the next 20 championships just to spite you :P

      3. Meanwhile Wolff only has himself to blame. Constant discrepancy between his words and teams actual performance makes them an easy target for all kinds of trolling.

        Ridiculous. So Toto is meant to precisely know the setup ability of his competitors now? He has commented on their straightline speed which even they admit. The reason this Mercedes team is a winning machine is because in their mindset they can always do better and never underestimate the competition. That’s what will keep them #1 not pandering to disgruntled tifosi sorry to burst your bubble of self importance.

        Meanwhile if you actually read the article he also talks about the disproportionate and disgusting language used towards Lewis, mostly by Brits. Unsurprising given a far right PM is about to come into power but very sad nonetheless.

        And Alonso as a #2, you have really pushed the boat out on the silly observations today haven’t you @jureo

    7. It’s also been lightened and had its aerodynamics worked on with assistance from Williams Advanced Engineering. Yes, the same crew behind the Formula 1 team of the same name.

      Surely the experience dealing with tractors helped a bit here. The Williams teams is pretty much used to it

    8. “In qualifying, there is the issue of the feed covering the first car on a lap rather than switching to one that may have been behind but is clearly putting in a quicker time. Which means, as is often the case, Hamilton’s pole lap was represented by the final seconds as he crossed the line.”
      – What’s wrong with showing the first driver on a flying lap, though?

      “Then there are the lengthy start replays from multiple angles that often coincide with actual on-track action – on Sunday it was Vettel’ s pass on Norris.”
      – That’s the norm for every race, though. Replay footage of the start of any given race and the early-corners of lap one are always shown a few laps into the race in question and has been the case for a long time already, long before LM came in. Those replays have to be shown sooner or later anyway, so sometimes a passing move or something else might happen while those are shown, and if yes, then it’s all just a coincidence. What I don’t understand, though, is the occasional times when replays of lap one have all of a sudden appeared like midway through a race or later. That’s a bit unnecessary, but not when the race in question is still young, so to speak.

      Regarding the Sky-article: I’d be in favor of not using the chicane (for at the very least one season), but the rest of the current layout is fine.

    9. I believed that another vehicle tuned by Williams was the world’s fastest tractor…

    10. By the way, I read an article (from autosport, thanks google) on how the tyres change debate isn’t lying down, but is also quite unlikely to lead to changes this year. Nice quotes, as usual Steiner is a gem

      You will never find eight teams together [bsb: needed to get change through in season] because some [cars] are always working … the guy who gets it working things he found the holy grail now, he will be alright, but then two races later that’s the guy who wants to change it.

      You have to be careful what you wish for, because it could not be the solution.

      And Vasseur is a nice one too:

      … calls to change tyres because they were not working for some cars were like teams that lacked downforce asking “to go only to Monza and Montreal”

      Pirelly has quite a bit to say against it, but a good point they make is that the cars are changed too, so maybe it’s not (just) the tyres, but (also) the cars (similar to what Steiner suggested).

    Comments are closed.