Pierre Gasly, Toro Rosso, Spa-Francorchamps, 2019

Gasly believes Red Bull return in 2020 is possible after “shock” demotion

2019 Belgian Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly says Red Bull have told him he could return to the team in the 2020 F1 season depending on his performance following his demotion to Toro Rosso.

Red Bull has promoted Alexander Albon in place of Gasly. The pair were told on the day the decision was announced. Gasly said he received the news in a phone call from Red Bull motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko at 8:42am.

“I found out in the morning it’s been decided,” he said. “Of course [it was] kind of a shock and [I’m] disappointed because it’s not what I had been told before.”

Gasly initially believed he was not at risk of losing his seat and he did not know what had prompted the change.

“Whether I understand it or not is not going to change it,” said Gasly. “I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. The only thing I need to focus on is performing in these nine coming races with Toro Rosso at my best and this is what I am going to focus on.”

Asked whether he might be able to return to the team next year Gasly said: “I am not thinking about it now, but that’s what they say, and for sure there will be other opportunities.”

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25 comments on “Gasly believes Red Bull return in 2020 is possible after “shock” demotion”

  1. First public comment after demotion. Seems to have his confidence dented and understandably so. Torro Rosso may have a hard time to hold onto 5th spot unless both cars are doing well.

  2. it’s not what I had been told before.

    Oh, Pierre, Pierre… history doesn’t teach you anything, does it?
    This is RBR… did you see how they handled their drivers in the past several years?..

    1. I am not thinking about it now, but that’s what they say

      Pierre, try to remember what they have been telling about possibility of your demotion…

    2. @dallein
      This is RBR… did you see how they handled their drivers in the past several years?
      Atleast give them a chance?

      And when you’re lapped twice in 4 races by your teammate (without reasonable excuses)….mwaaah, it’s really better to bow your head in shame and keep your mouth shut.

      1. Agree.

  3. Gasly 2019: “I was told I wouldn’t be demoted”

    *shocked at demotion*

    Gasly 2020: “I was told I could be re-promoted”

    *shocked at demotion*

    1. Gasly 2030: “I am still waiting RBR to re-promote me!”
      *shocked at not receiving a call*

  4. Why didn’t he wear that cap at Red Bull Racing? It doesn’t have any specific references to either of the two teams, only the company logo, as well as race-number, so a bit surprised he’s only now started to wear it again.

    1. ‘specific direct references’ to be a bit more precise.

  5. No chance! He should concentrate on staying in F1 first!

    1. First – he should try to stay on track!
      SPA is a difficult track… ;)

  6. If Albon bombs, Hulk is 1st choice.

    1. Sorry Pennyroyal……although I tend to agree with a lot of your comments….cannot ever see Hulk in Torro Rosso…..for one thing he would not get the money he would want…..and TR would want a younger driver that they could develop……

      1. @jop452, it looks more like he has convinced himself that Red Bull would promote Hulkenberg to drive alongside Verstappen at the works team, rather than placing Hulkenberg at Toro Rosso.

        1. Thanks “anon”…hadnt read it back….I do not think Hulk would get a drive even in a TR…and certainly not the main team…

  7. Yeah it sure does feel like Gasly would have to start performing utter miracles in the STR for the rest of the season, to have any chance of getting back beside Max.

  8. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    29th August 2019, 16:01

    Perhaps he should ask Kvyat on the chances of getting his hands back on that Red Bull.

    I think if Albon fails to perform bumping him back to Toro Rosso won’t harm his career too much as he’s clearly being trialled out, but I don’t think Gasly gets the same free pass. He’s significantly more experienced than Albon and should have done a lot better than he has. I think Gasly’s best chance of getting back into a Red Bull is mainly if Verstappen leaves and the Red Bull talent pool remains relatively depleted, but beyond that his chances are slim.

  9. So, what are the chances of a performance rated switch BACK this season, just a thought

  10. “Of course [it was] kind of a shock and [I’m] disappointed because it’s not what I had been told before.”

    Gasly forgot about what DTM stands for in F1:


  11. RocketTankski
    29th August 2019, 16:53

    at this rate RedBull are going to need to start a third team to send their doubly-demoted drivers to.

    1. Their third team is Formula E

    2. At this rate Coulthard and Webber will get the call

  12. Best chance Pierre had is to wipe the floor with Kvyat.. will be hard but that should be his aim.
    If Albon fails to impress Kvyat or Gasly might be back. Sure Hulkenberg could do decent job but I’m not counting on RedBull going that route.

  13. but that’s what they say

    Poor kid

  14. Cristiano Ferreira
    29th August 2019, 23:29

    Are Red Bull entering Formula E? If so, he can drive for them there.

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