Porsche 99X, Formula E, 2019

Porsche reveals its 99X Formula E car for 2019-20 season

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In the round-up: The first Formula E Porsche has been revealed ahead of the manufacturer’s debut in the championship.


Porsche 99X, Formula E, 2019
Porsche 99X, Formula E, 2019

Porsche has revealed the car it will use to contest its first season in Formula E when the 2019-20 championship begins in November. It has called the car, which is based on a standard chassis, the Porsche 99X Electric.

“In hindsight, we laid the foundations for Porsche’s future involvement in Formula E during the LMP1 project,” said technical project leader for Formula E Malte Huneke.

“We used the insights gained during that time in the development of the Porsche Formula E powertrain. We focussed on building a highly effective powertrain with the highest level of efficiency. The 800-volt technology used in Formula E is also used in the series production of the fully electric Porsche sports car, the Taycan.

“In addition, energy management and efficiency are the keys to success in both Formula E and series production. This is where the permanent synchronous motor comes into play which has an important role in optimising the drive concept.”

Porsche previously confirmed Andre Lotterer and Neel Jani as its two drivers.

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Is there any way back into a Red Bull for Daniil Kvyat – or Pierre Gasly?

Realistically, the only way Kvyat could be in the second Red Bull in Melbourne next March is that he’d massively out-perform Gasly with Albon slumping as badly (or worse) than Gasly did at the same time.

The same equally applies to Gasly’s chances of getting back to the senior team for the opening round of next season.
Jere (@Jerejj)

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  • 28 comments on “Porsche reveals its 99X Formula E car for 2019-20 season”

    1. Oh man..that Porsche does look sweet.

      I’m actually going to make an effort to watch FE next season :)

      1. Oh man..that Porsche does look sweet.

        Seconded, it looks incredible. That white/black/red colour scheme… works.

      2. I’m actually going to make an effort to watch FE next season :)

        Because of a livery? Or the brand name?
        Audi has raced in fe for a while now.

        1. Nissan, Renault, Mahindra, Jaguar, BMW, etc… almost all the major car companies except for Americans are represented in F-E.

    2. I think the current spec Formula E car is possibly the ugliest open wheel car i’ve ever seen.

      I know it’s probably supposed to look cool for the kids who like been able to say something is cool but I just straight up hate the way it looks.

      And been honest I also hate how it’s a spec series chassis wise. I think it would be so much more interesting if there was some variety in chassis design be it each team designing there own or multiple suppliers for teams to choose from as used to be the case in CART/Indycar (Back when that series actually had more variety & was actually interesting & exciting from a technical standpoint unlike now).

      It’s actually something I was thinking about recently while watching some old tapes. I think the sport in general is the most boring it’s ever been in terms of variety because pretty much every category outside of F1 has gone spec & with most been supplied by Dallara everything looks broadly similar.
      You go back 20+ years & not only was every series was full of variety in terms of multiple chassis suppliers (Among other things) but every series has it’s own very distinct look & I just found that far more interesting than what we have in the boring spec era we have today.

      You look at CART/Indycar races from 20 years ago (Such as this from 1998 they uploaded on youtube) & see 4-5+ different chassis suppliers, 4 engine suppliers & 2 tyre suppliers & that variety is so much more interesting than seeing 20+ identical cars like we see today. Different chassis worked better on different circuits in different conditions & the same was true of tyres & engines & that variety was interesting & the technical development race added to that interest. You just don’t get any of that now & I don’t think it’s made things better overall.

      1. There’s too much focus put on creating parity for the sake of the show/entertainment now & I think that push has killed a lot of what used to make the sport as fascinating & exciting as it was.

        If the sport was as it is now 20-30+ years ago I wonder how many interesting technical developments we wouldn’t have seen?

