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New five-year Italian Grand Prix contract confirmed

2021 F1 season

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The Italian Grand Prix’s place on the 2020 F1 calendar has been confirmed following the official announcement of a new contract.

Monza has extended its contact for another five years, meaning it will remain on the calendar until at least 2024.

“We are really pleased to have reached an agreement with the ACI [Automobile Club d’Italia] which ensures the Italian Grand Prix will remain on the FIA Formula 1 world championship calendar until at least 2024,” said F1 chairman and CEO Chase Carey.

“This is one of four grands prix that were part of the 1950 championship and still features in the calendar and along with the British Grand Prix, it is the only one to have been held every year since then. History, speed and passion are words that motorsport fans associate with Monza. The feeling one gets at this Grand Prix is truly unique, as is the
circuit’s distinctive podium.

“I would like to thank the ACI, especially its President, Angelo Sticchi Damiani for its efforts and this five year deal means that another part of the jigsaw for the Formula 1 of the future, is now in place.”

Damiani said the agreement to extend the race’s contract was “just like winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix, a very hard and important one, fought to the finish line – which counts as not one but five titles!”

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32 comments on “New five-year Italian Grand Prix contract confirmed”

  1. First the extension of Spanish GP deal and now this… Lots of bad news recently.

    1. @huhhii How is this bad news? Monza is one of those that definitely deserves and should be in F1. I agree with you on the Spanish GP, though.

      1. @jerejj It’s the same thing as it is with Monaco. Racing there is really boring and it’s on the calendar only for the historic reasons, which are having way too much emphasis on decision-making.

        Monza is fun track when it comes to lower categories (F2, F3 and Blancpain) but it hasn’t been even average for F1 for over a decade. And while Monaco’s place can be accepted because it offers unique challenge to drivers Monza is completely different as its layout doesn’t challenge drivers in any way. Especially now with huge tarmac run-off at Parabolica.

        1. @huhhii But the layout is unique in a way that it’s the only true low-drag circuit in F1. Furthermore, the last two Monza-races were decent.

          1. @jerejj Hardly a challenge. Baku with its enormous straight is similar but with more challenge than Monza. And I don’t remember particularly liking neither of the last two Italian GP’s.

          2. @jerejj, looking back at it, it looks like you might have enjoyed the 2017 race more than most fans did. The 2017 Italian Grand Prix was one of the lowest rated races that season – with a rating of 5.9, it came joint third from bottom (tied with the Austrian Grand Prix), with only Monaco and Sochi rated lower, and a long way below the traditional average value for Monza.

        2. Neither of these races is boring. Maybe you just need to switch sport… Indycar offers “exciting” oval races!

          1. @dallein Monza is as close to Indycar’s oval “racing” as it can be. Your comment makes no sense.

    2. Bad news for you, but great news for me. I am happy about both of them.

    3. Usual @huhhii bias, someone’s sore that Kimi couldnt hold on for the win last year or i’m certain you’d be over the moon at the announcement.

      Monza is fantastic and night and day from Monaco, epitomising speed with that old school Hockenheim esque blast through the forest and cars compromised through the twisty bits because they’re running such low downforce. I’ve been playing this track all week on F1 2019 and can’t get enough of it, great news.

  2. Glad to hear this, even without the atmosphere and history we need a variety of tracks and a high speed one is a key part of that. There’s nothing quite like seeing an F1 car go round Monza.

    Hopefully we get to see the classics, Monza, Monaco, Spa, Silverstone and Suzuka, stay on the calendar for as long as we have F1.

    1. I completely agree with you! I would really appreciate if Liberty Media create a shortlist (no more than 1/3 of total tracks of a season – that is 7 of 21) of F1 classic tracks (Monza, Monaco, Spa, Silverstone, Suzuka and I would include Montreal too and perhaps Interlagos as the last one). All these tracks could receive some discount for staging a Grand Prix race.

