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Gasly appreciates Halo more after Peroni’s F3 crash

2019 Italian Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly says Formula 3 driver Alex Peroni’s huge crash yesterday has shown the importance of Halo.

The Toro Rosso driver had previously been sceptical about the head safety structure, which was introduced to F1 last year and on the new F3 chassis this year.

“I must say I’ve never been a fan of the Halo,” said Gasly in response to a question from RaceFans. “Looking at these images I think it’s clearly a good reason to have it.

“I don’t know, we will never know what would have happened without it but we don’t want to imagine.”

Peroni suffered a fractured vertebra and concussion in the crash and is being treated in hospital.

“I saw the big crash and it was really shocking,” said Gasly. “I didn’t see the beginning of the action, I just saw once he was in the air and then the guys explained a bit how it happened.

“It’s just crazy, especially after what happened yesterday. It’s always horrible to see images like this and I’m glad Peroni seemed to be fine after that. But it’s clearly something they need to change because we can’t have these kind of accidents.”

Peroni’s car was launched into the air after he struck a sausage kerb at the exit of Parabolica. “There are a couple of these kerbs on other tracks as well,” said Gasly. “For some reasons we’ve never had this kind of accident before. It was really strange but really scary at the same time.”

“I still didn’t see the full crash and I’d like to see it properly to understand it,” Gasly added. “For me it’s quite insane to just take off that high, just with a kerb. Hopefully they make sure this never happens again.”

Peroni is continuing treatment in San Gerardo hospital where his D6 vertebra is being examined for multiple fractures to assess whether surgery is necessary.

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  • 6 comments on “Gasly appreciates Halo more after Peroni’s F3 crash”

    1. I’m amazed how little has been said about the halo in this crash.
      The landing on top of the tyre barrier was horrible and without the halo would have
      ended really bad!

      1. @solidg if you look at the landing from the camera on the straight, you’ll notice that if Peroni had landed a little deeper into the tyres, there’s a chance he could have landed between the halo and the roll hoop. The halo wasn’t design for crashes that should never occur.

    2. This video from the spa f2 crash shows we really need the halo.

    3. @rvg013
      I didn’t really want to watch this video again and I’m surprised its not been taken down from YouTube, but the halo aspect with drivers we assumed were not caught up in this accident is quite fascinating.

      1. This video also vindicates Correa against the question of why he was outside track limits, leading to him hitting Hubert’s car. Looks like he may have gone wide to the right to avoid the debris that Gelael hit.

        1. Gravel. Easy answer. Correa or any of them did nothing reckless, that corner hasn’t got the required safety measures.

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