        Thinking about it it’s maybe no wonder so many of the top designers in F1 are guys that have been around for many years, There isn’t really anywhere for clever young kids to test there ideas & make a name for themselves anymore. You can’t modify an F3 car anymore let alone design your own which is the way many of F1’s great designers got there start in the sport.

        1. I think the current spec Formula E car is possibly the ugliest open wheel car i’ve ever seen

          F1 cars literally had a dildo stuck on the front a few years ago.

          1. @graham228221 @roger-ayles I still have nightmares with those x wings

          2. I think the current spec Formula E car is possibly the ugliest open wheel car i’ve ever seen

            F1 cars literally had a dildo stuck on the front a few years ago.

            I gotta back this, bar the Mercedes and to some extent the Ferrari (although it was certainly no looker) the 2014 grid was the most pathetic looking bunch of machines in the history of motorsport. Embarassing doesn’t even begin to cut it.

            1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
              29th August 2019, 21:14

              Ironically, the Red Bull RB10 was one of the few decent ones, as it did a somewhat decent job at hiding what was already a fairly “mind” dildo-design.
              That Ferrari was fugly. Literally nothing appealing about it.

        2. @roger-ayles, you can actually design your own Formula 3 car, as that is still technically an open series, and indeed there are actually different chassis suppliers – Tatuus and Mygale both currently build and sell Formula 3 cars.

      2. @roger-ayles I totally agree, In relation to Indycar especially.

        Indycar in the CART days was amazing for many of the reasons you say. The Indycar we have now isn’t necessarily bad but it’s lacking so much of what made the series as good as it was back then.

    3. Jessi Combs RIP.
      I wasn’t aware of this, it’s an F-104 on wheels, a ‘483.227-mph “shakedown run” last year, 52,000-horsepower’, !!
      She was a pretty amazing lady.

      1. Montréalais (@)
        29th August 2019, 4:15

        Yes @budchekov, it is a sad loss for us all. Jessi Combs was an inspiring woman and I am deeply saddened by her passing. My thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends. RIP Jessi Combs 1983-2019

        1. Montréalais (@)
          29th August 2019, 4:27

          Sorry, that should be 1980-2019 according to the best consensus I could find

    4. Those formula e are ugly!

      1. @joac21 reading here it seems that de gustibus really non est disputandum!

    5. RIP Jessi Combs!
      Just the other day I was flipping through TV channels and landed on an old rerun of All Girls Garage… always found it nice what the girls did and how they tried to break the mold when it comes to these men-dominated formats.

    6. Porshe loves to play the card of road relevancy

    7. I remember her, I thought she was just a tv presenter, I guess she chose one of the most lethal occupations one can pick.

    8. Hey did anyone register the news this morning that Marcus Ericsson will be in the Alfa at Spa replacing Giovanazzi yet

      1. Right, so that report is right on the Conor Daly stepping in at Indy CArs. But the reality about Ericsson is that he will be in Spa as the third driver of the alfa romeo team.

        1. This is going to be a classical mumble of some kind of power struggle or tussle between sponsors or something. After Buxton tweeted about this Shami Kalra who claims he sponsors SPM the IndyCar team called it’s sponsors yesterday saying that Marcus was indeed replaced for the race because he is racing in Spa …

          Since the team seems to have replied that is not the case this is a curious situation now. Are Ericssons backers still the owners of the team? Are they pushing for this? Interesting backstory for spa then.

          1. @bascb I just saw a message on twitter (from several Dutch blogs, thanks twitter I usually prefer English original sources, unless that source is Auto Motor und Sport, in which case, go ahead and show me that) that Raikkonen might (was he doing something together with Norris?) have a foot injury.

    9. Thanks for the COTD. I didn’t really expect that for this round-up although I didn’t expect any of the earlier COTD-honours to happen when they did either.

    10. Pray tell how is a hardcore Italian publication publishing “whispers” of internal politics at Mercedes? Absolute tabloid rubbish.

    11. FE cars look great! Those and Indy are the best single seater series by far.

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