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2019 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead has been cut to 31 points after the Austrian Grand Prix.

F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

3Red Bull169
6Alfa Romeo22
7Racing Point19
8Toro Rosso17

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2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2019 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. well deserved win from max, and cleanest of his races in a long shot… if he gets penalty, that would be really shame and will look bad on fia to sound like they penalize max to cool down and pat ferrari!

    last race hulk vs norris was same as max vs lec! this is allowed for a long time! people complain about wrong things for wrong reasons!

    i dont like max like a big way, but he seemed mature enough today, and his move was perfect example of racing on the edge! not beyond limits like a lot of sour fans trying to make it sound like

  2. Wow. Max has almost 3x the total points that Pierre Gasly has and Christian Horner always sounds noticably disappointed when discussing Pierre’s performance during the race…say what you will about the lad, things are not looking good.

    1. well Kimi has 21 times the points of Gio, so…. ;-)

  3. Gasly ended 1 lap down behind Max. As much as i feel for Gasly, this guy needs to be sacked right now. If were not for him, Red Bull would be battling with Ferrari for that 2nd place in WCC.

    They can still achieve 2nd in WCC but for that to happen they need to drop Gasly ASAP.

    I think its game over for Gasly after today.

  4. Can I hear some suggestions of who to replace Gasly with? Seasoned pro or Supernova newcomer. Please be realistic as Red Bull would have to be…

    1. Well Alonso is available. Garanteed quality and points. And a heart warming kiss and makeup story with Honda as well. Come on Red Bull make it happen!

  5. Alonso would be a sensational choice, however I doubt Honda would allow it. I guess it depends just how badly the relationship between Fernando and Honda was damaged during their years with McLaren. As for points, Alonso in that car would be every bit as much of a threat to the leaders as Verstappen is.
    Which proves another point. Would Verstappen welcome Alonso into a team that he has pretty much, with the departure of Ricciardo, made his own? I want it to happen though, it would add so much more spice to this season thats for sure.

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