Juan Manuel Correa, Charouz, F2, 2019

Correa being moved to UK hospital to continue treatment

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In the round-up: Juan Manuel Correa, who was injured in the Formula 2 crash which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert on Saturday, has been moved from Belgium to the United Kingdom to continue his treatment.

Update: Juan Manuel Correa

Correa is being transferred to an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in the UK to continue his recovery under the supervision of a specialised team.

A statement issued on behalf of him and his family expressed their thanks to the Liege hospital where he has been treated since Saturday. Correa suffered leg fractures and a minor spine injury in the crash.

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Comment of the day

Ben isn’t impressed by Nico Rosberg’s view of Sebastian Vettel’s performance in the Belgian Grand Prix

Jacques Villeneuve must be sat in his study thinking for something utterly ridiculous to say now that Nico Rosberg has usurped him as the fount of all nonsense.
Ben Needham (@Ben-n)

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16 comments on “Correa being moved to UK hospital to continue treatment”

  1. Nice chuckle-of-the-day there, @ben-n!

    1. Funny COTD yes, Jacques must be green with envy.

      1. Thanks @keithcollantine @phylyp @jureo @nullapax @jerejj

        … and apologies to Jacques Villeneuve and Nico Rosberg!

  2. With regards to that straight line advantage, compromise seems to be chewing through tyres and after Monza there are no tracks where Limping Donkeys will be able to keep up with either Rbr or Mercedes.

    1. Curious to see if Mercedes will be more agressive and change tyres early to force Ferrari to react. Could make for an interesting race.

  3. Excellent CotD there @Ben-n ;)

  4. Funny COTD, although I don’t entirely agree with it.

  5. Based on my personal experiences and those of close family members I wouldn’t wish the NHS on anyone. Good luck to Juan!

    1. Given he’s an American citizen, I doubt if the NHS comes into it.

      1. That might be even worse… getting hurt or sick in the US usually ends in deep debt for the patient.

        That being said, I have no idea what Correa’s financial situation is, so he may be just fine in that regard, but it’s sadly the way it is for Americans.

        1. I am sure that he has world class coverage through the FIA and F2 and being a Sauber junior driver. He’ll get the best care possible. Had he slipped and fallen at home it’s a different story but this is pretty much a work accident and everything is taken care of. I had a very nasty injury while playing junior hockey where i needed emergency surgery. My insurance paid some but the you are insured also through the team, league and USA hockey and they pay the rest.

    2. Given that the NHS is consistently at the top of most health care tables, I would imagine he is in very good hands. The NHS has very highly skilled specialists and a huge amount of experience. We have some of the best care in the world. For instance my children were born at one of the best Maternity hospitals in the world. Our Servicemen get treated at possibly the worlds best trauma care unit, incidentally which is also where Malala Yousafzai was treated.

      Is it perfect? No. Are there some poor doctors and staff out of the huge number employed? Yes. However overall it is excellent.

  6. I was about to say the same thing Andy! Is it really a good thing he’s been transferred to the UK for further treatment? I mean, it’s a better healthcare system than the US, but that’s an incredibly low bar.

    1. It is considered by many measures, one of the best systems in the world. We love to rubbish it here in the UK but that is not necessarily a true representation. They have done fantastic things for my family members. We have also experienced some issues too. However overall it has been amazing.

  7. Ferrari is doomed.

  8. Mercedes claim Ferrari looks good for next race. Despite there being good evidence for it I struggle to believe anything of the sorts when Wolff opens his mouth on the subject.

    So this is the best possible scenario for Ferrari, not many corner, long straights, short race, short lap. Mercedes should be within 10 seconds of win. They will also bring their lowest downforce package and Hamilton will probably do his late braking magic. Bottas should also be good in Monza, he tends to be good on this sort of track. He is good under acceleration.

    That brings us to Ferrari? Monza doesn’t have any corners where c can show his superior talent so Vettel will be competitive. Let’s say Mercedes are predicting a p3 and p4. There is plenty of scope for Ferrari to mess up strategy.

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