Romain Grosjean, Haas, Hungaroring, 2019

Grosjean wants Haas to bring back “old lady” for Singapore and Russia

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says Haas should bring back its old-specification car for the races in Singapore and Russia.

What they say

Grosjean, who has been using the original specification VF-19 for the last three races, expects the team will use its current car for the next two races:

I think Spa and Monza we don’t have a choice because all the low-downforce package has been done for the new one. For Singapore and Russia I’d be in favour of getting the ‘old lady’ on track.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Josef Newgarden, Penske, IndyCar, Pocono, 2019
Josef Newgarden, Penske, IndyCar, Pocono, 2019

Josef Newgarden was handed pole position for today’s Pocono 500 when rain forced qualifying to be cancelled. The championship leader will start alongside rival Alexander Rossi.

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Comment of the day

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jnr have impressed Adam so far this year:

This pair really have helped me grow to really like McLaren. I disagree with Guenther Steiner saying he doesn’t mind if his drivers don’t get along – seeing how Sainz and Norris get along is really good and I’d bet it’s certainly a factor in how good this pairing have done.

Also I’m kinda impressed with both of them. I thought Norris was a little overrated coming into F1 but he’s shown a lot of promise and potential, and Sainz looked average in the Renault but in the McLaren he looks comfortable and fast. Norris seems very good for the future and Sainz clearly likes the change of scenery and atmosphere at McLaren.

I still think McLaren are heading to a glass ceiling in terms of performance as a customer team and really shouldn’t have ditched Honda, but so far they’re showing Renault up badly and both drivers are doing great. Good year for them so far.
Adam (@Rocketpanda)

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16 comments on “Grosjean wants Haas to bring back “old lady” for Singapore and Russia”

  1. Lol cotd wait until Lando stops being unlucky and translates his Q in race results.

  2. Wait what, Red Bull approached Alonso to fill Gaslys seat…?! Ooft I wish we’d seen that!

    1. If that rumour is true and it would have come true then RBR would have been long way away from Limping horses in contructors title and closer to Mercs.

      1. I’m sceptical of such a claim. Honda wouldn’t have approved of such a thing. They could have promoted Kvyat, they could have tried to get Ricciardo out of his contract with Renault, they could have employed Ocon. The easy part about using Kvyat (or Albon) is Dr Marko doesn’t need to give anyone the boot. As I see it, Gasly’s performance wasn’t so bad as to justify being dismissed.

        1. Thats why use of “if the rumour is true”. I really have suspicions of Honda might not want to work with Alonso in near future. As far as Kvyat is concerned, for RBR he is a known entity(2015 he outscored Ric) so right now they would much rather evaluate Gasly against Kvyat(Hartley wasnt much help as a benchmark to compare against) and Albon against Verstappen before making final call for 2020 season.

          1. Its more Mundo Deportivo thats making up story’s . Likely as a kind of retribution about Sainz and his seat at RBR/TR . They were the “architects of the tension” between Sainz and Verstappen. All made up storys..
            And: Alonso seems to need the attention and does not want to be forgotten.

    2. It makes perfect sense but seems incredible.

      I hope Dieter or someone with sense manages to ask Red Bull about it next race.

      1. GP2 engine kuboaaaaaardddddddd!!
        Verstappen rapapapapapa, need a change of pants….

  3. I thought the new “Tasman series” died on it’s ass when they started the infighting between the two promoters over who gets to run it. And it’s been tuned down apparently, just another F3 spec series.

  4. I’d be in favour of getting the ‘old lady’ on track.

    Well, I’d be in favour of Romain driving the most up to date version of the VF19.

    1. And I’d be in favour of replacing Grosjean at the earliest convenience. Riddles me why he is in F1

      1. And I’d be in favour of replacing Grosjean at the earliest convenience. Riddles me why he is in F1


        The guy has Formula E reject written all over his future, if that.

        Apart from embarassing low speed crashes and endangering other drivers during races (lap 1 half donut into the oncoming pack anyone?) – now he’s actively promoting using an old spec for his sole benefit because he prefers it. A truly great driver would look at the bigger picture and work with the team to get the car development progressing forward.


  5. Overall, I share the same views as the COTD, especially the last paragraph. Yes, Mclaren indeed shouldn’t have ditched a semi-works deal to a customer-deal, but they’re stuck with this for now with a change possible for 2021 at the earliest.

  6. RocketTankski
    18th August 2019, 9:32

    An old lady might prove to be a more sensible driver than Grosjean. Maybe that is a good plan for Haas.

    Sad news for Scott Speed. Let’s hope they get him fixed up and fighting fit again.

  7. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    18th August 2019, 13:06

    Woo COTD :D It still confuses me I actually like McLaren now. I find I support all the Honda & Renault engined cars.

  8. Grosjean must have a mercedes offer to replace Bottas in his pocket.
    Why else would he keep testing the nerves of his team principals with constant yap yap?

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