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Correa facing “very lengthy rehabilitation” from Hubert crash injuries

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Juan Manuel Correa, the Formula 2 driver who was seriously injured in Saturday’s crash which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert, is facing a “very lengthy rehabilitation”.

A statement issued on his behalf on Monday said the 20-year-old Sauber Junior Team driver will remain in intensive care for at least another 24 hours. Hi conditions remains stable “after a lengthy surgery earlier yesterday to repair fractures to both of his legs,” the statement read.

“Juan Manuel will remain in intensive care for at least another 24 hours to ensure that his condition can continue to be monitored by his surgical team.”

Correa has been told of Hubert’s fate following the crash.

“His parents are at his bedside can confirm that he is fully aware of the events that happened at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps on Saturday and are providing support and comfort to their son who is completely overwhelmed with sadness,” the statement added. “Juan Manuel sends his well wishes and prayers to Anthoine Hubert and family.

“Juan Manuel and his family are very thankful to all of the fans for messages voicing their concern. Once his injuries have stabilized doctors will determine when he can be transferred back to the United States via an Air Ambulance to continue with a very lengthy rehabilitation program.”

Correa’s car struck Hubert’s at high speed at the exit of Raidillon after the Arden car hit a barrier.

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36 comments on “Correa facing “very lengthy rehabilitation” from Hubert crash injuries”

  1. Can’t imagine how he must feel right now.

    1. @enigma he’s still under anaesthesia, probably.

      Still don’t understand why the press said Correa had walked off his car since anyone who saw his cockpit could say otherwise.
      Nobody really paid atention to Correa, at least I didn’t see much on sky, he’s been critical ever since the accident. He’s still not out of it yet I don’t understand why the mainstream has seemingly turned their backs on Correa.

      1. @peartree Can you read? It said he was aware of events, so presumably he’s not under anaesthesia. Also a previous statement, I believe from his management, stated he was conscious up until his operation. Leg injuries and a minor spine injury yes, but luckily no mention of any head or neck damage or anything like that.

        1. Minor spine injury can mean some form of paralysis, he is in intensive care, so don’t talk it down

        2. Yes thats the thing. Hubert dies and all drivers send their public (twitter) messages to fans, instead of direct contact to the family, just like fullfilling your obligations to the fans? Ridiculous. And the other driver (Correa) involved in the accident and alive, fighting for his life in the hospital and in critical condition, and none of the drivers send public (twitter or car message) supporting him for recovery… Nobody remembers the poor kid that is in the hospital fighting for his life.

          1. I see your point but he’s not fighting for his life.

            Leg fractures and a spinal injury is not fighting for your life. Billy Monger was fighting for his life. Felipe Massa, Karl Wendlinger, Mika Hakkinen… those guys fought for their lives.

            I agree 100% with you in the sense that he’s been overlooked by the press but it’s not helpful to sensationalise.

          2. Edit. Now in an induced coma. More serious than we thought!

        3. I see some loony posts here from folks who apparently can’t read. Juan Manuel Correa was never deemed unconscious until sedated for his operation. That was expressly mentioned by official sources. Also he was never in critical condition fighting for his life. One can be in serious condition without being critical and as far as we know his life was never in danger as he was ever reported as being “stable but serious condition”. Also it’s expressly written above that following his successful operation he’s conscious and. communicating with his parents. Multiple leg fractures is a serious condition that can become dangerous as was sadly proven by Peterson 1978 Monza situation. The logical thing why he’s being kept in intensive care is to rule out any possibility of such a thing happening before they transport him to start the rehab in the US.

          I wish JMC a very speedy recovery!

          And still hope in vain that people would think more before posting bombastic stuff

  2. Best wishes for a speedy physical and mental recovery, Correa. Honour Anthoine by getting your life back.

    1. It appears that, from what little news there are, that motorsports is not part of that new life. But, yeah. Life before races.

      1. @faulty The article doesn’t say it, but indeed ‘very lengthy rehabilitation’ does imply that. I do agree with @phylyp in wishing him such, getting his life back is also about finding a way forward to me, recovering and having a fulfilling life, after this physically and mentally undoubtedly very traumatic event he went through.

