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Racing Point not ready to prioritise 2020 yet – Stroll

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In the round-up: Lance Stroll says Racing Point must continue to prioritise their work on this year’s car over their 2020 machine.

What they say

Stroll was asked how the team should balance its need to prepare for next season against its development work this year.

We have to focus on the present and what we can do moving forward. It’s definitely got to be in the back of our minds but we’ll see what the future holds.

At the moment it’s really about working on the rest of this season and then of course bringing the best car we can for next season.

But that’s a different story right now. We still have a lot of racing left this year, the season’s far from over so we’ll make the best of it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

What kind of new team does F1 need?

A well known brand name would be good but I don’t think that that is the most important point. The sport needs new teams – new blood – otherwise it will become the sad old man of motorsport.

Get new teams in and encourage them. The big names in the motor industry will join in when the accountants tell them to join in. Not because they care or love racing but because it might sell more cars.

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On this day in F1

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  • 8 comments on “Racing Point not ready to prioritise 2020 yet – Stroll”

    1. Regarding the Rally Germany-incident: I wonder how did that person manage to fall down on the road in the first place? Nevertheless, the save of the year by Mads Ostberg.

      Why was Williams using the Lotus E20 instead of any of their own cars, LOL?

      1. Why was Williams using the Lotus E20 instead of any of their own cars, LOL?

        Why do Formula 1 teams still use their old V8 cars so often?
        Dieter’s Inbox

        @keithcollantine, please stop using these old ‘what they said‘ quotes in the round-up.
        It takes the shine of the round-up and it seems like you are simply copying from other websites who reported the same quotes weeks ago.

        1. @coldfly You seem to have missed my point, which isn’t what that article is about, but about a team using a car built by a rival team. Renault using the Lotus E20 is a bit different case since they’re effectively the same team, but Williams is an entirely separate entity from both, so, therefore, a bit odd.

          1. I did indeed @jerejj, I (brain fade) mixed up Williams and Renault as the succesor to Lotus.
            Luckily Monkey King was thinking clearly and gave a plausible explanation.

      2. I believe the 2013 Lotus show car is property of the event host Verva Street Racing and sponsor PKR Orlen…? I doubt Williams has anything to do with it apart from the obvious Orlen sponsor deal and their driver Kubica.

        I highly doubt Williams would EVER use another team’s chassis. At least that is the reason I could come up with.

        1. @Monkey King E20 is the 2012 car to be precise.

          1. @jerejj Thank you for the clarification. I would say I am quite fond of spotting different years’ chassis being used as show cars and almost always get it right, but this time I got the wrong Lotus! To be fair, the 2012 and 2013 chassis look similar. But thank you for the clarification:)

    2. Thanks for the COTD.
      I usually hibernate through the mid season break but I am starting to look forwards to the second half now ;)

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