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2019 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

3Red Bull244
5Toro Rosso43
7Alfa Romeo32
8Racing Point31

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2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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33 comments on “2019 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. McLaren nearly 2x points of STR and leading the midfield fight.

    1. I would phrase that as McLaren >2x points of their engine supplier Renault.

      Maybe Horner was right after all: Ricciardo’s salary is eating up their car development budget.

      1. I’ve said all along that this Renault engine is a complete dog. They never took the flak for it because Honda were struggling so badly with reliability at the start, but they were also ridiculously unreliable – and at least the Honda wasn’t underpowered when they could run it flat out. Now Honda have largely solved the reliability issues they can turn it up much more of the time, while even when it doesn’t go bang, the Renault power unit is lacking performance.

        1. A Renault engine won 4 races last year, the trouble mclaren and Renault face isn’t the engine, it’s everything else, they just aren’t at red bulls level of car design.

          1. I don’t think there’s nearly as much difference between the performance levels of the engines as people commonly imply. If they’re willing to take a hit on reliability, they can turn the wick up sometimes and at least be competitive.

  2. A championship winning performance – Well done Mercedes !!
    Super strategy call.

  3. Gasly just 5 points ahead of Sainz. What are RB waiting for?

    1. End of year?

      1. Wouldn’t end of year be too late for WCC?

    2. Sainz jr, kvyat, Ricciardo, Stroll and Kubica somehow ahead of their teammates on the championship. Norris either loses on starts or on strategy and reliability, kvyat got the strategy right on the last pitstop in Germany and so did Stroll, Kubica was just behind Lewis in Germany and Hulkenberg everything goes wrong for him when it matters, mistakes and reliability.

      1. Sainz “somehow” in front of Norris? This man’s proving he’s a lottery won for McLaren every other raceweekend. He scored points in the last five Grand Prix, his worst finnish being the Austrian GP where he had an absolutely stellar race. Sure, Norris could have had more points, his team made it rather hard for him at Silverstone and Hungaroring, he could have finnished 7th in France and that’s a whole load of points lost, but nowhere did Sainz really profit from his issues. Actually, he was in front of him in most of these races on pure pace.

        1. Not sure I agree with the ‘on pure pace’ @pironitheprovocateur, but surely on 1st lap car-placement he does – that’s when Sainz usually ends up ahead of his teammate.

  4. what a miracle, bad pu bad cooling bad brakes, and winning as ever.

    1. Stop crying. Hahaha

  5. Gasly had better be treated to a nice cold pint of italian lager if Ferrari finish the year in 2nd.

  6. Well done Gasly, hanging on to that P1 for F1.5! Keep fighting, lad!!

    Wait, what was that you said? He’s driving for the big three? Ah, sorry, ignore me.

    1. why is nobody talking about giovinazzi, though?

      1. Demon Hill to sky:
        “Yes Alfa will keep Gio for next year because teams like to work with known quantities, not go for someone new who you hope will be fantastic”

        DH was never the sharpest pencil in the box. Alfa should be vying with McLaren in the standings. They are forced to rely on only one driver for points, as Gio has scored no more than one single point so far.

      2. @mrboerns This really begs the question, how bad was the GP2 field in 2016? You had Gasly and Giovinazzi fighting it out for the title.

      3. Exactly! Kimi has scored every Alfa point except the 1 lousy point GIO scored. He has got to go.

    2. @phylyp atleast due to Gasly we may see a driver from 1.5 finish 6th in the WDC.. Cant remember that happening in the recent hybrid era.

      1. @knightameer – good point, and that would be something indeed :)

        @mrboerns – given his popularity, I think more of the attention is going to Kimi’s good performances, rather than question why there’s still such a gap between the Alfa drivers. Also, as the Alfa drivers aren’t in as visible a WCC battle, Giovinazzi’s performances are flying a little under the radar.

        But it is a very good question – just as people are voicing doubts about Kubica, we should wonder why Gio is doing so poorly – is he bad, is he settling in, or is he simply being outclassed?

        1. @phylyp Gio’s team can also be in the battle for 5th in WCC if he had scored half the amount of points Kimi has managed yet.

        2. @phylyp as I remember Gio from his gp2 days he nearly snatched the championship from the far better established driver that Gasly was. Giovinazzi tends to be quite spectacular but also scruffy and inconsistent at times. But he’s got the speed though and showed the way to Kimi a few times already.

          Whether or not he’s able to find that consistency remains to be seen, I hope he can find that edge.

          1. @spoutnik – thank you, it’s always nice to have context about a driver from F2.

          2. Yep, that’s well said @poutnik; I hope Gio learns from Kimi, but so far he does have a lot to learn yet, not just in quali, but also in tyre/race management, the last one being where Kimi really shines.

          3. @spoutnik – see above, typo in your name.

  7. That start difference between Norris and Sainz in the last few races as the McLaren’s leave the rest of the midfield a bit behind though: I think that Norris is faster, but, Sainz definitely knows better (experience?) how to position his car well into the 1st corner(s). Again Norris had a great start, but was then stuck behind a car that had to break hard on the inside of T1, and subsequently was outfoxed by his teammate. Not the 1st time this year I think. But, he’s a rookie, and showing much better than I thought he would from his F2 season.

    1. Very nice comment, @bosyber

      1. *tips hat* thanks @phylyp

  8. Shame, have really done with a Merc brake failure to get Max into the championship hunt.

    He’s already on the back foot trying to challenge that Merc rocket ship!

  9. The story of the season is really Max taking the fight to the superior Mercedes team. Just look at the WCC standings to see what a great job Max is doing.

    The difference in pace especially on the hard tyres today was unbelievable.

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