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Ricciardo sent to back of grid after engine penalty

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo will start the Hungarian Grand Prix from the back of the grid after Renault decided to fit a complete new power unit to his car for the race.

Ricciardo said his car was quick enough to qualify in the top 10 for the race but was set to start from 18th position following his incident with Sergio Perez in Q1. Ricciardo and Perez delayed each other after the Renault driver tried to pass his rival at the exit of the final corner.

Renault has therefore taken the opportunity to fit a new power unit to Ricciardo’s car as doing so will only move him back two places on the grid, to 20th. Ricciardo has taken his fourth engine, turbocharger and MGU-H, plus his third MGU-K, energy store and control electronics.

The stewards confirmed Ricciardo is “required to start the race from the rear of the grid” following the changes.

Power unit components used so far

23Toro RossoHondaAlexander Albon544422
27RenaultRenaultNico Hulkenberg544323
26Toro RossoHondaDaniil Kvyat444333
55McLarenRenaultCarlos Sainz Jnr444333
3RenaultRenaultDaniel Ricciardo444333
4McLarenRenaultLando Norris333333
33Red BullHondaMax Verstappen333222
10Red BullHondaPierre Gasly333222
7Alfa RomeoFerrariKimi Raikkonen333222
18Racing PointMercedesLance Stroll333211
63WilliamsMercedesGeorge Russell222233
99Alfa RomeoFerrariAntonio Giovinazzi222223
20HaasFerrariKevin Magnussen222223
5FerrariFerrariSebastian Vettel222223
8HaasFerrariRomain Grosjean222222
16FerrariFerrariCharles Leclerc222222
77MercedesMercedesValtteri Bottas222222
11Racing PointMercedesSergio Perez222211
31WilliamsMercedesRobert Kubica222211
44MercedesMercedesLewis Hamilton222211

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7 comments on “Ricciardo sent to back of grid after engine penalty”

  1. Just out of curiosity how is it that CE are getting damaged? Since they are just electronics they shouldnt have such high wear/failure rate.

    1. I’m not sure of the other manufacturers, but IIRC, Ferrari had a design fault in their CE which they detected around Bahrain (I think that’s what impacted Leclerc), which forced all their 6 cars to put in a new CE.

      Pretty interesting to see Russell on 3 ES/CEs, when almost all the other Mercedes cars are on their first.

    2. Vibrations from riding the kerbs… for some strange reason, electrical circuits dont like vibration.

      1. Generally solder joints are the weak points but I think teams will be packaging CE with sufficient shock absorbing material to protect them from vibrations.

  2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    4th August 2019, 12:19

    Guess it’s the smart move to do, not the track to move forward on so is unlikely to get points either way.

    1. Yep at last Renault seem to have made a good call.

  3. this must be 1001 bhp

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