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Race control warned Magnussen over late moves on Ricciardo

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen was given a warning by race control top stop changing his line in braking zones while trying to stop Daniel Ricciardo overtaking him.

The Haas driver led Ricciardo home in 11th place following a scrap between the pair which lasted for much of the race.

Following his lap 49 pit stop Ricciardo launched a series of attacks on Magnussen, who at one stage came off the racing line approaching turn one. “This cunt’s taking the piss, moving under braking,” Ricciardo told his team on the radio.

Shortly afterwards Magnussen was told “race control warning about moving under braking”.

FIA race director Michael Masi explained the purpose of the warning to Magnussen. “There was a warning to the team about the consistency of it, not so much the one-off [move], but [the] repeated part of it.”

“The warning was for this event and that’s it,” Masi added. “Next event, clean sheet of paper.”

F1 drivers have previously urged race control to take action against drivers making late moves to defend their position under braking.

“There’s one movement generally allowed to protect your line,” said Masi. “But the movement under braking and is something the drivers, from Bahrain when we’ve had our meeting with them all, something they wanted us, particularly if it’s constant, to crack down on.”

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42 comments on “Race control warned Magnussen over late moves on Ricciardo”

  1. Along with Grosjean, Magnussen is a driver who deserves a boot.

    1. Yeah, let’s boot every driver that tries to put on a fight! Highway DRS flyby that is what we want to see!

      1. K-Mag is never sensible when it comes to defense. At this same venue yesterday watch fight between two teammates Kvyat and Albon that is kind of battles we want to see not dirty tactics putting others drivers at risk.

    2. It is just because it is Magnussen who did the defence. If it been Daniel og maxi all would been say it was great stuff..Daniel is not too clean himself but he has a great smile.

    3. Haha, booted for racing? He did exactly what he was supposed to do: Defended as close to the line as possible. Maybe Ricciardo needed to be a bit faster or more clever.

      1. Every driver does this – I can’t believe how easy it is for the media to get people to believe that Magnussen is more at it than anyone else? Go watch a race from a driver cam, with any driver, and you will se the same kind of driving. Magnussen is not alone on this.

  2. Why a warning, why not a heavy handed penalty as is the norm now..[delivered ages after the race is over and everyone’s gone home to bed]

  3. Warning…
    It’s a penalty. Or it isn’t a penalty. So which is it.
    A warning suggests that it wasn’t a penalty. Or is suggests that it was a penalty but the FIA didn’t want to give it.

    The only thing that I know for certain after this is that the FIA is muddled up in it’s response. In fact, I was clearer on this “Moving under braking” rule before this race. Now I am less clear. Way to go FIA. There used to be 15 shades of grey. Now there are 50 shades of grey.

    I don’t actually have an opinion on which shade of grey this was since they didn’t actually show t on TV. All I know is that it was really grey. You know. Dark light grey. Pfft.

  4. Personally, I didn’t see any moving under braking. Some late moves on the straight perhaps, but nothing under braking. Seemed like hard but fair racing to me.

    1. @john-h Exactly what I saw as well.

      Just sour grapes from Ricciardo IMO, not that I normally have a lot of time for Magnussen, but in this case he is being unfairly victimised.

    2. Keep in mind we didn’t see most of it. I just saw one moment at turn one…
      but I don’t understand if he got the warning for that one time or because he repeated it.

      1. “There was a warning to the team about the consistency of it, not so much the one-off [move], but [the] repeated part of it.”

        I’m guessing it was for the repeated part of it mate ;

    3. @john-h @nvherman This is the one that got him to bring it up on the radio.
      Same but from OnBoard+Radio –

      And this is from the lap before where i’d say Kevin did make a late move in the braking zone –

      1. Thanks for posting the streams @stefmeister.

        To me, the first one is a move before the breaking zone and the second one, he’s moved but he’s miles ahead of Ricciardo, he’s just covering for the exit more than anything else.

        He’s done nothing wrong here, I feel a bit sorry for him in fact for getting some flack for fighting for position… more driving like this please. Ricciardo just couldn’t get the job done.

        1. @john-h I agree.

          I think the first is super aggressive but i’d still say it’s on the limit of (But not over) what I would consider acceptable so it’ss fine. I don’t really like moves made in reaction to the car behind but again it was just about on the limit so I think a warning was fair.

          The second is a move in the braking zone but as you say he’s far enough ahead of Ricciardo & made it fairly clear what he was going to do so again i’d say it’s fine.

  5. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    5th August 2019, 15:00

    Leclerc moved pretty dang late there on Vettel as well.

