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Big temperature swings forecast at Spa

2019 Belgian Grand Prix weather

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Formula 1 will enjoy plenty of sunshine at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, but by race day conditions are expected to be cloudy and cool with a slight chance of rain.

Friday’s practice sessions are forecast to take place under cloudless skies. However ambient temperatures are not expected to rise beyond 23C.

Qualifying day should be quite a bit hotter – a departure from the damp, slippery conditions drivers encountered on Saturday last year. Another sunny day is expected, but with air temperatures pushing close to 30C teams will find the conditions very different.

It could also create complications as they will have to set their cars up knowing race day is likely to be significantly cooler. The area is forecast to cloud over before the 3:10pm start and air temperatures could be as much as 10C cooler, in the high teens.

Friday’s practice running is likely to be more representative of the race conditions than Saturday’s. Any teams needing to make overnight changes to their cars before the final practice session may find the temperature swing makes it hard to verify them.

The chance of rain during the race is not high, but remains an outside possibility which teams will keep an eye on, especially given the region’s reputation for producing surprise changes of weather.

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2019 Belgian Grand Prix

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3 comments on “Big temperature swings forecast at Spa”

  1. Watching the local weather sattions the chance for rain is in the miracle chances.

  2. So cooler temps will play in the hands of Silver Arrows.

  3. 20% of rain on race day.

    Anyone else think Red Bull can compete for the win here? Honda power close enough to Ferrari for them to be quicker over the lap, they should be strong in sector 2?

    Mercedes carrying too much downforce perhaps?

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