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2019 Austrian Grand Prix race result

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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133Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda711hr 22m 01.822s
216Charles LeclercFerrari712.7242.724
377Valtteri BottasMercedes7118.96016.236
45Sebastian VettelFerrari7119.6100.650
544Lewis HamiltonMercedes7122.8053.195
64Lando NorrisMcLaren-Renault701 lap1 lap
710Pierre GaslyRed Bull-Honda701 lap5.745
855Carlos Sainz JnrMcLaren-Renault701 lap11.170
97Kimi RaikkonenAlfa Romeo-Ferrari701 lap2.109
1099Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo-Ferrari701 lap0.662
1111Sergio PerezRacing Point-Mercedes701 lap2.750
123Daniel RicciardoRenault701 lap1.161
1327Nico HulkenbergRenault701 lap1.727
1418Lance StrollRacing Point-Mercedes701 lap7.928
1523Alexander AlbonToro Rosso-Honda701 lap1.674
168Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari701 lap7.943
1726Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Honda701 lap21.560
1863George RussellWilliams-Mercedes692 laps1 lap
1920Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari692 laps21.861
2088Robert KubicaWilliams-Mercedes683 laps1 lap

Fastest lap: Max Verstappen

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2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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79 comments on “2019 Austrian Grand Prix race result”

  1. I see Verstappen is still using the disappear or have a crash method of overtaking

    1. Did you expect him to change anything?

      1. On the back of Canada? I mean…
        Vettel vs Alonso in Monza 2012. Vettel got a penalty.

    2. GtisBetter (@)
      30th June 2019, 15:48

      That’s unfair. In racing this is a solid overtake. He went on the inside where there was room. He was alongside before the corner and made the corner. This resulted in leclerc not being able to use his usual line, but because leclerc knew he was there he could adjust. This is how you overtake. The others are DRS straight overtakes.

    3. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that overtake. Max positioned his car perfectly & Charles hung on around the outside for as long as he could. The fact that they banged wheels showed that there was nothing in it. Nothing but a racing incident… a rather tame one at that.

      1. Interesting, I thought the regulations said that if a car is fully alongside the other car needs to leave a cars width?

        1. Nothing LH hasn’t done how many times?

          1. And I’m pretty sure you’ve had a little whine on here everytime so are you saying Verstappen was in the wrong?

          2. Nope, point being it’s allowed and certainly considered fair play by LH and fans so one just has to accept that.

          3. @robbie

            With you its ALWAYS about Hamilton, isnt it?

          4. @stubbornswiss
            leave the brain damaged alone mate, the hate runs high with this guy… he doesnt even know what racing is, due to his horse blinkers allowing him to see only certain things that his damaged brain can process

          5. @robbie


            So in your opinion it’s fine when Verstappen does it but you complain when Hamilton does it. Nice, another example of your double standards when it comes to Hamilton.

          6. @Martin That was not a complaint, it was a fact. LH has often done what Max just did to CL. Hence no penalty.

            @stubbornswiss @mysticus So offended by the wrong assumption I was taking a shot at LH. The fact is LH is the defending multiple WDC currently looking to gain another WDC this year and he is a pretty hot topic these days, so what is wrong with pointing out that he has done the same thing to drivers, particularly Nico, as Max did to Leclerc. Nico was clumsy at it and got penalized. LH has it down to an art and we see now Max does too. Hope you get over your little snits.

          7. @ robbie

            Your hatred towards Lewis Hamilton is well known by MANY on this site, and goes back MANY years.

            I rest my case!

          8. @stubbornswiss +5

            some guys never take off their blinkers and says it s wrong assumption, while day n night complaining about LH :)

            and call nico clumsy shows how little he understands about f1, let alone understanding what racing line moves vs, completely ignoring corner and pushing people off track as clumsy is beyond pathetic excuse…

            so yeah, there is not even a case to race, just clumsy pathetic ignorant attempts at making comments…

      2. yeah, imagine now that this was at monaco and see how would this work out there… its almost same as hamilton rosberg incident, only difference is that leclerc didnt go right as hamilton did, but he took avoiding action… this must be a penalty for max

        1. GtisBetter (@)
          30th June 2019, 16:19

          I think in Monaco leclerc would have let it go, because he was running out of room. Leclerc Pulled this move in Monaco actually and because of the walls and the smart other drivers it didn’t end in tears. Well the first couple of times.

          1. Max was fully alongside, on the inside and on the racing line. It’s Verstappen’s corner, period.

            If there was a wall or a gravel trap on the outside, Leclerc would have given up the corner simply because it wasn’t his and he would have been in the wall/gravel. Here, with tarmac run-off, Leclerc keeps his line and knows he can survive and gamble on the stewards…. another case for doing away with run-off’s.

