Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Silverstone, 2019

Caption Competition 154: Verstappen and Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel had some explaining to do after the British Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver wasted no time seeking out Max Verstappen to apologise for the crash which ended both their hopes of finishing on the podium at Silverstone.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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83 comments on “Caption Competition 154: Verstappen and Vettel”

  1. “I’m very sorry, Max, my head’s just not in the right place today…”

    1. First comment, and you’ve nailed it @tom-l

    2. Montréalais (@)
      20th July 2019, 15:33

      Perfect @tom-l

  2. Ferrari will cut your head right there!

  3. Max having uplifting conversation with Sebastian.

  4. “So, Vettel, when my car is in front of you, like here, what you’re not supposed to do?…”…

  5. Max is giving Vettel a 1-on-1 of how to do borderline hard racing without crashing anyone…even with slightly slower car – not some dominant “Newey car” like he used to.

  6. “And if you push the pedal on the left, you brake”

  7. Seb when you brake the nose dips and you go underneath the car in front.

  8. No wonder you keep crashing, the bottom of your helmet should be down here….

  9. Instead of getting my nose bent out of shape, it appears that my pinky has instead been bent out of shape.

  10. Damn, how did people drive F1 cars without power steering? A few laps without it and my hands are permanently crooked. Look.

    1. It is just a sleight of hand.

  11. I am learning all the time. Next time I see you on track, I will disable you with force lightning.

  12. See my hand. No shaking. Nerves of steel. Take notes.

  13. “I’m having a periscope fitted to my helmet, so I can see the cars in front.”

  14. “Gasly is out seb, come back home to red bull”

  15. I’ll keep this hand here under your chin, and slap you on the top of your head with my other hand and the helmet will slip on!

    1. Ooops, it is a clickable link to an image, I fumbled the format.

    2. @hollus – nice correlation between then and now 😊

  16. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    20th July 2019, 9:48

    The question on everyone’s lips after qualifying is will Seb’s jealously of Max’s manicure boil over in the race?

    1. @rdotquestionmark Argg – that is the way my head was working. Nail varnish or something I was thinking.

  17. “Look, I know this used to be an airfield, but that’s no excuse to send someone flying!”
    “But I was just going by your slogan and giving you my front wing.”

    PS: Alternatively, “You think their crash looked bad from the outside? It was hair-raising stuff from inside the cockpit!”

  18. SV: “You like it when Red Bull gives you wings? You’ll love it when Red Mist gives you a boost.”

  19. – You may have 4 drivers championships but can your hand do this?
    – Where did your thumb go?!
    – Nowhere, like your career at ferrari.

  20. ”Hmmmm…. like that?!”
    ”Exactly! Pretty much the same way I got your team mate in the previous race too. You should both join VER Racing Overtaking&Defending Academy and learn few tricks. It’s FIA licensed.”

  21. See Seb, your brake pedal should have been at this angle.

  22. “Remember Michael and Mika? We’re posing exactly like them in Spa 2000”

  23. I’m sorry too, because this is the trajectory of your F1 career. And please, don’t wear your helmet like that!

  24. Max shows to seb how multi 21 doesn’t work when you are in different teams.

  25. Vettel drew rock to Max’s paper and was forced to ride on the back of the moped.

    1. Redbull gives you wings does no longer need Vettels support

  26. Seb, I think I broke a nail.

  27. Max, on hearing Seb’s first words were in Italian, wondered if he was being thanked for winning the race.

  28. “Now that I’ve stopped drinking Red Bull my hands are steady and my starts are perfect”

  29. “No no Seb. Just place your hand like this – on top of your helmet – and push down!”

  30. Vettel getting a crash course from Max about overtaking.

  31. MV: …but then you went for option 3, under the car in front. Not actually viable Seb.
    SV (glumly): But I’m wearing my special Mario Kart Toad set-up. It should have worked.

  32. “So when I tell Christian to jump, he says ‘How high?'”

  33. Max explains how he blew Seb’s lid off.

  34. Know why I’m only using one hand to demonstrate, Seb? Because the other hand is so far up this hands backside, it doesn’t even exist anymore.

