2019 British Grand Prix race result

2019 British Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes521hr 21m 08.452s
277Valtteri BottasMercedes5224.92824.928
316Charles LeclercFerrari5230.1175.189
410Pierre GaslyRed Bull-Honda5234.6924.575
533Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda5239.4584.766
655Carlos Sainz JnrMcLaren-Renault5253.63914.181
73Daniel RicciardoRenault5254.4010.762
87Kimi RaikkonenAlfa Romeo-Ferrari5265.54011.139
926Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Honda5266.7201.180
1027Nico HulkenbergRenault5272.7336.013
114Lando NorrisMcLaren-Renault5274.2811.548
1223Alexander AlbonToro Rosso-Honda5275.6171.336
1318Lance StrollRacing Point-Mercedes5281.0865.469
1463George RussellWilliams-Mercedes511 lap1 lap
1588Robert KubicaWilliams-Mercedes511 lap10.780
165Sebastian VettelFerrari511 lap0.275
1711Sergio PerezRacing Point-Mercedes511 lap9.862
Not classified
99Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo-Ferrari1834 laps33 lapsAccident
8Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari943 laps9 lapsAccident
20Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari646 laps3 lapsAccident

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2019 British Grand Prix

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    36 comments on “2019 British Grand Prix race result”

    1. Incredible race after a series of snoozefests

      1. You must have been on mars just 2 weeks ago if that was a snoozefest

        1. I said after a series of snoozefests, last few F1 races have quite boring(France, Monaco, Barcelona) and processional. Even the Sachenring GP(Premier class) was a bit processional.

        2. Last one was pretty boring

    2. What a race! F1 has it’s mojo back. Hamilton producing the fastest lap at the end was unbelievable. Le Clerc vs Verstappen is going to be a great story for the next 10 years or more

      1. Agreed, Hamilton’s fastest has to be seen as a monumental effort. That lap in race conditions had to be better than any qualifying lap. These were hard tires 30 laps old. You just don’t do fastest laps on those tires!

        It would be interesting to see that lap from the cockpit, and compare it to the Bottas pole lap. I’m sure
        Mercedes will be pouring over the data for that one lap. And to think Mercedes with 10 laps to go wanted Hamilton to pit again.

        The fact that Hamilton chose to be his own man, and follow his own judgements says a lot for the man. Grrreat drive. A race worthy of the British record. ;)

        1. @Ajaxn
          “The fact that Hamilton chose to be his own man, and follow his own judgements says a lot for the man”

          when he was called for the pits, he didnt reject, he just questioned it, but at the same time, bottas called in and complained about vibrations on his tyres, so they asked ham to stay out for a bit before they make another decision…

          after pitting bottas first, they would have to ask bottas stay back if stg went wrong if he went ahead which would create an unpleasant situation because ham had the priority if both to be pitted… ham didnt have issues with the car/performance of the tyres so there was no reason to risk anytg. what was amazing effectively was he did flap on 30plus laps old tyres, imagine if he pit for softs to do the flap… guess would be closer to quali!

    3. Unlucky timing with the SC, but it works both ways. Sometimes a driver loses out, sometimes gains. An incredible battle with the first two-finishing drivers of the Austrian GP, and an impressive pace by Gasly.

    4. Congrats to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton – History in the making.

      A lot is being made of the SC, but Hamilton by that stage already had a significant advantage over Botas.
      Also with Bottas on Mediums he had to stop again, where as Hamilton would have gone to Hards as he did under the safety.

      This means the race was decided with that first Bottas stop.
      Great race with so many other match-ups to enjoy.

      11/10 – superb racing through the field.

    5. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
      14th July 2019, 15:41

      Ok I am convinced. Leclerc is the new Number 1 at Ferrari, he mopped the floor with Vettel today.

      1. William Jones
        14th July 2019, 15:45

        I think it’s likely that Vettel has a contract that says otherwise

        1. But he’s leaving at the end of the year…

        2. That’s why he refused to make room for VET although slower, yet he had the guts to ask VET to make room for him when he was faster?!

