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Caption Competition 155: Russell’s disguise

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George Russell sported an unusual new look at the Hungaroring as he helped film a promotion video for the upcoming United States Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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68 comments on “Caption Competition 155: Russell’s disguise”

  1. “So, what do you say, dragons?”
    “Well, Claire, if Mercedes offers me a seat, then I’m out!”

  2. Derek Edwards
    10th August 2019, 8:46

    “So tell us how you felt when Robert scored that point in Germany…”

  3. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    10th August 2019, 8:49

    George has brought a special one off helmet design for his home race at Westeros.

  4. “I don’t know why you would think I’m implying my team mate is an F1 dinosaur.”

  5. “And you say wearing this helmet helps the airflow to the rear wing?”

  6. Claire disguises her #1 driver on realizing Mercedes are on the lookout for a new #2 driver.

    1. Good one!

  7. “So this is how the FW43 will look… I better find a new seat ASAP!”

  8. After Mercedes wound the clock back 125 years in Germany, Williams decide to do likewise to celebrate their last Championship title.

    1. @ninjenius – That made me laugh!

  9. Russel appeared unamused by questions on being hard-headed enough for F1.

    1. As Williams rapidly evolve their 2019 car, the drivers are unfortunately reverting to ancestral behaviour.

  10. George Russell goes to extremes to hide a bad hair day.

  11. For whole season I knew that Williams driver who is lower in the drivers’ standings will have to wear this in Hungary. I was looking forward to avoid it, but then Robert scored that point in Germany.

  12. Williams found a new trick around Tobacco sponsors ban and still got a smoking sponsor.

  13. “gibberish,gibberish,double dutch,gibberish”

  14. NetFlix decided that the GOT creators will produce next season of Drive to Survive.

  15. George always got a little bit of the green-eyed monster when asked about driving the Mercedes.

  16. Nobodysaurus.

  17. “I’m hungry, I’ve got a fire in my belly, and I can’t wait to spread my wings, take off, and just destroy the competition!” – George the Dragon

  18. A Williams staffer tests out the new remote-controlled helmet prototype on Russell.

    1. (Clicks button): “FW42 goooooood carrrrrrrrrrrr”.

  19. After the shark fin, Williams’ designers turn to a different creature for aerodynamic ideas

  20. As a Williams driver…..this season feels like it is really Dragon on….

  21. It has been a difficult season…..but I have still got the fire in my belly.

  22. Russel misunderstands his engineers request to investigate drag on his helmet.

  23. when asked by reporters about dragon mask
    “Sometimes when speaking to Sir Frank it helps him to understand if you have visuals. I will be playing as everyone else on the grid and Robert, who is somewhere behind me, dressed as a rural farmer is representing Williams”

  24. Keith – just want to say how good it is to see the caption competition back for the last few weekends. Many of us missed it when it dropped off for the first (and hopefully last!) time.

  25. I guess I should be credited for this choice of image as I was the one who first brought it up on the Thursday before the last race.

  26. Russell couldn’t find a paper bag to put over his head.

  27. “what are you thinking about your possibilities driving somewhere else?”
    “I am like Chameleon , I can adjust me self to any car.”

  28. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    10th August 2019, 13:00

    Well Karun, I could talk about the cold blooded nature of these scaled up young driver programs until I’m blue in the face

  29. if you want to fly you have to flap your own wings

  30. Although I’m the slowest car on the grid, I’m hungrier than the other drivers.

  31. Russel’s new helmet is a nice throwback to the last era when Williams was competitive

  32. Russell, despite his reservations, was willing to try the aero departments latest update.

  33. I’m Viserion

  34. “We’re willing to try anything at this point.”

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      11th August 2019, 21:27

      This made me giggle

  35. “They say you should become one with your car… now I’ve turned into a dinosaur too!”

  36. “…so upgrade seems alright and also my Halo finally does fit.”

  37. George has to wear the Komodo dragon mask due to he lost a wager from his teammate and the wager was if Renault will crash and hit the ditch again.

  38. Still feeling a bit off… George Russel recounts his crazy weekend in Las Vegas.

  39. Donald Bennett
    10th August 2019, 18:56

    George: hey bob, what do you think of my disguise?
    Bob: what disguise?

  40. The Hungaro-thing

  41. Donald Bennett
    10th August 2019, 19:00

    George: I knew there was nothing written in here, you are losing your touch bob
    Bob: nah you are right, there isn’t nothing in there, but I bet Jim that I could get you to put it on….
    George: really? Man you are a d@&k! I hope it was worth it.
    Bob: he’ll yeah, next race Jim has to do my job and his!
    George: wait….. you are both wheelgun men!!!!!!!

  42. Gorn, in his youth, fancied himself as an F1 driver. He produced some fastest Final Practice laptimes for Willams, then they suddenly refused to let him drive saying it was because he wouldn’t wear a crash helmet. He said it was “intentionally uncomfortable” and that “humans couldn’t stand an alien who drives better than them”. He departed earth bearing a grudge against humans. This was still apparent when Captain Kirk stunned him with the blast of a home made cannon.

  43. George Russell announces plans on being a little more cold-blooded in wheel-to-wheel racing.

  44. “I think aerodynamic helmet designs have perhaps gone a little too far, actually. I can barley see out of this thing!”

  45. Williams suffered a setback when their Dragon Reduction System failed.

  46. “Williams wants to win again so I dress up as Maldonado.”

  47. Stacey Zimmerman
    10th August 2019, 22:36

    The race really seemed to “Drag On” today, don’t you think?

  48. Russell, upset at missing out on Williams’ first point in 2019, goes half-medieval and eats his crewmates’s mic.

  49. Williams reveal new Technical Director

  50. Williams considers Monster Energy deal, but Russell has reservations.

  51. Worried that Ricciardo might be there and ask embarrassing questions about his youth, George put on a horny disguise.

  52. Russell updates his Avatar.

  53. With synthetic fuels inbound, Russell pays homage to the fossil fuels that propelled Williams to their titles.

  54. “because I’m dragon that Williams into the points!”

  55. “Our new sponsor sells all natural fire retardant headware.”

  56. Straight out of Williams “skunk works” is a remote controlled driver’s “Press conference helmet”. It allows Williams Press Secretary to “help” drivers to say the right thing at press conferences.

  57. Caption Contest submission:

    “We’re Reserving the ASS section in case
    Donald Trump shows up for the Big Race”…

  58. Cristiano Ferreira Gonçalves
    12th August 2019, 6:37

    Not even a dragon is capable of setting Williams on fire.

  59. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
    12th August 2019, 8:50

    Russell confused by strange cheat codes entered by engineers

  60. In an effort to with the WWE 24/7 title from R-Truth, George got replaced by Drake Maverick.

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