Renault F1 truck driver taken to hospital after crash in Hungary

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Renault has confirmed one of its trucks was involved in a crash on the way to the Hungaroring for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

Images posted on social media showed a Renault F1 Team truck crashed into trees by the side of the M1 motorway near Gyor. The barrier alongside the road and two barriers separating the carriageway were flattened.

In a statement Renault said “the driver, who was driving within the respected regulations, was extracted from the vehicle.

“He is conscious and has not suffered serious injury. He has been transported to hospital in Hungary for further checks. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.”

Renault has not confirmed the extent of any damage to its equipment, however further images indicate the truck was successfully extracted from the crash site.

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Image: ANewHighScore via Twitter

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53 comments on “Renault F1 truck driver taken to hospital after crash in Hungary”

  1. has not suffered serious injury

    After reading this, I can comment…

    Guess he’s not getting that F1 race seat either.

    1. I notice that I drive just a tad more aggressively after watching an F1 race.

      Probably opposite effect of watching a cricket game.

      1. Similar situation after watching Golf.
        It takes me at least two cups of coffee before I can drive.
        WC Fields cure for insomnia …. get plenty of sleep.

    2. I just had guests arriving to central Bohemia from Krakau, Poland yesterday evening. They said that they had to drive 30kmh because of the rain. If this truck met that kind of weather, it really is not a big surprise.

  2. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    29th July 2019, 12:34

    Was it Hulkenberg?

    1. @rocketpanda – More like Gasly, slinking back to France undercover ;)

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        29th July 2019, 12:47

        @phylyp LOL! Also somewhere, Grosjean is blaming Ericsson.

          1. This should have been the caption competition :)

          2. Was Maldonado navigating.?

    2. I think it was Daniel

  3. Kimi's Missing Steering Wheel
    29th July 2019, 12:45

    “Now when we say, ‘we win as a team, we lose as a team’, this isn’t exactly what we had in mind…”

  4. Too early for slicks.

  5. Yeah, from that pic it looks like another exhaust system failure,

    1. @rocketpanda @joeypropane @aaaa – you guys are killing me :)

      This is turning out to be an impromptu caption competition, as @rethla pointed out!

      1. lol… This is what I love about this site :)

  6. Terrible runoff!

  7. Another one unhappy with the drag strip.

  8. Bring back the gravel traps!

  9. And that will bring out the yellow vests!

  10. So now renault crashed on and off track. LOL

  11. Hopefully, the cars weren’t in that truck.

    1. A little percussive maintenance might just improve the R.S.19

    2. ??
      Hopefully they were.

  12. All other trucks are now piling up behind the safety car.

    1. Rofl
      (In the voice of Martin Brundle)
      “Except for a lonesome bright Pink truck from Canada, Crofty…..
      It looks like it’s heading into the pits for a quick (or rather very slow)
      change of all 18 tyres!”

  13. Adub Smallblock
    29th July 2019, 14:08

    This photo should definitely be the “Caption Contest” photo!😜😄

    1. “Look ma, no hands!”

      1. @melthom – on a darker note:

        Before the crash: “Look ma, no hands!”
        After the crash: “Look ma, no hands!”

  14. Spun on its own oil ?

  15. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
    29th July 2019, 14:39

    Christian Horner hospitalised from excessive laughter.

  16. Renaults’ season so far illustrated.

  17. Penalty for exceeding truck limits

    1. @gardenfella72 – that is clever :)

      1. that would have won any caption competition !!!

  18. Cars only needs to slow down and shouldn’t be ready to stop as this is only a single yellow.

  19. Daniel hit that speed bump again.

  20. FIA tried to put DRS on the trucks and this has happened.

  21. Renault implemented the “no traction control” directive a little too widely.

  22. “mum, look, I’m Nico hulkenberg!”

  23. No wine on the lunch breaks. Goes for French drivers as well.

  24. proud_asturian
    29th July 2019, 21:48

    A guy’s been injured in a road crash, and you people are making jokes about it?

    You really are sick. Truly. You should honestly be ashamed.

    1. Calm down proud_asturian.
      Renault informed already, as mentioned in the article, that the driver is not seriously injured and that he is merely going to the hospital for further checks.

      These light hearted comments might not be to your liking, but who are you to accuse the commenters to be ‘sick’ and should be ashamed of themselves?

    2. I agree.

      It could have been far more serious. I’ve seen this sore of thing before in the music industry where touring schedules got too tight and we’re forcing exhausted road crews into driving hours that were unsustainable.

      Hopefully this was not the case, but with the increase in numbers of races, and a tendency towards double headers in Europe, I wonder if there is just too much pressure on team crews.

      1. @dbradock – that’s a very good point you raise, and I can empathize with the comparison with the music industry, having seen players/bands I like lost in accidents (and if those numbers are anything to go by, then there were even more casualties in the support staff).

        Your statement about double-headers in Europe is thought provoking – would it be preferable/safer to have double-headers separated by flights, instead? Commercial flights for passengers/freight is extremely safe, and that might be preferable (not sure of how costing would work out, though).

        1. @phylyp
          The entire trucking industry is like that it has nothing to do with music industry or sports. If anything i expect rich F1 teams to be one of the few outlets driving around with rested drivers and safe vehicles.

          1. @rethla – good point.

  25. Another young hopeful ruins his chances at an F1 seat in 2020!

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