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Norris and Vettel to get grid penalties

2019 German Grand Prix

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Lando Norris and Sebastian Vettel are set to start from the back row of the grid for the German Grand Prix as both will incur penalties due to power unit changes.

Vettel, who was given permission by the stewards to start the race from last position after failing to set a time in Q1, has had a new set of control electronics fitted to his Ferrari. It is the second new set the team has fitted to his car this weekend, exceeding the maximum of two for the season.

His Ferrari broke down in the first stage of qualifying yesterday. Team principal Mattia Binotto said the team suspect the failure was related to a problem with the intercooler.

Norris, who originally qualified 16th, will also incur grid penalties after McLaren fitted a new MGU-K, energy store and control electronics to his car yesterday. Norris experienced a problem with his battery during Q1.

Kimi Raikkonen has also had a new engine, turbocharger and MGU-H fitted to his Alfa Romeo, but will incur no penalty. The team also put a new MGU-K on his car on Friday.

2019 power unit components used so far

23Toro RossoHondaAlexander Albon544422
27RenaultRenaultNico Hulkenberg544323
26Toro RossoHondaDaniil Kvyat444333
55McLarenRenaultCarlos Sainz Jnr444333
3RenaultRenaultDaniel Ricciardo333222
33Red BullHondaMax Verstappen333222
10Red BullHondaPierre Gasly333222
18Racing PointMercedesLance Stroll333211
63WilliamsMercedesGeorge Russell222233
4McLarenRenaultLando Norris332222
99Alfa RomeoFerrariAntonio Giovinazzi222223
20HaasFerrariKevin Magnussen222223
8HaasFerrariRomain Grosjean222222
7Alfa RomeoFerrariKimi Raikkonen222222
5FerrariFerrariSebastian Vettel222222
16FerrariFerrariCharles Leclerc222222
77MercedesMercedesValtteri Bottas222211
11Racing PointMercedesSergio Perez222211
31WilliamsMercedesRobert Kubica222211
44MercedesMercedesLewis Hamilton222211

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  1. Mercedes = strong as a rock! This car can easily go to Le Mans for 24h, then to the moon and back, take a dive to Marianas Trench, Spa 6h, Daytona 24h, rest of the races of the 2019 F1 season, Santa’s sleigh for Christmas… and still be ready for another 500,000km of track action from 2020!

    1. Solid as a barrier you mean.

  2. Ferrari engineers surely made a numbers error this weekend, failures across the board.

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