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Kubica first to run Williams upgrade on Friday

2019 German Grand Prix

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Robert Kubica will be first to run Williams’ new aerodynamic upgrade this weekend, though both drivers should have it in time for the race.

George Russell confirmed he will continue to run the original aerodynamics today while Kubica evaluates the new parts the team has brought to the circuit.

“Hopefully this weekend will be the first time of the year where we see a small step forwards,” said Russell. “How much that would be, I’m not quite sure yet.

“We definitely have some visible changes to the car for this weekend. Robert will be running the new stuff [on Friday] and I’ll be running the previous stuff just to get a full back-to-back correlation to see the differences. I’ll also have them on my car for Saturday.

However Russell says it’s unrealistic to expect the upgrade will lift the team off the back row of the grid.

“This weekend is quite important for us to understand how these sort of test items were bringing to the car plan out. I think if they work as expected that’ll be positive for us.

“I won’t give a figure on that in terms of the number that we have some expectations of where we think how much it should improve by. And if it reaches our targets, we’ll still definitely be slowest this weekend, but if it reaches our targets we know we’ve got more to come later in the year.

“Behind the scenes we are definitely seeing a lot of progress so we hope that translates onto the track as well.”

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2 comments on “Kubica first to run Williams upgrade on Friday”

  1. Well, I hope it brings them within a second of the next nearest car at least. Or more in general: hope it works, wish them luck!

  2. Seemed to work too. With the gap that’s been between Kubica and Russell this year, if that stays true it might in fact lift them off the back row of the grid.

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