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Kvyat: Albon had a “much better strategy”

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat said his team mate beat him to the final point in the Hungarian Grand Prix because he ended up on a “much better strategy”.

The pair swapped place early in the race when they went side-by-side for several corners. However Alexander Albon stayed out seven laps later than Kvyat, who found himself struggling with his hard compound tyres later in the race.

Kvyat said he thought when he pitted the second stint would be difficult. “You always hope you might make it for some magic reason but I thought OK, it might not be an easy one.

“Then they told me my team mate pitted 12 laps later than me or something and I thought that was a much better strategy.”

His situation was complicated by a fight for position with Sergio Perez, which meant he couldn’t conserve his tyres as much as he needed to.

“They were asking me to fight Perez,” he said. “It’s tricky, you can’t just manage all your race. I tried to fight Perez, I used all my tyres behind him, and him as well, he died in the end too in the race. So that’s how it went today.”

When Kvyat’s pace began to drop he was unable to keep Albon behind, who went on to pass Perez for the final point.

“Once you hit the cliff, what we call it with the tyres, it’s gone,” said Kvyat. “You’re about three or four seconds a lap slower. It was done pretty much.”

“In the beginning of the race the pace was amazing,” he added. “I think a shame that the call came a bit too early.”

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11 comments on “Kvyat: Albon had a “much better strategy””

  1. Well, that reads as if maybe the team used him as the hare to edge Perez on, then used Albon to get the point – smart from them, but, not really great when it isn’t communicated openly, clearly with the drivers.

    1. More like the team gambles two different strategies for their drivers with the hope that one will work out best.

  2. The fight between Kvyat/Albon was excellently fair and brilliantly done. Have to admit the Toro Rosso pair seem to be a really good pair of drivers and very impressive this season – Kvyat mature and stronger on his return and Albon, in a year of pretty good rookies, looking very strong.

    1. Kvyat has just been slow, ever since he putshine vergne on a wet spa, kvyat has only disappointed. Kvyat got the much better strategy in Germany, you didn’t hear Albon cry about it, he did mention it.

  3. Last race Albon was running at the front and he was outside of the top 10 most of the race, BUT he got a podium because of a “much better strategy” and he didn’t said anything.

    Kvyat career is over, he can’t beat a rookie, simple as that. Toro Rosso should focus on Albon.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      4th August 2019, 22:31

      Kvyat beat Albon in:


      That is 7 out of 12 races he has beaten Albon.
      Even before Germany, Kvyat was 5 points ahead of him.

      He most certainly can beat Albon and most of the time does look better, but not by that much. But Albon is impressive. But to me, both are.

      Saying his career is over when Toro Rosso have brought him back in and he’s performing like he has done this year is very harsh. Getting the podium did involve some luck but the way he drove when he was given the opportunity was outstanding and this got him the teams first podium in over 10 years.

    2. Previous race, there was no strategy it was all about the weather and gambling at the right moment.

    3. He is beating Albon in most races. And when they battle for position Kvyat won every time. Albon fanboy?

  4. John Richards (@legardforpresident)
    5th August 2019, 4:55

    Kvyat, relax. Your brand value is soaring after Germany. Just stay calm and deliver the goods. Both Kvyat and Albon are possible future racewinners if they just stay calm and deliver the best for STR. At this point, the odds are in favour of Albon simply because the world sees Kvyat as a RBR reject, but in actual fact, they both are extremely talented and have a bright(ish) future in F1.

  5. Kvyat is right. And he was better then Albon. Yet planetf1 rated Kvyat 5 and Albon 8 in the driver ratings. Bunch of amateurs.

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