  6. Typical Magnussen driving.

    1. If you don’t want drivers to race or defend, maybe you should switch to golf.

      1. Yeah, what he did in Japan last year with Leclerc was completely on, right?
        You should be the one switching to golf mate.

  7. That’s how he drives. I always remember Spa 2014 when he was pushing everyone out including Button when they tried to overtake him.

    He can get good laps driving alone, but his racecraft is the worst of the grid.
    And the list of guys complaining about his tatics already includes Hulkenberg, Alonso, Grosjean, Leclerc, Gasly and now Ricciardo.

    There’s probably more names, but i can’t remember now.

    1. So the two overtaking moves he put on Massa in Singapore 2017 was a sign of poor racecraft..? Or the P8 in Sochi with a freaking Renault in 2016.
      You can mention any driver saying something about another driver in F1. Everyone is pointing fingers at eachother. Some people just want to believe that Magnussen is hated by many ALL the time. I don’t think that is the case.

      1. I remember those overtakes. He made the pass on Massa then went wide on the next corner and Massa got through again.
        He nearly took Ocon out on the second one lol.
        He also made a move on Massa in Japan 2017, colliding with him.

        Yeah, his racecraft is poor, without a doubt.

        1. Then by your standards Nico Rosberg must have poor racecraft to.. remember his incident with Hamilton in Austria 2016? Or barcelona same year? However, he did end up winning the championship that same year. So he is of the hook I guess.

          Speaking of Ocon, and Perez for that matter – their season with Force Inida showed exactly the same kind of racecraft. As I see it through your set of standards all the drivers has poor racecraft, without a doubt.

  8. K-Mag has the racecraft of those nonces you get stuck with in a Forza Motorsport 7 lobby. Fast enough alone, but put him in a pack and he becomes a hazard. And best of all, it’s always someone else’s fault!

    Every time I start to feel like I’m too hard on him, he always does something stupid to reinforce my viewpoint. Unlike his teammate, who is crashy because he pushes his car too hard, Magnussen is just straight up dirty.

    1. Actually he was ordered to defend with all he got. He didn’t get a penalty so how much more perfect can you get?

    2. Josh (@canadianjosh)
      5th August 2019, 18:25

      Lol I loved your forza 7comment, so true man. Most guys are fast alone but wheel to wheel racing is a craft in F1 as well as online. I prefer NASCAR heat because getting into someone with used tires as I tend to do at Martinsville is considered hard racing. F1 is a whole different ball game though and KMag is probably the dirtiest driver in the series at the moment although I am a big fan of his scrappy driving style.

    3. Jake, do you even know what the word “NONCE” is an acronym for?

      I don’t think it applies to the people you’re labelling with it

  9. Being called a c-bomb from an Aussie is actually a jovial show of affection, no? They’re obviously good mates out of the car…

    1. You are correct Ninjenius. We use that word to describe a new born puppy. Nothing to offended by.

    2. @ninjenius Watch dash cams Australia on NoobTube and you will get the idea mate ;)

  10. A driver is expected to push as far as the rules allow. If you are only willing to go as far as your personal sense of morals or dignity allows then you are at disadvantage because there is always someone else (magnussen, verstappen, alonso, hamilton) who is willing to go right in to the grey area every time if they get an advantage or can put someone else into disadvantage. The main issue for magnussen is that he is a mid field (or not even mid field driver) and as such he doesn’t get a free pass like the top drivers get when they stretch the limits. Verstappen can move around as much as he wants in all kinds of zones because he is a race winner fighting for wins and podiums and f1 stewards are cowards who always think about the result before they think about the penalty. Every driver has complained about verstappen but nothing is ever done. But when a driver like magnussen tries to do the same kind of stuff it is very easy for the stewards to give out penalties because it is just magnussen and haas after all. Not even points position most likely. Personally I like magnussen because his antics sometimes very clearly underline how the same rules mean very different things based on who you are and where you finish.

    1. True.

    2. What are you on about? This whole late moving penalty thing stsrted because of verstapprn

  11. Even though I’m against all these FIA penalties, I still cannot understand how Magnussen manages to evade getting penalties for some of the crazy maneuvers he executes on track. Other drivers do far less and get more penalties.

      1. Sam Donaldson from ABC News
        6th August 2019, 0:11

        Pastor Maldonado

  12. So every driver gets one verstappen “zero space” pass and one Schumacher “chop” per race… then clean slate. Sounds totally reasonable. Hope everyone gets the memo.

  13. F1: Full Of Hate.

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