        1. i still cant get over th efact that whilst others slowed down he did not yet was some way back from the first spin.. also huberts car did not come back on the track before it was hit…Correa it seems was driving flat out and was off the track , hitting hubert car that was still on the tarmac run off..

      2. @faulty I don’t see how did you deduce that. There have been drivers who recovered from worse injuries than multiple leg fractures and a minor spine injury to have successful motorsport careers. A lengthy recovery does not preclude full recovery

        1. There were conflicting reports over the weekend. They variously spoke of fractured ribs, fractures to both legs, amputation of one foot, amputation of the leg below the knee, injured back and also damage to vertebrae.

          One can only deduce from those multiple reports that the injuries Correa suffered were serious, and possibly, career-ending.

          I don’t see him coming back to top-flight Motorsports. But that’s my opinion.

      3. Robert Wickens still intends to go back to racing. Whether he makes it is still to be seen, but that’s his intent.

        1. Robert Wickens will dance at his wedding.

  3. Poor kid….there was really nothing he could have done differently. God bless and good luck

    1. How about NOT pushing the throttle down while being off the track and while all other drivers slow down?

      1. I would be very happy if people would stop making these unfounded accusations. You have no evidence whatsoever to substantiate your accusation.

        1. I do. Everyone has. It is posted all over the internet.
          The video clearly shows that.

          Just try searching “Hubert crash” and look for the video from a spectator.

          1. Probably the advantage of having a opinion without any hard info about the true story.
            Some do not need facts, they already have an opinion.

          2. look at the analysis here:
            There is no answer to why he went off track.

          3. sorry, wrong link in other reaction.

            this is the right one:

          4. erijke – Ha ha ha, I really thought you were being facetious when you posted that first (incorrect) link :)

          5. erikje – thank you for that video, now that I’ve finally seen it. It demonstrated what the drivers went through, without sensationalizing the tragedy.

          6. Driving in circles
            4th September 2019, 0:21

            The question is why did JMC go off the racetrack and kept on going at full speed; if he had not then he would never had hit AH and he would not have been injured himself because he torpedoed him in the run-off area and not on the racetrack

      2. this is exactly what happened,, correla was full speed off the track and collected huberts car that was still on the tarmac run off… thing is ,3 or 4 cars before slowed considerably correa kept his foot in. if i was fia i would be looking at this,

  4. on the first lap through eau rouge, did anyone else notice how it looked like these F2 cars were almost sliding the rear ends, almost out of control? Perhaps the camera angle I had made it look such but to me before the accident happened I remember thinking” wow, those guys are hanging those things out at the trickiest part of the track”.

    1. @canadianjosh I actually noticed the same thing but only looking at the corner of the screen just catching a glimpse of Alesi losing the back of his car for no apparent reason just off Eau Rouge right into Raidillion which set the ball rolling for Hubert and Correa to cross paths. Boschung was also involved I read somewhere. The aero set up of these cars in low downforce might have played a part in this horrible ordeal. Poor Correa, wish him a speedy recovery and may his injuries not be lingering, phisically and mentally.

      1. Alesi was very close to Zhou, and got oversteer tried to catch it and the car snapped in the other direction sending him to the wall. Boccolacci who was immediately behind Alesi braked as Alesi came back on track and this was what caught out Hubert, who in trying to avoid running into Boccolacci, had the first impact with the barrier.

        1. Boccolacci wasn’t racing this weekend. That was Boschung that was right in front of Hubert.

          1. I stand corrected. Indeed it was Boschung directly behind Alesi.

    2. @canadianjosh – the f2 cars are extremely fast, about 1 or 2% slower than an indy car. and the driver’s are very enthusiastic & eager to impress. out of control? probably not but definitely they were all pushing very hard. of course, the investigation will tell more. as we saw, once a little chaos was introduced into the field, the events compounded on to on another and then into tragedy. the fia will use the info they find to improve any shortcomings they may uncover.

  5. Keep on fighting!!!

  6. Will one of the f1 drivers remember Correa in next weekend?

  7. Hope he makes a full recovery. It is easy to forget that they were more than one victims of that crash.

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