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Raikkonen not surprised by Ricciardo’s penalty: “We all know the rules”

2019 French Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen wasn’t surprised Daniel Ricciardo was penalised for putting all four wheels off the track while overtaking him on the final lap of the French Grand Prix.

Ricciardo collected two penalties within seconds of each other when he left the track at the chicane while fighting with Lando Norris, and again on the straight approaching Signes as he overtook Raikkonen.

Raikkonen said Ricciardo’s first penalty was “a bit on the limit – he went off and he came back, he didn’t go really wide.”

However he felt the Renault driver’s move on him was a clearer breach. “The second one, I knew there’s a track limit somewhere, especially on the straight. In corners sometimes it’s a bit difficult to say if it’s better or not.

“But I knew that if he wants the option to go on the right-hand side, yes there’s space, but the rules that I know you can obviously go there but something’s going to happen afterwards. That’s where he went.

“If there was a wall he wouldn’t go past me so it’s as simple as that. We all know the rules.

“I don’t think we think [about] the rules all the time when we driver but you do the decision and for sure at some point when he got past he probably though let’s see what happens, that’s the result.”

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15 comments on “Raikkonen not surprised by Ricciardo’s penalty: “We all know the rules””

  1. Kimi Raikonnen unsurprisingly not surprised in this case but found the Vettel penalty in Canada surprising. Rinse and repeat.

    1. That’s because we all know that Vettel’s penalty in Canada was nonsense.

      1. It was a fair penalty and a deserved penalty.

    2. Not comparable whatsoever.

    3. @david-br I think you’re mixing the penalties up: Ricciardo’s first one (with Norris) was the one where the ruling was the same as Vettel’s, and that’s the one Raikkonen expressed reservations about (not the Ricciardo one).

      1. @keithcollantine (and everyone!)
        I didn’t say the situations were the same! I’m reflecting on this:

        We all know the rules

        I’m pointing out that in the Vettel penalty, these were conveniently ‘forgotten.’

        1. Which rule was forgotten?

          Regulation 27.3 is pretty clear, and Vettel was guilty of either an unsafe return (if his car was out of control), or forcing Hamilton off the track (if he had control)– either is worthy of a 5 second penalty.

    4. @david-br I don’t think you read the article, my friend…

      1. @neutronstar Well I did, but that’s admittedly no guarantee I understood it.

    5. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
      27th June 2019, 17:13

      I can’t tell the difference between a surprised Raikonnen and an not surprised Raikonnen.

  2. there’s a track limit somewhere, especially on the straight

    That’s the thing that annoys me. I understand that there is a track limit in corners, although I don’t always agree with it. But why is it a penalty when you cross the line on the straight? It’s not that you cut a corner or maintain more speed. It’s just a strip of tarmac that you cannot use.

    1. on this particular track it is, let’s see if anyone tries to do the same now in austria on gravel and grass.

    2. But did you gain a lasting advantage you wouldn’t have had if you’d stayed within the track limits? That’s the basis for the penalty.

    3. There has to be a line on the straight, specially on this track, otherwise Kimi would keep going to the right to defend the inside of the next corner, till he fell off in the Mediterranean!!!

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