  35. – Ok, Seb, here’s how you overtake – you closely follow the other car, then when you see the opening to the right or left – you go there.
    The tricky part – is not to go straight into the other car!
    – Hmm, really? Need to try that…

  36. Now if I move my thumb, your helmet will go down again…

  37. Max: You know, Seb, I am still growing as a driver. When I came in F1, I was only this tall!

  38. SV: “I still don’t get it. So if you’re saying your hand is my car… then where are you?”

    MV: “Turn around and I’ll show you!”

  39. “You were already acting like you couldn’t see me, don’t start pretending like you can’t hear me now either”

  40. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    20th July 2019, 16:21

    Look Seb, I can curl my little finger while keeping the others straight! Wierd huh?

  41. Max: No man, you’re getting it all wrong, with both your helmet and your pedals, in how it effects the car! I’ve got….like….this pedal-philosophy….if you lift it….you’ll have to sift it. But keepin’ it down, might just get ya to podium-town!…

    Seb: Ah…so that’s what i’ve gotten wrong with this Italian inspiration! Too much feeling, hitting the ceiling!

    Max: Yeah, kind of….

  42. Max, I’m glad you want to try something retro for your podium celebrations, but you need both hands for the first move of the macarena.

  43. Max is getting his first taste of being a driving school teacher..

  44. MV: look at my hand Seb, there’s nothing to see, right?
    SB (hesitantly speaks): ……….No……?
    MV: now pull my finger

  45. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    20th July 2019, 20:59

    Max says to Sebastian:

    “Sebastian, next time you plan to ram me up the oss could you at least buy me dinner first?” “ There’s a nice place down the road, take a left then a right…..”

  46. “See my hand? I’m a steady rock at the car. But man, you are a rolling stone!”

  47. Lance told me to go easy on the Volumizing Mousse after the pre-race shampoo and blow dry.

  48. So Vet you have to brake at the right moment, got it? Ok, now go out and practise.

  49. Max, ever maturing, has mastered the art of getting the worlds best racing drivers to stare at his hands.

    1. Inspired by @hollus link above ;)

  50. “Hey Seb, pretend we are bench racing while I tell you what I thought of your punt.”

  51. Watch my hand… You are feeling sleepy…. Now say after me. I want to drive in Formula E…I want to drive in Formula E…

  52. Seb: Surely (with all your millions) you could afford a helmet that fits you properly

  53. Prepare yourself Seb, what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind.

  54. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    21st July 2019, 10:27

    You see Seb, the trick is to move very subtly at the last possible minute in the braking zone. That way the person behind smashes into the back of you and looks a total amateur.

  55. Please, No punterino Sebber….

  56. Watch my hand, watching? SMACK !!!!!!

  57. Now look Seb, this is where you’re at – right hand, Ambition. Left hand, Ability – ok

  58. And when you get to the corner you release your right foot and press hard with the left foot

  59. Graham Moore
    21st July 2019, 17:49

    “…but you pressed the pedal on the right, the brake pedal is the one on the left”

  60. “It’s not ping-pong, mate.”

  61. Vettel: I’am sorry master, what are you saying?
    Max: Don’t rear end me so hard okay.

  62. Darryl Williams
    22nd July 2019, 5:42

    As you can see my head is swollen & i think i can pass anyone.

  63. You get alongside like this see,then you bang the wheels like this.
    If you do it correctly,you don’t get a penalty and as a bonus your helmet stays on your head.

  64. Do you like my new nails, Marko did them.

  65. You wanted to emulate Shcumi in Ferarri? Let me help you.

  66. For the chorus you just press C and B flat on the keyboard like this.

  67. Now that’s a lame excuse Seb, you really thought my car was a virtual ghost car? Stop playing with the sims, my friend.

  68. “that way was against the traffic, this way is clockwise, or ‘with the traffic”‘.

  69. Verstappen:”I will take your head off!”
    Vettel tries to outfox Verstappen.

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