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Vettel “bitter” after different faults put both Ferraris out of qualifying

2019 German Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel admitted he felt “bitter” after he was unable to set a time in qualifying due to a technical problem with his car.

Another technical problem hit his team mate Charles Leclerc in Q3. As a result Ferrari, who were quickest in all three practice sessions, are set to start tomorrow’s race 10th and 20th.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Vettel of the problem which forced him into the pits in Q1. “Something broke with the turbo and that was game over from there.

“Obviously [it’s] very bitter. I think the car is great and lost out on a big chance but hopefully we’ll have a big one coming again tomorrow.”

Vettel said he had been encouraged by the changes made to his car ahead of qualifying. “I think the car was good,” he said. “We did some changes also that should have been great for this afternoon but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Both drivers suffered different problems with their cars according to Ferrari. Vettel’s car was affected by a problem relating to the airflow into the turbo, while Leclerc’s stoppage was blamed on a fuel system fault.

For Vettel, this was the second time in three race weekends a technical problem has prevented him from setting a time in qualifying.

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13 comments on “Vettel “bitter” after different faults put both Ferraris out of qualifying”

  1. silly decisions.

    1. Yes – very silly of them to decide to have technical problems!

  2. We will be hearing about rolling heads at this team after latest farce.

    1. If Ferrari go backwards anymore, they’ll be back competing in 2018 again.

      1. But atleast under Arrivabene this team(no matter how much I hate them) were decently organised compared what we are seeing this year.

  3. And I thought the worst about Alonso when he said leaving Ferrari was the right thing to do, since they would always come second due to several different problems… One time is strategy, other it’s politics, then it’s technical,… I really thought he was just trying to put them down and justify why he joined MCL.

    1. It is evident now Alonso was butting heads with the incompetency that is the Scuderia culture at this point. I personally thing they think too much of themselves and fans give them too much credit. They have built an ethos off past performances. Past performances soon to be outshone and left less unique. But Mercedes doesn’t share the same vision as they do, so they will continue to sell overpriced cars in short supply to keep the ethos going.

      1. Mercedes are also pretty overpriced though!

  4. When I saw Ferrari’s results in the FPs, I thought it would be interesting to see how they mess up the strategy. I missed technical incompetence as an easier issue for them to contend with.

  5. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    27th July 2019, 16:58

    Ferrari really seems to have taken a step backwards this season. Other than adding Charles this year, the only improvement they’ve made is Raikonnen who is Ferrari free this season and thriving. You have to wonder how long Charles has before his performance and optimism adjust to Ferrari levels.

  6. Do you think the wrong guy won the power struggle?

  7. Hey Seb, don’t be bitter – be grateful you still have a seat.

    1. But can he sit on it?

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