            I have been very critical in the past of Verstappen, as a Dutch guy that’s blasphemy I know, and I will still be in the future when the situation warrants it, but in this instance, Max won fair and square.

    4. this was so far the fairest and cleanest and most competitive at the edge max overtake since he joined f1.. coming from a max hater!

    5. I think from your comment you have never raced at any level or you would realise that to oncevertake another driver
      when not doing so by artificial drag reduction methods,requires a high level of skill and racing knowledge,which
      Verstappen has in abundance. Put him in a Mercedes and see Hamilton eat dust.

  2. I guess and hope penalty is coming to Verstappen for pushing Leclerc out.
    Otherwise – congratulations to both of them, good work.

    Mercedes, don’t relax!

    1. @dallein, I suppose the question is whether the stewards will feel they are under pressure not to penalise a driver who drives for a team that owns the circuit they’ve just raced at and given that they will have several tens of thousands of Dutch fans who might well riot if Verstappen was penalised in any way.

      1. I dont think that has any leverage at all.

        1. @rethla, on paper it might not, but there have been instances where stewards have yielded to crowd pressure and chosen not to penalise a driver because of fears of a riot.

          Perhaps the most famous historical example of that being the decision to let Hunt restart at the British GP because the stewards feared a riot would occur if they didn’t let Hunt restart the race in his spare car, but there have been other instances in the past where the stewards were accused of either not issuing a penalty because they feared crowd unrest, or making sure that the penalty would be served at a different race to the home Grand Prix of a particular driver to avoid discontent.

          1. It would be criminal to penalize Max. The damage to F1 would be far greater than any ‘damage’ done at that corner. LH has made a career out of this move.

          2. @anon

            Different times and different situations.
            Theres no risk of riot whatsoever since a. the race is already over and everyone has gone home and b. they where both allowed to race and c. its 2019.

            Since this is such a high profile incident however i think they will judge it very carefully since it will be an very absolute precedent for how to rule on incidents like this going forward.

          3. @robbie you’re both toxic and sensational, the least you could do is not post the same crap more than once on each article.

          4. @robbie, I think that the attitude that you are showing is helping to demonstrate the way in which those stewards are likely to be pressured by those fans of Verstappen.

            Being faced with several tens of thousands of potentially volatile fans and having seen how violence has sometimes flared up in the past, even if the stewards felt that there was anything underhand in the way that Verstappen attacked Leclerc, I suspect that there will be those putting them under pressure to let things slide specifically because they suspect that any action against Verstappen might make things turn ugly very quickly.

            Whether or not penalising Verstappen is the right decision to make is one that I suspect will be one that comes down to whether you are already a Verstappen fan or not – but I suspect that there will be a fairly heavy amount of politicking behind the scenes over the decision as well.

          5. @rethla, the indication is that they are deliberately waiting for people to leave the circuit before they make any decision, with the suggestion that they are very concerned about the possibility of rioting breaking out if the stewards were to find against Verstappen in any way.

            I know that specific example was a long time ago, but I brought it up because it was a famous example of the way in which crowds have forced the governing authorities at a race circuit to have to yield to popular pressure. The same principle still stands – do you really think that several thousand Verstappen fans, more than a few of whom seem to be more than a little drunk by now, would calmly shrug and go “oh well, that’s OK then” if somebody was to announce that Verstappen was being penalised for that incident and was being stripped of victory?

          6. @gufdamm @anon I stand by what I said as it is the truth, and it is not a slag against LH. LH has shown us this is a legit move, and indeed Max not being penalized has also shown us the same. And anon, you keep insinuating the stewards can be swayed by crowds or media warning them of riots and I just don’t buy that. They’re there to examine the facts and I have no doubt that is what they did, and do.

      2. And the, original, dutch sponsor, and of course bc the owner of F1 is the same as the owner of ziggo, the dutch f1 broadcaster, which all have huge financial and (geo-)poli-financial interests.

      3. And also to give Honda a reason to stay in f1.. and RB itself too.

  3. Leclerc just can’t catch a break. This was his best chance of achieving that elusive maiden F1 race win after Bahrain, and he almost did it.

    1. Max had a terrible start and still Leclerc cant catch a break?
      Leclerc will get his wins on merit in due time theres no need to look back on Bahrain all season

    2. This i don’t understand Leclerc started very well (didn’t drop to P9) and still he got beaten by a guy who was 8 cars behind him at round 1. That isn’t bad luck that was poor of the team or Charles should turnup the engine and stay ahead of Max.