      2. @panagiotism-papatheodorou Vettel was resoundingly beaten in qualifying yesterday, the race today, and he produced another calamitous error driving into the back of Verstappen. Difficult to tell how much is Leclerc’s talent and how much is Vettel’s decline – both in equal proportion this weekend.

        1. @david-br

          Regardless of Vettel’s amateurish drives, just the race craft of Leclerc today when he was battling Verstappen was outstanding. That was some of the best defensive driving I’ve seen in ages… And he pulled some great overtaking moves.. And a phenomenal qualifying on Saturday.

          Leclerc definitely seems to be the real deal.

          1. @todfod Yes, totally, Leclerc’s battle with Verstappen was outstanding.

    6. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      14th July 2019, 15:45

      Nice. We actually had two good races in a row

    7. Watching Sky Sports and looks they think Lewis was dominate rather than Bottas being SO unlucky in a saftey car. It goes that way sometimes but dont think otherwise.

      1. Lewis was all over Valteri for the first 20 laps. How many times in the last 5 years has a driver in the same car kept within 1 sec for 20 laps? Then Bottas got unlucky but he was on tyres 0.5 sec per lap faster and he did even get close to Hamilton. If you want mediocrity to win then fine but Bottas was not fast enough.

        1. How many times in the last 5 years have we had front wings specially designed to allow close high speed following?

          1. I don’t understand – they had different front wings fitted??

      2. Bottas was right behind Hamilton after the SC. He therefore had a chance to retake the lead, his tires were warmer, and a softer compound. Hamilton had hard tires which had yet to properly warm up. Whatever you say about the SC. Hamilton out drove Bottas.

        1. How? Did he overtake him?

          1. Yes, then Bottas took him back kn an excellent move into Copse!

      3. The fact that Hamilton beat Bottas on the fastest lap on old hards against new softs, tells you everything of how the result would have gone without the safety car

        1. All it tells you is that Bottas settled for 2 nd

          1. William Jones
            14th July 2019, 23:16

            So you think it’s likely that Bottas, on fresh soft tyres at the end of the race didn’t try for the bonus point?

            1. Bottas, on fresh soft tyres at the end of the race took the bonus point immediately and then coasted home to the podium, while Hamilton put in a banker lap to take the bonus point on the last lap. That victory was very likely Bottas’ if not for the safety car.

            2. @sundark

              Unlikely. Without the SC Hamilton would have pitted for hards a couple of laps later. As we saw before the SC was deployed, Bottas, while faster, didn’t have enough pace to extend his lead to a full put stop before he’d have to make his second stop. Once he took his second stop, he would have dropped back behind Hamilton, and – given who won the fastest lap – would have been unlikely to be able to pass him.

              Even before the SC, the race belonged to Hamilton.

    8. NeverElectric
      14th July 2019, 15:58

      What a race.
      And what a performance Lewis Hamilton!
      I am gutted, not for MAx, but for Leclerc…I think he had the ability and the car to be fighting for second or first, and Ferrari’s strategy under the safety car – in which they seem to have forgotten about Charles in their eagerness to get Vettel ahead – put paid to any Leclerc hopes of finishing higher than third.
      After this race, any other team would be sitting Vettel down for a long, candid chat about his new role as number 2 driver. Won’t happen, but Ferrari will have only themselves to blame when, come end of the season, they once again fail to impress and their team boss has to fall on his sword.

      1. That’s the problem with most fans: impartiality. You noticed LEC being screwed by Ferrari on strategy, yet you didn’t noticed the same stuff with BOT!

        1. @mg1982 I think the difference there was that at the point the SC came out, Bottas had already pitted, therefore there was no real decision to make, and Hamilton, Vettel and Leclerc hadn’t. Bottas was unlikely, while Leclerc *seemed* to be the victim of a decision.

    9. How? Did he overtake him?

      1. William Jones
        14th July 2019, 23:16

        He did indeed.

    10. Very good race by Kubica, his best of the season so far.
      Only a few seconds behind Russ is not bad for the ‘over the hill, one armed invalid’ many like to brand him with.

    11. NeverElectric
      17th July 2019, 11:06

      McLaren continuing their revival post-Alonso.
      Very good for the team and for the fans, esp in the UK, given the dismal form of Williams.

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