Horner praises Honda’s “real dedication and determination” after breakthrough win

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner praised power unit supplier Honda’s “real dedicated and determination” after scoring the first win since their return to F1 four years ago.

“Honda have done a fantastic job,” said Horner after the partnership achieved its first victory in their ninth race together.

“Obviously when they came back into the sport they had a very tough time in the years they were with McLaren. They then moved to Toro Rosso last year and they had some time to get their house in order and start to progress.

“We saw that progression and we saw the potential they have which was why we changed supplier this time last year [and] announced that we were moving to Honda.

“And really ever since then all we’ve seen is a real dedicated and determination. And that’s why today having won that race [Toyoharu] Tanabe-san went to collect the trophy for the constructor today. After all the effort they’ve put it was great to see Japan represented up there today and Honda picking up the constructors’ trophy.”

Honda executives attended Red Bull’s home race for discussions with the team about the future of their partnership. “It was great for the vice-president here to see Honda’s first victory in the hybrid era. It was a great performance and one they enjoyed very much,” said Horner.

He believes the victory will encourage Honda to continue its participation in the sport. “I think the fact that the engines [are] converging, there are stable regulations, days like today are only going to help.”

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12 comments on “Horner praises Honda’s “real dedication and determination” after breakthrough win”

  1. I can see why he would say that, especially when giving Verstappen the top power modes for about 30 laps must have put serious limits on the power output/reliability of this power unit for the futre, kudos for them to go for this win.

    Well deserved way to grab this chance and drive it home. Exactly what sport should be about – do dig deep and go for the win.

    1. I wondered if Honda’s engineers had their hands over their eyes waiting for the bang and a cloud of smoke.

  2. A huge day for Honda and what a huge thing Max has done for them. A day for the F1 history books. Simply awesome.

  3. Just another comment…juxtapose the debate that I amongst others had around here the last few weeks when it was perceived Max was ‘complaining’ about needing more progress, which I’m sure they still do, and how some took that in draconian fashion to mean the start of the end of the RBR/Honda relationship, and then see Max on the podium in the picture above pointing to the Honda symbol on his chest. Just saying.

    1. @robbie – I think this really was a great opportunity for the team. Honda played along by allowing them to run high power on the engine for much of Verstappens hunt of Leclerc (probably meaning reliability issues with the unit later on) to claim that elusive win. Which possibly locked in Max with Red Bull, and made it hard not to agree to stay in F1 for the future (as it was not all that sure maybe even both for Red Bull and for Honda until then!).

      I am glad we finally hear a Red Bull person saying thank you to their engine supplier, without their cooperation they would not have been able to win.

      1. @bascb Fair comment. Not sure if Honda played along knowing they’d risk the reliability of that Pu later on, that may be, but if there ever was a time to take that risk this was it, and Max did say at the start of the season he could handle some penalties and some rearward starts if they were at least competitive. After all, this relationship is so new. I would say Honda can be accused of good hard racing in Austria. The future will now unfold for them from a pretty great Sunday. Historical in the F1 annals in fact.

        1. I would say Honda can be accused of good hard racing in Austria.

          :-) @robbie

          Exactly, this is what racing is about!

  4. Argh the typos. Proof read!

  5. Great for Honda! It has been an excruciating journey so far but it is far from over. Though I can’t help but think about Gasly’s performance, not being able to overtake a McLaren while the other one was not far from catching the Red Bull. I’d say the victory is mostly on Max and the operational side than the engine. He would probably have won with the Renault engine too.

  6. Oh my… Mclaren.

  7. I kind of remember Red Bull winning multiple races with Renault, er, Tag power units as well. Is it just me?
    But hearty congratulations to Honda nonetheless!

  8. Max should get full power mode each race and let the motor explode every 2nd race or so,

    He’ll only have a 10 place grid penalty and generally starts from the top 5, with such an advantage power wise he’d be able to carve through the field quite easily

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