Newgarden takes commanding win after rain delay in Iowa


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Josef Newgarden extended his IndyCar championship lead by controlling proceedings after the Iowa 300 was delayed by several hours due to rain.

Newgarden’s team mates led the way at first: Will Power took the lead from pole sitter Simon Pagenaud. But Newgarden found his way by Power, who kept up the pursuit as Pagenaud slipped back.

A brief rain shower passed over the track, forcing a further interruptions to proceedings, but in short order the track dried out again and the racing resumed. But no one had an answer for Newgarden, who worked his way rapidly through the traffic as Power chased him.

Takuma Sato made a bid to get on terms with the leader by pitting early, which briefly moved him up to second place. However a collision with Sage Karam forced him out – Sato’s RLL machine was collected from behind by the Carlin when he slowed exiting the final corner.

Karam therefore triggered his second caution period of the evening, having caused another delay early on when he spun into the path of Scott Dixon, which left both damaged but able to continue.

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Power’s last, faint hope of catching Newgarden came at the final round of pit stops. However he ran wide on his way into the pits, crossed the entry line and collected a penalty. Ed Carpenter then caused another caution period when he hit the wall, amplifying the damage done by Power’s drive-through, and leaving him outside the top 10.

Sage Karam, Carlin, IndyCar, Iowa, 2019
Karam had an eventful evening
That promoted Dixon to second place, though over the finalchase to the flag he was unable to do anything about Newgarden. Last year’s winner James Hinchcliffe rose to a season-best third at the flag.

Pagenaud slipped to fourth ahead of Spencer Pigot. Alexander Rossi took sixth after a length scrap with Santino Ferrucci. The rookie impressed with several bold moves during the race, particularly using the outside line on restarts, but fell to a lapped 12th at the end.

Zach Veach, seventh, was the last driver home on the lead lap. Graham Rahal claimed eighth ahead of Sebastien Bourdais and Tony Kanaan.

Newgarden’s fourth win of the season puts the 28-year-old in with a strong chance of reclaiming the title he won in 2017. With five races left he leads Rossi by 29 points, withPagenaud a further 29 behind.

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  • 6 comments on “Newgarden takes commanding win after rain delay in Iowa”

    1. It was a fun race even if it ended really late for US Eastern time.

      I was irritated that Dixon got back into the lead. Indycar for some reason allows lapped cars back onto the lead lap. Nascar has the free pass, which is one car. Indy allows multiple cars.

      1. Mark in Florida
        22nd July 2019, 2:44

        That’s to get the lapped cars out of the leaders way. You don’t need someone that’s been lapped taking out the leader of the race by fighting to stay ahead. Newgarden has been phenomenal this year he just finds a way to maximise his wins or race position to stay ahead in the championship. Why is this man not in F1? At least with Haas, because Ro needs to go.

      2. You’ve got your facts wrong. Dixon was in the lead lap as he has not pitted yet. His situation is similar to how hamilton and vettel lucked in silverstone

    2. I have my facts correct. Dixon was lapped earlier in the race along with a group of other cars. Indycar put the entire group back on the lead lap.

      Yes, he was in the lead when the last caution came out because he had not pitted.

    3. LONG rain delay unfortunately, but a good race!

    4. I liked the race. too bad pagenaud never had speed, even in p3 or p4

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