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Mexican GP to stay on F1 calendar, says promoter

2020 F1 calendar

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The promoter of the Mexican Grand Prix has indicated the race will appear on the 2020 F1 calendar after agreeing an extension to its current contract.

A statement released on social media referenced the race’s ‘F1esta’ hashtag, stating “Mexico City will continue to #F1esta!” and promising further details will follow tomorrow (Thursday).

The head of government in Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, who in June said she expected “good news” about the race’s future, posted a video in which she said Formula 1 will continue to race at the track.

F1 returned to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in 2015 after a five-year deal to host the race was agreed. It is not yet known how long its new contract is for.

Mexico was one of five races whose contracts were due to expire at the end of this season. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has announced a new deal and the Italian Grand Prix at Monza is also expected to confirm an extension.

With the Spanish Grand Prix promoted also believed to have secured an 11th-hour deal to extend their contract, only the German round at the Hockenheimring may now disappear next year. However with additional races in the Netherlands and Vietnam joining the schedule, next year is set to feature a record-breaking 22 races.

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8 comments on “Mexican GP to stay on F1 calendar, says promoter”

  1. To me the Spanish GP can be drop from the calendar. Spain has one of the borest track in the lastest years. Without DRS no overtaken coulld be possible.

    1. Yeah Spain, France and Russia.

      1. I’d add Abu Dhabi, Baku, Monza, Mexico and Zandvoort to that list, keep Hockenheim and bring back Malaysia and Imola and add Portimao and Road America.

  2. Mexico… well, Germany is better, but this can’t be helped I guess.

    Personally I am happy Barcelona stays. And Monza. And Silverstone. They are awesome.

    1. @dallein I personally wouldn’t miss this GP due to the fact it provides very dull races in recent memory, besides 2012 and 2016, in overtaking and battles besides the normal first few laps at the start. The track is only good for testing in F1 and that’s all.

  3. Good for Red Bull.

  4. The track itself isn’t great but atmosphere is one of the best in the circus. The location brings a bit of unique challenge for the drivers due to high altitude.

    However, if there are no Mexican drivers in F1 I can see this race being dropped. Perez should be good driver though for several more years.

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