Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, Hockenheimring, 2019

Alfa Romeo under investigation over race starts

2019 German Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi’s points finishes in the German Grand Prix could be under threat as Alfa Romeo face an investigation for a technical violation.

The FIA has confirmed the investigation concerns starts made by both drivers during the race.

“The race start data of car numbers 07 and 99 were checked,” noted FIA Fomula 1 technical delegate Jo Bauer.

“These were found not being in compliance with Article 27.1 of the 2019 Formula One Sporting Regulations and Article 9 of the 2019 Formula One Technical Regulations. I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

Article 27.1 of the sporting regulations states: “The driver must drive the car alone and unaided.” Article 9 of the technical regulations governs the behaviour of the cars’ transmission systems, including behaviour of the cars’ clutches.

The investigation concerns the “clutch torque application” by both drivers’ cars during the start of the race.

Raikkonen and Giovinazzi finished seventh and eighth respectively. If their cars are disqualified, Lewis Hamilton will be promoted to ninth and Robert Kubica to 10th place, taking his and Williams’s first point of the season.

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35 comments on “Alfa Romeo under investigation over race starts”

  1. C’mon get Hamilton to the points boys.

    1. The heck with Lewis. Williams, baby!

      1. @phylyp williams is a collateral positive, because you know mercedes doesn’t win enough everything.

    2. Williams could potentially score their first points

      1. And not to mention, it will be Kubica :)

    3. Gotta keep that points streak going ;-)

  2. So a potential DSQ for both.

    1. GtisBetter (@)
      28th July 2019, 17:58

      Nah, it was minor data. Just a fine

  3. Point for Kubica..?

  4. A point for Williams would be awesome

  5. Of all the races for Russell to finish behind Kubica!

    1. Johnnie Röös
      28th July 2019, 17:21

      It must suck to be russel of that’s the case, driving solid and has a bad weekend and jumps kubica because he got lucky.

      1. Its not a solid drive if You are out of track ;)

      2. lucky? Russel spun out…

      3. Please have in mind that Rusell have from the beginning of this year a much better car!

  6. This is surely a slamdunk DQ? They wouldn’t be referred to the stewards unless there was a objective evidence

    1. @marlarkey – well, earlier today I sort of expected Leclerc to be handed an in-race penalty, but that didn’t happen either, so who knows how this will play out? :)

  7. What about investigation for the crash between Gasly and Albon?

    1. No further action – for details, see the article on this site.

  8. By the way, do we know what the investigation is exactly about? The explanation is quite enigmatic.

  9. By the way, since the penalty for unsafe pit release (as for Leclerc today) is nowadays just some money I see a lot of risky manouevres in the next races. Especially during wet races.

  10. If they cheated then its a fair DQ, how can anyone complain about that?

  11. I had a bet on Giovinazi to score points at 4/1 so he is bound to get a penalty!

    Also had Hulkenberg and Ricciardo to score points, sorry!

    1. I had a bet on for double points finish for alpha and it’s been payed out and withdrawn. They wont be getting it back lol

      1. Good work, which bookie? I did also have Verstappen to win at 10/1 so can’t complain too much!

        1. Skybet.

        2. Pretty sure bookies go by the result “on the road”. I had a friend who won a bet on Massa winning in Spa ’08, but they wouldn’t pay out for that reason. Enjoy!

      2. ah, but has it been spent yet??

  12. Derek Warwick: dodgy stewards’ decisions whenever he officiates.

  13. Sad times for Williams that this is their best hope for points in a 20 car series.

  14. Verstappen is 33/1 for the title, tempted…………….

    1. No way. Some wins here and there possible but title is so far away from anyone but MERC drivers

  15. Is this decision likely to be made today?

    1. No in next month :)

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