Sergio Perez, Racing Point, Silverstone, 2019

Perez hoping for “long-term deal” at Racing Point

2020 F1 season

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Sergio Perez wants to commit his long-term future to Racing Point as the team plans to expand its F1 operation.

Team principal Otmar Szafnauer recently indicated they plan to confirm their drivers for the 2020 F1 season in the near future. Perez, who joined the team in 2014, says he is encouraged by the team’s plans for the future.

“The prospect and the ambitions of the team are very big,” said Perez. “It would be good to get a long-term deal here because I see that the team is going forwards.

“I think it works both ways as well and we ideally would like to commit for a long-term deal. So hopefully we can work out the terms and everything.”

Perez played a significant role in the team’s fortunes last year when his company initiated the administrations proceedings which led to them being taken over by Lawrence Stroll’s consortium, which has provided considerable new investment.

“When you look around it’s definitely a good place to be,” he said. “I’ve been very long with this team. I actually remember coming here [to the Hungaroring], what a weekend I had last year in terms of all the administration process and all of that happening here.

“To come back here after one year and to see where the team is and where it’s heading to I feel very proud of that. I definitely have unfinished business. Although I’ve been here a very long time with the team I see more to come.”

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2020 F1 season

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21 comments on “Perez hoping for “long-term deal” at Racing Point”

  1. Why do I feel this same precise piece of wording was posted here before the Hungarian GP already. The headline, the image, everything seems so familiar, LOL — a real sense of deja vu here.

  2. I think it’s his only chance, he is a decent enough driver on his day – but has no chance of a drive further up the grid.

    1. He thought it was going to be Ferrari once……

  3. Cristiano Ferreira
    13th August 2019, 7:48

    Its a shame that he wants to sign a long term deal with Racing Point. Unless Lawrence Stroll is planning to build a championship winning team (like Red Bull) for Lance to become WDC.

    I mean, its a shame because Perez is a good driver and deserves to be in a better team, and committing to such a long deal its kind like admitting to himself the once the deal is over, he is pretty much out of F1.

    Well, i guess Perez knows what he is doing.

    1. This team is his only opportunity. Not one of the big teams is interested in his services and stroll and Co are the only option.

      1. This, and also, yes, I do think Stroll’s consortium is investing quite a bit in new facilities, that has to be with an eye on moving up the grid, not hanging in the midfield; also, the hope has to be that after 2021 things will move such that the top 3 becomes a target that could become thinkable for teams not yet there.

        1. Cristiano Ferreira
          13th August 2019, 14:10

          If anything, maybe, just maybe Racing Point can become a team like Red Bull. A team that can become WCC and WDC one day, and i think that Lawrence Stroll is planning to give his son a WDC.

          If Mercedes decides to leave F1 after 2020, and agree to stay as an engine supplier only, I think Lawrence Stroll will do anything to turn Racing Point into a Works Team with Mercedes PU.

          Maybe Perez has that in mind and it’s something that can happen in the near future.

  4. To be frank, he is no longer an option for one of the top three teams, so he needs to align himself to a team he feels can do a good job at the next regulation change. Mercedes and Red Bull have junior drivers scrambling over each other to get the top drive, while Ferrari will likely try to poach someone like Verstappen or Ricciardo next time they need a driver.

    As for where else looks a good bet – performance could come from anywhere, but surely the safest options would be Renault (who I believe he turned down in 2017?) and McLaren (who he’s been with before and who are surely happy with their drivers at present). Failing that then and not wanting to join a junior team such as Toro Rosso or Alfa Romeo, it leaves him with Racing Point, Haas or Williams. Of those Racing Point seems at least as good an option as the others.

    Probably the right decision to stay put…

    1. @ben-n I believe he had the chance to join McLaren last season but turned them down which is a shame as he would have been perfect there IMO.

  5. The problem is how long will Racing Point actually be around when one driver is not going to be able to contribute to its rise through the ranks.

    Surely the people behind it will have to say sooner or later “son you’ve had enough of a go, we have to let you go now” or they’ll just be pouring money into a pit with no chance of a return.

    One only has to look at Red Bull to see the damage one non-performing driver can do.

    Perez is probably the minimum that they should have on the team and if Racing Point were truly serious they’d be trying to poach the likes of Russell or Ocon (or even Gasly now) to try and gain points.

    That’s hardly likely to happen (they’re more likely to take their ball and leave) so staying there is not really going to give Perez a long term future.

  6. Perez and Bottas?

    Surely Stroll can’t be kept on, even with daddys bags of cash!

  7. I believe Racing Point and Perez are a perfect fit, both are perennial underdogs who can still surprise from time to time. Racing Point have quite rightly gotten praise for being the best pound for pound team in the sport and Perez is undoubtedly the most prolific driver in the midfield at picking up podiums when the chance arises.
    And who doesn’t love supporting the underdog, I still remember Minardi and Perluigi Martini leading races and getting a front row start.

  8. I thought Perez could have been (hell, could even be!) an underdog candidate for a Ferrari drive, should Vettel retire and Ricciardo remain with Renault and I don’t quite know why there’s no speculation as such (considering the amount of really dumb stuff that’s being speculated). Is there some kind of relationship between Perez and Ferrari that I’m not aware of?

    1. He left the Ferrari Junior program when he went to drive for Mclaren, I think it’s been assumed ever since that the bridge is burnt. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know.

    2. I predict a future of mediocrity for the team, I just don’t see the elements or ambition required to compete for a top 4 position.

      1. Agree. But Perez does have a good shot at a long term contract, particularly if he can dis-improve his qualifying by a few tenths for a season or two.

  9. I think this team is going to only keep improving. Let’s recall that they started this year on their hind foot because last year’s takeover process held them back from developing this year’s car. I’m willing to give Lance another season in a car that perhaps will be much more improved and gets the tires to work much better (who knows what next year’s tires will bring). I can completely understand Perez’ desire to stay there long term as I think the possibilities are huge with the money and stability from Stroll and Co building this team up. They’ve always been the best bang for the buck team so with the added bucks I think they can go much much further.

  10. then dont beat Lanceyboy too much mister :)
    altough sorry for this comment, but i have to be evil sometimes, and Lance has money or not, hes still as young as Vertappen and Leclerc, so he can improve, and is already better than many drivers from the previous 2 decade
    Stroll and the team generally having a bad season, much worse than we used to from the previous Force India, so
    the future is very misterious for them.
    It d be internesting to see how long is he and his family sticking to his F1 career is he runs 2 3 seasons without any improvement or even decline. But i dont expect this, hes better than that.

  11. I think Racing Point have now got their house in order. All the same people behind the scenes are still there, but now they have more resources. The problems thay had last year left them on theback foot at the start of the season, which they are now beginning to recover from. I think they will have a stronger second half of the year. The upgrade they brought to the last race was a massive upgrade, almost a new car, but the track has never been a strong one for Force India over the last few years. The people there haven’t forgotten how to design a build a good car in the last year, and now the lack of funds won’t be a limiting factor goin forward.

    I realise a lot of the above is slightly biased and perhaps even wishful thinking, but I think the chance of them moving up the grid is real.

  12. His licking in…:

    Perez surprised by Stroll’s pace (Racer)

    “I think his race pace is quite good. He’s improving.

  13. I would like to see Perez move to a Red Bull team or Alpha.

    The 2020 driver line up with get going once Merc decides who is in car # 2 next year. I see William, Racing Point, Alpha Renault, & Toro Rosso each having an opening

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