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2019 British Grand Prix championship points

2019 British Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton extends his championship lead to 39 points after the British Grand Prix.

F1 drivers championship after the 2019 British Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 British Grand Prix

3Red Bull191
6Alfa Romeo26
7Racing Point19
7Toro Rosso19

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2019 British Grand Prix

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22 comments on “2019 British Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Vettel’s just 4 wins away ;)

    1. @phylyp Yes, not taking into account for FL-bonus points.

      1. @jerejj – true. The wins will let Vettel level up, FLAPs will get him ahead ;) :P

    2. There’s no reason to believe his championship is over. He can still win it, according to himself :-D

    3. Morally vettel is already a 2019 driver world champion.

    4. Wow.
      100 points away.
      One hundred points!
      No matter how you say it, that’s crazy.
      Has Vettel turned into de Cesaris?

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        14th July 2019, 18:54

        Leclerc is 103 points away

        One hunderd and three points!

        Even crazier!

        I mean i know that leclerc has certainly suffered more bad luck, but even with Vettel’s mistakes, I think he is only doing marginally better than Vettel overall. I feel many will criticize Vettel forever about this latest one. It was just a misjudgement. Ricciardo did very similar in Baku last year, with much worse consequences for the team. Both drivers were responsible for that though,

        What I think is unfair about the way some people judge Vettel is that they are saying he should retire. He’s not really much worse than Leclerc overall this season. Leclerc doesn’t seem to get criticized for what he did in Monaco, which was far more stupid than what vettel has just done. He got a puncture and could have driven back sensibly on a really short, slow track and still made a decent recovery. He totally binned his own race by driving back to the pits at the most stupid speed possible. He wrecked his car. He may be better than this now, but that was a big mistake. He barely got any criticism for this.

        Vettel misjudges his brakes – and crashes but at least didn’t wreck his car so he couldn’t finish. He’s still ahead of Leclerc in the championship. I’m seeing so many people implying that Vettel is terrible and should retire while at the same time, saying how incredible Leclerc has been this season. Even if you give Leclerc another 25 points or so, which I think is around how much he will have lost this year, there still won’t be a massive difference between them. If Vettel is terrible, then Leclerc has had a pretty poor season too.

        What I will say is that currently, Leclerc is looking a fair bit better, but pace wise on race day, there has barely been anything between them the last 2 weekends. Vettel was unlucky last weekend in qualifying and looked very good in the race. This time, he looked very good too, just made a mistake.

        What we are seeing from vettel is similar to Verstappen at the start of last year. He’s really quick but making quite a lot of mistakes. Though they have been more spread out. I don’t think he’s that bad that he needs to retire like some seem to think.

  2. Lewis Hamilton 2019 WDC.. He gets better after the British GP every season. So expect the gap to widen.

    1. With shumachers record in sight, i can’t see Hamilton letting up any time soon.

      In the past when Hamilton claimed the Championship early, the remaining races would go to his team mate.
      I wonder if that will be the case now?

      1. I wonder if that will be the case now?

        It already wasn’t last season when Hamilton won the last two races (fortunate in Brazil vs. Verstappen). That was a clear sign he was already after Schumacher’s win record.

  3. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    14th July 2019, 15:47

    – Bottas was unlucky today, would have won most probably with the SC.
    – Leclerc will be ahead after Germany. Awesome drive and is the deserving No.1
    – Nice recovery from Gasly, did a nice overtake on Vettel.
    – Sainz is great, another consistent drive.

    1. William Jones
      14th July 2019, 15:54

      Disagree Bottas would have won, Lewis was well on his way to a one stop strategy, and when we saw how quick he was on that strategy, there was no way Bottas would have pulled 18s on him

      1. Here’s the thing.

        When Bottas pitted for the second time he came out 22 seconds behind Hamilton. He finshed the race 24 seconds behind. He should in theory have closed the gap to Hamilton, instead Lewis claimed the fastest lap.

        The same when Bottas pitted the first time, on fresher tires he should have pulled of a relative gap to hamilton. eg closed significantly on Hamilton. Instead hamilton created enough of an advantage to pit without the SC and i believe come out in front. The SC made all that academic. Just as well for Bottas.

        1. I would add, Bottas defensive driving compromised the advantage he should have had with clear air ahead of him.

          Unlike Lewis, who should us what he can do in clear air and without the worry of a team mate tail gating him. ;)

        2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          14th July 2019, 18:08


          Well Bottas’s tyres on the last stint were not new. And he very soon did set fastest lap. In his mind and i think this too, I think that this was all he needed to do. There was no need to close the gap to Hamilton as it would have been impossible to close up enough to get by. So I think he likely will have just driven it home safely – just fast enough to keep ahead of Leclerc. They were the softest tyres he was on and as i said, were not new. What Botats won’t have expected was for Hamilton to have the ability to get fastest lap. if Hamilton had got this on the previous lap, I am actually pretty certain Bottas would have tried to respond. I thinK Hamilton really caught Bottas out by surprise here. I doubt Hamilton would be quicker on those hards than Bottas on the softest. There was just no need for Bottas to take any risks. He could have been saving the engine which could help later in the season.

          regarding the first stop for hamilton, Bottas had closed down to 17 seconds when it was over 18 when he came out. Admittedly, not much but they will need to warm up. Hamilton was going to pit then anyway from what he said. Even if he had a really fast pit stop, Bottas had done enough to stay ahead. I also thought i heard that Hamilton pitting on the tyres he did may have been decided because of the safety car. If he had the same strategy as Bottas, I think Bottas will have managed to beat him.

    2. @panagiotism-papatheodorou

      why do you hate ham so much?
      best bottas would pull were to be 5-10 sec at best… bottas on meds vs ham on hards and bottas was no where near ham’s gearbox tells all… you think he was going to fly? ham on was on his gearbox all 17 laps, yet bottas couldnt better more than 1s gap on sc restart, and that was the closest he ever got to ham…

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        14th July 2019, 18:12

        I won’t argue with anyone saying Hamilton was clearly faster, but I don’t think he was a lot faster. And given the overtaking difficulties at the moment, if then both had the same strategy, I think Bottas will have been able to win. If Hamilton was so much quicker, there is no way Bottas would have been able to actually reclaim his leading position like he did today. Bottas was very quick all race long. Hamilton was quicker, but had he not had that good luck, I don’t think he’ll have beaten Bottas.

      2. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
        14th July 2019, 18:55

        @mystic one Mate I don’t hate Hamilton. The guy is contention for GOAT, I just think he had luck on his side today.

  4. Mclaren are doing a solid job for best of the rest. I hope they move away from F1.5.

  5. Has Hamilton ever had such a gap at mid-season? Pretty ominous, although I don’t think he’ll win in Mexico. ;-)

    1. @davidjwest I hope not! Mercedes are sure to be slow again in Mexico and winning the championship rolling in 4th, 5th or whatever is anticlimatic. Japan (in the rain) would be good.

  6. So VER is closure to the championship than VET. I never would have imagined that at the start of the season.

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