Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Hockenheimring, 2019

Leclerc says Ferrari handling instability affects him less than Vettel

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In the round-up: Charles Leclerc says the Ferrari’s handling is less of a problem for him than his team mate.


What they say

Leclerc was asked about Sebastian Vettel’s comment that he has been struggling with rear-end instability in the Ferrari.

To be completely honest on that point I struggle less or I feel it less. I think he’s complaining a little bit of entry instability which doesn’t affect me as much.

I think these are the weaknesses of the car, we know them and we are trying very hard to fix them as soon as possible.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Is Alan Jones’s criticism of F1 stewarding fair?

Gained advantage is not taken into account in most penalties anyway. They already have the power to say if something is a racing incident.

At least these days the time penalties are an option, there was a time when any penalty meant a drive through which destroyed a drivers race and that was in the good old days…

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  • 13 comments on “Leclerc says Ferrari handling instability affects him less than Vettel”

    1. Best press conference answer is Hamilton having a Kimi moment

      Oh the irony

      1. Intentional or not, that’s a finnish answer.

    2. From which occasion is that Q/A combination comes? He didn’t get that question in either the post-qualifying, nor the post-race press conference in Hungary, and he, of course, wasn’t in the equivalent post-race conference in Germany, so where did he then get that? BTW, yesterday I happened to find an article that features some interesting, yet quite brave predictions concerning the future of the sport, so I decided I’d include it here if it isn’t going to be part of the round-up. I usually don’t tend to do this, but this time I make an exception, so here it is:

      1. Thanks for that link @jerejj – as soon as I saw the phrase “an applied futurologist” I have to admit rolled eyes, and by the end I decided I would like a glass of whatever loopy juice the self declares “”futurologist” was drinking.

        It is an amusing read though.

        1. @ahxshades Yes, indeed, LOL. I have my doubts about those predictions actually coming true as well, especially the part about speed-figures up to 482 kph. I’m not so sure the current circuits could sustain that high-speeds.

      2. As soon as I saw the words Daily Star… I knew it would be rubbish. They will be reporting about a race on the moon next:)

    3. regarding Leclerc: so the car instability doesnt affect him, because he has a wilder driving style. But he doesnt know why his tires wear more.. guess Vettel does know.

    4. Jeez doesn’t Lec talk a lot.
      He’s done more talk this week alone than Kimi did in all his years at Ferrari.

      1. @Islander We have to keep in mind that those words mightn’t necessarily be from this week, though, but from before since the round-up quotes more often than not have tended to be old-ish rather than entirely fresh, but I get your point nevertheless.

        1. @jerejj, the quote isn’t even from this month, let alone from this week – I believe the above quote comes from an interview held with Leclerc on the 26th July, after the Friday practise sessions for the German Grand Prix.

          It highlights precisely the problem that you have brought up – the quote is being used outside of its original context and nearly a month after Leclerc originally made that statement. Using that quote now gives the misleading impression that Leclerc has been rather vocal in recent days when, in reality, he hasn’t.

          I understand that sometimes the round up does use slightly older quotes, but at times like this it feels like it would be better to give a clearer time stamp for when that comment was made – otherwise, it does risk creating a misleading impression of some of the teams and drivers.

    5. Could we say the same thing about Gasly? The cat didn’t suit him well? Or can we say that about Kubica?
      Does that mean If the unstability goes away Vettel would beat Leclerc all the time?

      Being humble is a good thing when you’re beating your 4x WDC often. Also keeps the criticism away for some time.

      But It is about time Charles win one this year, on merit, fighting hard battles during the race. It will take him from a fast driver to a real menace.

      1. Well Bahrain he looked set to win, but yes in Austria he should have not let himself rammed off track.

      2. I don’t care if Charles wins one this season or not.
        He is still in his rookie years and if Max can be a nightmare (as he was) before getting the hang of F1 then I for one am happy to wait it out.
        Mr Leclerc is a damn fine driver and should provide us with plenty of entertainment in the seasons to come.

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