Williams, Hockenheimring, 2019

Williams reveals major upgrade at German Grand Prix

2019 German Grand Prix

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Williams has revealed a major aerodynamic upgrade for its FW42 ahead of the German Grand Prix.

The only team yet to score a point or reach Q2 this season began the season on the back foot as its FW42 chassis was not ready in time for the first pre-season test. However deputy team principal Claire Williams said their efforts to recover from that setback have gone according to plan.

“We’ve had various test parts that we bought each and every race, probably for the last four or five [races], to improve certain areas, notably on the mechanical side of things. And they’ve all done exactly what we expected them to do. They’ve all been adopted and they’ve certainly helped deliver performance through just creating better balance and stability in the car.

“But then obviously we need needed to focus on aero performance as well because that’s where we were really down after the winter, through putting in this new approach that we did last year. But we always knew that was going to take some time to come to fruition and this weekend we obviously have test parts in relation to aero that we will be running in tomorrow’s session.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how they do. It certainly feels that we are in a much better position than we’ve been and it’s now just about moving forward and continuing that development path that we’re on and hoping that we can continue to close down the gap to pinpoint kind of platform that we needed to make progress.”

The new parts include a heavily revised floor and barge boards. Williams praised her team’s efforts in preparing the new parts so quickly following its troubled start to 2019.

“A considerable amount has been done back at the factory,” Williams explained. “Not just in aero in order to develop the parts but in the design office as well to get them drawn up. And then the amount of work that’s gone in in manufacturing, off the back of what’s been a very hard year for that group especially, has been really quite extraordinary.

“It just demonstrates the spirit that we’ve got with Williams still. The teamwork that we’ve got and the morale to keep pushing and to keep fighting to get us back to where we want to get to. And it’s really been a massive undertaking for an awful lot of people and they have done really an extraordinary job to get to this point here this weekend for us.”

Williams, Hockenheimring, 2019
Williams, Hockenheimring, 2019
Williams, Hockenheimring, 2019
Williams, Hockenheimring, 2019

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14 comments on “Williams reveals major upgrade at German Grand Prix”

  1. Really hoping they turn it around. It’s been painful to see them so low.

  2. Williams fans around the world will be glued to the timing screens tomorrow…

  3. I seem to recall that (and I think it was Mad Max) that there was an enormous push to simplify aero and get rid of all the bits around Barge Boards. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday …. is going on here.??
    As a die-hard techie, I think this is awesome and hope^3 that it really works.
    Williams needs some sign of progress. After all, Russel is almost in contention for the WDC.

  4. But we always knew that was going to take some time to come to fruition and this weekend we obviously have test parts in relation to aero that we will be running in tomorrow’s session.

    This is one reason to continue with the current 3 Final Practice sessions before Qualifying. If a team does find themselves on the back foot, then those sessions give them more opportunity to catch up with the rest of the grid.

    1. And what makes you think those practice sessions doesnt help the other team get further ahead?

      1. Always amazes me how much money, time and effort goes into designing and manufacturing a slight change to a piece of bodywork in the hope that it will gain a tenth or two. In a car that is deemed so awful it can pass the finish line in qualifying on a 2 mile track less than 2 seconds behind the leader. Amazing stuff really.

        Would love in a bernie style dreamworld just one weekend where drivers and their car for the weekend are picked out of a hat.

      2. @rethla +1. Helping the slower teams will only work if the teams at the back of the grid were given more track time than those at the front of the grid. For example, the bottom 5 teams get two sessions on Friday and the top 5 get one.

        1. I had wondered about that too. It would be completely wrong to impose a handicap system on F1 teams, so I guess that means all teams should have the same amount of practice time. I would like to think the budget cap would partially negate the need to do such a thing.

    2. @drycrust I want fp to stay simply becuase it’s the best way of watching f1. the cameras aren’t zooming in and shaking like crazy, you can watch all cars and talk about what’s happening in f1, sunday is a scripted wwe sunday night not so special.

      1. While I think your description is a bit too fitting of a WWE sunday setting @peartree, I agree that FP is a great way to just watch the cars on track, possibly with any commentary tuned out, and enjoy how they look driving around.

  5. wow super aero update, looks alot more intricate but at the same time the craftmanship is still below par, I mean it doesn’t look like super thin, delicate tweaks of carbon like RB. That rear suspension is still exposed and the packaging is still the same. They’ve got some life in them so I’m hopeful, 1s to gain is a lot.

  6. after reading this, can you imagine waking up this saturday…. and a william is on pole xD

  7. It looks more like a 2019 car now. Here’s hoping we see some improvement in laptimes!

  8. It won’t surprise me one bit if Williams are the same far back or more, that seems their fate at the moment

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