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Russell handed three-place grid penalty for impeding Kvyat

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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The stewards have given George Russell a three-place grid penalty for the Austrian Grand Prix after the stewards ruled he “unnecessarily impeded” Daniil Kvyat.

Kvyat had to abandon his final flying lap in Q1 after catching Russell at turn nine. The Toro Rosso driver was forced wide onto the run-off at speed.

After speaking to both drivers the stewards ruled Russell “unnecessarily impeded car 26 [Kvyat] after the apex of turn nine.”

Russell had not been informed of Kvyat’s approach early enough, the stewards determined.

“Car 63 [Russell] was not given the requisite warning by the team in a timely fashion about car 26 approaching on a fast lap,” they noted.

“Furthermore, the situation was compounded by car 23 overtaking car 63 during a slow lap, just before the incident in question.”

Russell has also been given the first endorsement point on his licence.

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12 comments on “Russell handed three-place grid penalty for impeding Kvyat”

  1. endorsement point??

    1. @bascb – “Good job, you’re making the same mistakes as top-tier drivers” ;)

    2. @bascb, I think many are suspecting that those will be the only points that either Williams driver has a chance of picking up this season…

      1. Ahah, guess you’re right!

  2. Surely a timed penalty starting from the pitlane would make more sense…

    1. Shh, williams is far behind enough already, even if you don’t give them a meaningful penalty!

  3. Williams just don’t want to leave that last row alone, do they? Let’s hope Kubica can stay ahead of Russell this time on merit.

  4. Kvyat has rotten luck. Hope his race goes better.

  5. That a noob

  6. Sergey Martyn
    30th June 2019, 6:23

    This was a first time I hear Kvyat’s radio exchange was bleeped – from the car camera it was real scary.

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