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Raikkonen’s F1 lap speed record stands for another year

Lap time watch: 2019 Italian Grand Prix

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The all-time record for the fastest lap of a circuit in a Formula 1 car was set by Kimi Raikkonen at the Italian Grand Prix last year.

Raikkonen’s record average speed of 263.587kph, which he set when he took pole position at Monza 12 months ago, could have been beaten in today’s qualifying session. Had it not been for the strange circumstances of Q3, in which almost every driver failed to complete a second lap at the end of the session, it probably would have been.

As it was, Charles Leclerc fell short by just over a tenth of a second. Ferrari weren’t the only team who failed to better their time from last year: Nor did Mercedes or Williams. The latter was, for the seventh time in the 14 races so far this year, the least-improved team year-on-year.

For the fifth race in a row, McLaren posted the largest year-on-year lap time gain of any team. This wasn’t because Carlos Sainz Jnr was the only driver who set a lap time at the end of Q3: He did that without a tow, and his Q2 time was quicker.

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2019 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. Bigger wings, harder tyres, at least the tyres sem to be in temp range

  2. The outright track record could’ve got bettered had it not been for the late-Q3 tactics.

  3. Long may it stand!

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