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F2 race abandoned after serious crash at Raidillon

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The Formula 2 feature race at Spa-Francorchamps has been cancelled following a major crash on the second lap.

The race was red-flagged after a crash involving Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa at Raidillon. The condition of the two drivers is not yet known.

Marino Sato was also involved in the crash and was shown walking away from the scene afterwards.

Several ambulances are at the scene of the crash. Race control have confirmed the race will not be restarted.

Update: FIA confirms F2 driver Anthoine Hubert was killed in Spa crash

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27 comments on “F2 race abandoned after serious crash at Raidillon”

  1. Really ugly crash… Fingers crossed that both guys can get away with it, but it was a terrible crash… 🙏🙏🙏

    1. I totally agree.. It looked like Correa was moving in his flipped car, but it was hard to see how Hubert was doing, could ony see the tub sliding.. Hoping for the best!!

      1. Alezi spun at Eau Rouge and Hubert crash when avoiding him, but then Correa hit Hubert at full speed… First rumors say that both guys are conscious, but lets wait for the official announcement

    2. The driver looks secure in the cockpit at least.

      But as the car spins round it looks like there is hole down the left hand side of the cockpit, which is worrying.

      I really do hope he is OK.

      1. You are right, big part of the tub ripped off. Shows the force involved.

  2. Absolute shocker of a crash. One of those where everyone knew how serious that was straight away. Really hoping everyone is okay, but abandoning the race that quickly is not a good sign

    1. I thought the same, I never saw a race being interrupted so fast. My thinking is that Hubert was serious injured or the worst. I really hope and I’m praying to be wrong, I can’t do anything now, I’m just waiting for some good news.

  3. Just saw video posted on twitter by one of the spectators to the race and it really was a horrible crash. Both both the drivers are ok.

    1. Unfortunately there was 3 cars involved mate. It’s definitely

      1. *it’s definitely a horrible crash, hope everyone is ok.

    2. Fyi people. Don’t look it up. Just don’t. It got retweeted onto my feed and yeah…

      1. +1 to this, I saw it live on Sky – it’s not one you want to see

      2. Let’s not overreact, terrible crash, but we’ve seen people jumping out after terrible crashes before. Let’s just hope they’re both ok.

    3. Ambrogio Isgro
      31st August 2019, 17:31

      It seems that Correa reported injuries to the legs, but that Hubert situation could be the worst.

  4. well it looks pretty god damn serious i seem to remember after the jules incident it was agreed broadcaster would stop broadcasting if there was a fatality and sky f1 as atleast cut the feed so for once in my life i hope im wrong

  5. Not nice :( Hubert’s car, already partially damaged, at a stand-still in middle of the run-off area hit directly in the driver tub at perpendicular angle. Hope the best for all involved

  6. Hoping and praying for good news!

  7. Saw it live on sky. The final car on car impact was absolutely horrific and one can only hope both drivers are ok.

  8. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    31st August 2019, 17:10

    Haven’t seen the crash, but I’m coming across all kind of rumors. Correa seems to have broken both his legs, but Hubert’s been reported to either be conscious or dead.
    I really hope both come out okay…

    1. Unfortunately Correa had no control of his car when he hit Hubert’s stationary car directly and side-on at near full speed just after the top of Eau Rouge. Best to wait for formal reports on the status of both drivers but especially Hubert.

      1. The car was cut in two, lets hope that absorbed the impact. The survival cell look badly damaged however indicating it didnt.

  9. Please let all involved be safe and sound. Horrific crash

  10. Absolutely shocking. Hoping all will be ok.

  11. Similar crash to Paul Dana at Indy car 2006.

  12. I hope they’re okay. x

  13. Just been announced that Antoine Hubert has died 😔

  14. The news which all racing fans fear that such a thing never happens. RIP

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