  4. Great drive by Norris.

  5. And that’s what F1 looks without Domination. Pure joy! For once I don’t needed smoke weed to watch F1

  6. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    30th June 2019, 15:44

    Very naughty by Max in the apex of T3. Pushed Charles off track.

    1. Standard LH move.

      1. Typical tiffosi hate comments!

      2. @robbie
        cant believe how ignorant and hateful you are…

        this move is racing move done by everyone in the field! it is very obvious that you never raced in real! kimi did this, norris did this, hulk did this vettel did this to max! every competitive driver does it, and it is perfectly normal and allowed! as long as you are on racing line, and not doing a particular edgey move (like ros-ham situation people keep saying, has nothing in common with this), you are 100% safe! if you dont know this move, you are a blatant radical fan with horse blinkers! stop making yourself look silly

        1. +1 Raikkonen’s entire racing career is based around this move. ‘Kimi has the racing line, Kimi drives where he wants.’ Fair enough. So it needs to be consistently applied.

  7. Any updates on the incident with Verstappen v. Leclerc? It clearly looks like a Rosberg 2016 where he left the steering late into the corner to block off his rival. Thoughts?

  8. NeverElectric
    30th June 2019, 15:47

    Who wants to be a Formula 1 steward? lol…whatever their decision today, they will face some serious abuse from F1 fans.
    Oh dear.

    1. oh they will be fine, i think tiffosis will bend any ruling to their liking if their ameteour team/drivers cant win in a clean way!

      like what happened to competitive racing? or being against penalties :)

      1. What was so funny was hearing Vettel today saying that “rules are rules”, when asked about this incident/investigation.

        Just a couple weeks back, this same Vettel was screaming for the rules book to be burned!

  9. Yeah, its what all greats had in common. Sometimes you need to be a bit naughty haha, though it wasnt really pushing ;) leclerc didnt lift :p
    Anyways true racer, this is what i watch f1 for.

  10. There’s a very, very obvious precedent here (ROS-HAM)… And hopefully they don’t apply it.

    1. I think that was different though – Rosberg took an weird line right around the outside of the corner whereas this time, both drivers went deep into the corner here so Max was always likely to run wide. He didn’t steer to to the left or look in his mirrors – he just took the quickest line out of the corner. Leclerc didn’t concede the corner and there wasn’t room for 2 cars.

      It’s a racing incident this time in my opinion.

    2. Lol here comes the overwhelming evidence collection… what will be this time? maldonado’s professional race analysis in the review room? what would maldonado do in this situation, lets hear from the wise man :)

      1. here is the video of the overwhelming evidence for obvious and honest precedent

        go figure guys… apart from inside car touching the outside car, there is nothing in common or precedent about this!!!

        rosberg simply didnt wanna turn for the corner! ros didnt aim for the apex where you normally turn… he just didnt wanna turn until ham is outside the track! big difference, but tiffosi fans, whatever rocks your boats guys you are hilarious and like to see your heated anger for incompetent team and drivers in your own favored brands :)

  11. Earlier in the race, Charles radioed the team to say let me know when I can start pushing. I wonder, if he had been allowed to push, if he would have been too far ahead to be caught.
    At least we’ll have two weeks of debate no matter how the Stewards rule.

    1. @velocityboy Maybe, but to me having to start on the red tires, and therefore having to pit earlier, meant Leclerc’s white tires were 10 laps older than Verstappen’s (who started on the yellows). Thát’s where Ferrari/Leclerc put themselves in a position to lose this race.

      We can talk about the overtake until we’re blue in the face but Ferrari made a huge strategic mistake in Q2 and should be self-critical, rather than complaining at the stewards’ office.

      1. Was thinking about LEC starting tyres too. But it’s impossible to tell if it was really a mistake or not. I’d say it wasn’t. Ferrari didn’t look particularly quick no matter the tyres used. Overall, they were faster than Mercedes, but not faster than VER. VER had killer pace over the course of +40laps. After 22 laps, although equipped with faster tyres, LEC managed to create a gap of only 4.5sec (= 0.2sec per lap faster), and BOT seemed slower than HAM. Bottom line is, compared to VER, none of the Ferraris seemed fast enough to win it on pure pace.

  12. Still want to throw that rulebook away Ferrari?

    I don’t like it but if you allow drivers to run others out of road then you’ll see defensive driving with drivers taking the inside line every lap and push the attacker off on the exit. Ultimately the issue I have is the evidence is quite clear so a decision either way should have been possible prior to the podium.

