Sergio Perez, Racing Point, Silverstone, 2019

Perez “finalising” deal to stay at Racing Point

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez says he is close to agreeing a new deal to stay at Racing Point and is hoping to agree a long-term contract.

Perez told journalists on Thursday “my priority will be to continue with the team” but his new deal is not done yet.

“We are finalising it but you know in Formula 1 until it is done it’s never done. As I said I see very good prospects or the future so I look forward to it.”

The team has benefited from the investment provided by Lawrence Stroll, whose consortium bought the team when it went into administration 12 months ago.

“The prospect and the ambitions of the team are very big,” said Perez. “It would be good to get a long-term deal here because I see that the team is going forwards. I think it works both ways as well and we ideally would like to commit for a long-term deal. So hopefully we can work out the terms and everything.”

Perez was involved in triggering administration proceedings at this race last year over money he was owed by the team. He said he is proud he was able to help put the team on a more secure financial footing.

“It’s definitely a good place to be,” he said. “I’ve been here very long with this team.

“I remember coming here, what a weekend I had last year in terms of all the administration process and all of that happening here. To come back here after one year and to see where the team is and where it’s heading to I feel very proud of that.

“I definitely have unfinished business. Although I’ve been here a very long time with the team, I see more to come.”

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10 comments on “Perez “finalising” deal to stay at Racing Point”

  1. Pérez is a great driver, he’s in a perfect maturation stage, Sergio would deserve to be in a team with better prospects, a team where he can win races and demonstrate all his talent.
    At Racing Point, the most aspiring is to be on the points, and not on the podium.
    Good for Checo, he is a great racing driver.

  2. This news makes we wonder then if Ocon could be Renaut bound or perhaps even Bottas might go there. Ocon will probably get a seat somewhere and I cannot imagine Toto will allow Bottas to be dropped completely.

    This would also mean of course that the rumours about Hulkenberg moving to Red Bull could be true.

    Judging by Steiner’s recent comment there may also be a space at Haas in 2020 for someone. Gasly or Kvyat are the
    main candidates I guess, or one of the two from Mercedes.

    1. One of the two from Mercedes? I think Hamilton would sooner leave the sport than go to Haas. Especially after this year.

      1. @hugh11 I think be meant Bottas or Ocon.

        1. Ah of course. My mistake.

          1. I did. Should have said the 2 associated with Mercedes.

  3. Great for him, and for Racing Point because he did become a well-rounded driver over time and seems to get along with everyone, but…

    I still think he’s a low-key Ferrari candidate, should Vettel retire.

  4. Such a shame he didn’t return to McLaren this year. He would have blossomed and be a great partnership with Sainz. Likely he would have scored better than the Spaniard. Of course the team is in a league of one in the standings ATM and not affect the total outcome much, but it would still accelerate development with him instead of a rookie.

    1. Sergio had the most points of any Mercedes powered car driver when Nico Rosberg retired, so I thought he was the one that should have gotten his seat at Mercedes. IIRC there was a suggestion he’d made unsavoury comments when he departed McLaren as the reason why he was overlooked.

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