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F1 confirms new three-year deal for Mexican GP

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The Mexican Grand Prix will remain on the Formula 1 calendar for at least the next three years, that championship has announced.

The race, which returned to the schedule in 2015 following a 23-year absence, has attracted a total attendance of 1.3 million fans over the last four years, according to F1.

The news comes as the sport is expected to announced a record high of 22 races on the 2020 F1 calendar. New rounds at the Netherland and Vietnam have already been announced, and Italy and Spain are expected to confirm contract extensions.

“Ever since it returned to the championship calendar in 2015 this event has always proved to be amazingly popular with the public and fans, not just in Mexico, but also around the world,” said F1 CEO Chase Carey.

“Proof of this is the fact that the race promoter has won the FIA award for the best event no fewer than four years in a row,” he added.

The future of the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez was in doubt after the national government decided against funding the event. Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the race would no longer be funded by public money but stressed the move to a private investment model will not lead to an increase in ticket prices.

“The presence of Formula 1 in the city for further three more years, was achieved for the first time through a new financing model in which public resources are not used,” said Sheinbaum. “Previously the Federal Government collaborated with the payment for the event.

“The Mexico City government will be an intermediary, creating a trust that will raise the private investment required to deliver this international event. The price of the tickets will remain the same as in previous years.”

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24 comments on “F1 confirms new three-year deal for Mexican GP”

  1. Good news for Max Verstappen 👍

  2. I hope this model succeeds and is sustainable. I can understand a government’s desire to be prudent in spending public funds, and hopefully the trust/private investment models brings in adequate funding (and keeps the spirit of the GP intact).

  3. Good news.
    I know it sounds a bit daft but I like the Mexico GP because of the altitude if nothing else.
    It can mess with the performance of the cars which adds a bit of spice at the end of the season when often the championship is all but settled.

  4. Neil (@neilosjames)
    8th August 2019, 17:54

    Can’t stand the circuit, so I’m not overly thrilled. But at least it looks alive, and has atmosphere, so it’s not as depressing as a similar announcement about Abu Dhabi or Sochi would be…

    1. @neilosjames I sort of feel the same. I really don’t like the circuit but do really like the atmosphere the fans create.

      The problem for me is that I can’t help but think of the how great the old layout was & then get irritated knowing that they completely unnecessarily (IMO) changed every single corner & ended up taking away everything that made the old layout as good as it was.

      Side by side you see the differences.

      1. @stefmeister: Agree. Neutered the layout. But at least the Renault power units will have podium possibilities.

      2. You’re map made me cry @stefmeister

  5. Good news. The altitude already is a reason to keep this venue in F1.

  6. I’m very pleased to hear that; visited the race twice now and the way the cars almost seem to hover above the track is a wonderful sight, and unlike any other track on the calendar.

  7. Disappointing. I wanted at least one of the bore fest tracks of Spain and Mexico to go. But unfortunately looks like they’re both in and the Hockenheim track which nearly always produces great races will be gone. it’s an imperfect world indeed. but at least monza and Silverstone stay

    1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      8th August 2019, 21:21

      Paul Ricard is just as bad, if not worse. Barcelona and Paulricard need to go. Maybe it’s those Orange tinted glasses, but I like even butchered mexico a lot more than these two

      1. @justarandomdutchguy I’d mentioned Barcelona in my comment above. And while I agree with you about Paul Ricard as well there was zero chance of it going this year since it has a contract for the next few years signed. Barcelona and Mexico contracts ended this year so there was a real chance to get rid of at least one of those and now it looks like it won’t happen so it’s double sadness. That they’re staying while Hockenheim is going…

        1. I also give my both thumbs up for Hockenheim to be in F1 calendar. This year’s race proved there are many things to like in that circuit (gravel traps, enough straights where to overtake etc.). But let’s be optimistic, German GP organisers can learn from Mexican GP and prepare the funding and sort out all their issues until F1 2021 calendar decision making. I hope I will say “Welcome back, German GP”!

          1. I thought russia and abu dhabi produced the worst races?

          2. @esploratore Yes. together with Spain, Mexico and France they’re the 5 worst current tracks

          3. @bulgarian I hope so too, but reading the recent reports from over there by reputable sources like Autosport this is not looking good. I hope the reports are wrong and Hockenheim returns against the odds, but not holding my breath…

  8. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    8th August 2019, 21:19

    I am sure that the Mexican and Dutch will be delighted

  9. I am very happy for this news. I always could feel the superb atmosphere in Mexican GP even on my TV. Mexican fans are the best F1 fans, only Silverstone and Monza can come close to them. And this is very important too:
    “Ever since it returned to the championship calendar in 2015 this event has always proved to be amazingly popular with the public and fans, not just in Mexico, but also around the world,” said F1 CEO Chase Carey.
    “Proof of this is the fact that the race promoter has won the FIA award for the best event no fewer than four years in a row,” he added.

    It would be insane to drop a race that has won the award four years in a row!

  10. GtisBetter (@)
    8th August 2019, 23:10

    I think this is great news. Sure it is somewhat boring behind a tv screen, but racing is also about fans and getting to see the cars. We have plenty of races in close range in europe and are spoiled. On the american continent they only have a couple and they are very far apart. Not to mention the time zone difference. I have no problem sitting through a boring race if it means so many mexican race fans have a great time.

  11. Not 100% sure the private investments they say they have actually exist though. All they said is that they have set up a trust for private investment.

    Expect this race to be “in doubt” in the weeks leading up to it.

    1. Oh, the promoter can sell tickets with years in advance!, no joke. I’m confident they can shop around for funding for that trust.

  12. Great news – it looks a great event for fans to attend. I’d love to visit one day!

  13. Silverstone showed that cars can follow each other through and overtake into flowing corners so there would have been no need to revise most of the corners.
    While the old layout build up speed through the turns the new No 10 is Top slow and 11 is barely a corner anymore.

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