    1. It will be a travesty if this come to pass. The overtake was good and then there is a swerve pushing Leclerc off.

      1. I would love them to not give a penalty as I think the current rule doesn’t work for all cases. Some corners will allow 2 cars at the apex but only 1 on exit and the call should only be made in extreme cases of running cars off on corners that open up, rather than trying to apply equally to all situations. Unfortunately though as many argued last race, the current rules seem to suggest it was not a legal pass and really you should enforce the rules as they stand then change them for the next time if they’re wrong.

        Good performance by Sainz today and steady by Lando. Looking a great pairing, probably great value too on the salary front.

      2. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        30th June 2019, 16:51

        Seb said on the Sky interview said that he’s not a fan of the stewards decisions and that the drivers are best placed to judge these situations. What he forgets is that there’s always another driver and another point of view and they can’t both be right.

        He just wants to cherry-pick these decisions in his favour. Typical Ferrari mentality.

  13. Congratulations to both of the young drivers. I only find it regrettable that there was physical contact on the overtake (comparisons with Vettel/Hamilton are inevitable, but those two more experienced drivers did not hit each other.)
    If this had been a street circuit with a wall on the outside, there would have been two wrecks. I love and appreciate and really want good racing. I hate lawyers, rule books, and regret that stewards are given a silly level of responsibility. Without contact, the Red Bull would have been brilliant.

    1. Actually, I think it’s VER’s agressive style rather than VET/HAM experience, very probably underlined by the car too. Let’s not forget that these dive-bombs were used by RIC too in the RBR years, and cleaner. Somehow, this move reminded me of 2018 China too: a lot faster than the driver in front, yet VER felt the need to brake later than needed.

  14. Mercedes has to be excluded from Formula 1 for the championship again to be exciting

  15. Hamilton and Rosberg in 2016. No penalty. Today…

    1. Well, ROS got a 10-second penalty (though ROS didn’t actually win the race)

    2. Hamilton and Rosberg in 2016. 10s-penalty. Today…

    3. This was much different from the Rosberg / Hamilton incident.

    4. I don’t expect a penalty but Rosberg’s move deserved one because he didn’t attempt to turn in until Hamilton was out of the track. Nobody does that.

      Today Verstappen was on the inside and went wide on the exit, but even if he could go tighter, i doubt Leclerc would fit on the outside even if he had better drive. The deal was done.

  16. georgeboole (@)
    30th June 2019, 16:08

    No matter what the stewards decide that was a perfect race. If they stick to the rules Leclerc will get a win. I think it will be unfair but rules are rules no matter how we feel.
    Honda won after so many years, Max made his teammate look like an amateur and Ferrari were again lost in strategy and tire management.
    McLaren is a solid best of the rest a d I can’t see Renault getting closer anytime soon.
    Hope we have more races like that

    1. I think the stewards also look for intent though. Max braked very late into the corner, got all 4 wheels alongside and then took the racing line. In most cases, the other driver would have conceded the corner but because this was for the lead, Leclerc didn’t and they touched. If both drivers refused to concede a position, most overtaking manoeuvres would end in contact.

      1. +1 very true!

  17. Missed the question mark in the title.

  18. Kudos to the TV directors, I enjoyed every single overtake by Carlos Sainz. Really, a stunning drive, from the 14th after the pitstop all the way to the 8th, if it wasn’t for Verstappen, he would be the star of the race. I was a bit uncertain after he hit an unspecified problem when Leclerc and Verstappen lapped him, he was 2.8 seconds behind Gasly and suddenly the gap was 11 s., but fortunately he could hold Räikkonen back and scored amazing extra points for McLaren. What a race!

    1. He got a front wing damage at the end and they decided to slow down, the job was done already. Great race by Carlos from P19 to P8. Mclaren is on the right way now

  19. Another dreadfull performance by Pierre. The guy glued was on Max’s gearbox at the end of lap 1 and a full lap behind at the end of the race.

    Half a race stuck behind Kimi, another half behind Norris.

    He’s got to go. I doubt his mates at the sister team would do as bad.

    1. Gasly was in front of Verstappen after T1, actually, and finished a lap down to his teammate… It’s insane really.

    2. I think they should promote Kvyat…

  20. Just searched this thread for the word blocking, no results, just saying, is it OK to drive so ‘defensively’ that the only way to pass is aggressively.. like all the greats in this sport?

  21. Gasly is costing Red Bull dearly this season, they should be right there with Ferrari in the constructors is he even going to make it to the end of the season at Red Bull at this rate?

  22. Once again Kubica has been lapped by every other car on the track. This is an embarrassment, and Williams should put another driver in that seat.

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