    2. Spa, Silverstone and Suzuka? Yes and I’d add Canada, Interlagos and Austria to that list as well.

      Monaco, Monza, Barcelona? They are classics in the sense that the Hungaroring is a classic, but I’d rather see them get axed. Outside of wacky rain races, nothing really happens on those tracks usually, apart from the first corner on lap 1 and the odd strategy mess-up.

      1. Canada and Interlagos should definitely be on the list, they’re slightly newer but definitely classics and amongst the few tracks that everyone likes.

  3. I think it’s good news. Monza is one of the most historic races on the F1 calendar & has by far the best atmosphere of any race on the calendar with the best, most passionate crowd.

  4. Good news. Nice to see various tracks signing extensions.

  5. Sounds good to me. They do need a few track modifications though i.e. removing some of the tarmac run-offs. This might give them the money to do this now.

    I hope they don’t change the layout of the circuit. For example, the first chicane is an ugly thing but it does make for exciting racing.

    1. They added back in quite a few gravel traps last year, most notably at the parabolica. Certainly more than most tracks on the calendar at the minute.

  6. If they really cared about the history of Monza, they should try bringing back the 30–40 lead changes a race we used to have. Put DRS zones on every piece of straight road on the circuit. Make it ridiculously overpowered so it’s almost impossible not to pass. That would be fun!

    1. LOL, that’s an idea to change up the race @markzastrow – though it might lead to teams losing the Monza special setup for a more Spa like one, it’s definitely a fun idea!

  7. I am very happy about this contract. Although I am not a Ferrari fan, but I cannot imagine F1 without one GP where all Ferrari fans could feel like at home. And Monza is Ferrari one and only home. I was in Monza when Alonso was driving for Ferrari and it was a unique experience when he stormed from probably 4th (I haven’t checked it) into the lead into Turn1. Also, the park around the track is a perfect place for strolling with a family and kids. I love Monza!

    1. Will the layout be changed as proposed?

      1. Sorry, wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post.

      2. What Monza is going to changed? I hope not that chicane ruined a lot of high speed racing a decade ago.

      3. @zomtec No.

        They asked drivers (And not just those in F1) for input on the changes & hardly anybody felt what was proposed was a positive change. There was support for removing or at least altering the first chicane (Should never have been changed in 2000 IMO) but the alterations to curve grande weren’t popular so have been scrapped last I heard.

        There has been some discussions about re-profiling the lesmo’s to be closer to the original configuration but given how that would make both easy flat in most of the higher downforce categories it’s now felt that may not be a positive change either.

        There was also discussions about removing the second chicane but again that was cautioned given how the run from the first chicane, through curve-grande & into the second chicane tends to be where a lot of good racing & overtaking takes place & it’s felt removing the second chicane may result in losing a good racing spot because the first lesmo won’t be as good as sport in terms of racing as the chicane currently is.

  8. petebaldwin (@)
    4th September 2019, 22:04

    Not always the best race but there has to be a race in Italy so I’m happy it’s staying.

  9. Only there to appease the ferrari crowd. Boring race track. Even when playing on a console it’s such a boring track. Flat out, chicane, flat out chicane. Boring. DRS into turn one makes this even more of a bore fest

    1. Agreed. Mugello would have been a much better track imho.

  10. Could someone explain the ““This is one of four grands prix that were part of the 1950 championship and still features in the calendar” bit? The 1950 season had seven races (six Grands Prix and the Indy 500), and five of those are featured on the calendar (British, Monaco, Belgian, French, Italian).

    1. Zandvoort is also one of those? Started in 1948 and they are back on the calendar.

    2. @macleod, but that’s next year, so in that sense they are right with the ‘still on the calender’ speaking today! Right? sort of.

      @kaiie the French GP in 1950 was held at Reims, not at the track it’s held at currently. While the other four tracks have changed since then, they are at the same place, and retain at least some of the original layout.

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