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Norris not concerned by Renault’s Monza form

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In the round-up: McLaren’s Lando Norris says he isn’t concerned by the threat from Renault following their strong result at Monza.

What they say

Renault took 21 points out of McLaren in Italy, cutting their advantage to 18. Norris was asked whether he was concerned about their progress.

Not so much. I want to say this track suits them more than hopefully Singapore will. They’ve always been quick, they’ve had one or two weekends where they haven’t looked strong at all but it’s good points for them so we need to make sure we bounce back strong. I don’t know what happened to Carlos, I don’t know what position he was in when he had the problem so frustrating but we’ll try and come back a bit stronger in Singapore.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

The return of the black and white flag has been a change for the better, says David:

Well I personally loved this use of the “new” flag. Why haven’t they been doing this all this time?! I think it’s a good way to keep action exciting but let drivers know when they’ve started stepping out of bounds. The entertainment of the race would have been absolutely destroyed if Leclerc had received a penalty there. Yeah he went a bit over the limit but it happens. This time it favoured Charles, next time it could favour Hamilton. I think that’s what I want to see in F1 and them being given some leeway to race hard. If they go way over the line then apply whatever penalty as expected.

Otherwise just about every exciting moment in the sport we will end up finding being ruled against. How many times did Hamilton and Rosberg squeeze each other off the track, but they just got on with it. Let them get on with it. If someone goes overboard and sends someone into a wall or into the gravel then penalise them if they tap wheels and carry in racing for several more laps then let it be.

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25 comments on “Norris not concerned by Renault’s Monza form”

  1. Re. COTD – in Charlie’s time, didn’t he pass on similar warnings to the pitwall? We’ve heard radio messages where the engineer has instructed the driver “Race control has warned us not to do (track-specific naughty stuff)”?

    “On this day in F1” – apart from the story itself, the thing that surprises the most is the number of commenters on that story who are no longer active today. Well, apart from a certain Keith who seems to have had the time to be more hands-on back in the day :)

    Nice anecdote about JB and Leclerc. This guy is going to have the whole of Italy in love with him, if they aren’t already.

    Good news about Peroni. Any word of Correa?

    1. Last thing I read reported that Correa had been placed into an induced coma due to complications arising from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. He’s got a long road ahead.

      1. Yeah, I’d read that update from Keith a few days ago. I was hoping if there were any updates on the back of that. The longer someone’s on ECMO, the worse is their quality of life when they come off it, so I was wishing for some good news on that front :-(

        1. I think the family have requested privacy and haven’t offered any further updates. Which is understandable. On the positive, he’s an athlete ( fit & strong ) and will be receiving the best of care. We recently had a friend wake from being placed on ECMO for 3 weeks, she’s doing well.

          It’s been a pretty awful couple of weeks for racing, I’m glad Peroni managed to avoid serious injury.

        2. @phylyp, here you contradict yourself to the comment on Schumacher “I was hoping if there were any updates on the back of that. The longer someone’s on ECMO, the worse is their quality of life when they come off it, so I was wishing for some good news on that front :-(”
          you can hope, but are not entitled to any more information going by your view of schumachers family privacy.

          1. He didn’t contradict anything. He asked whether there was an update, after he was informed of the families wishes of privacy he thanked me for the information and said nothing more. As people should do with Schumacher, he’s not a public figure anymore.

          2. Thank you, Ross.

            kpcart – Ross explained it better than I could have.

  2. Schumacher’s secrecy is frustrating, the guy is one of the most recognised and successful sportsman on the planet and yet the public is not allowed to know anything about his condition.

    1. the guy is one of the most recognised and successful sportsman

      The operative word there being “sportsman”. He’s not doing anything sport related, so we (sports fans/followers) are not really entitled to any information. If we’re given any information, that’s good, if not, we need to accept that as well.

      I know there’s a lot of goodwill towards his health situation, but at the end of the day, that’s a personal situation, and the people who are personally involved with him are the ones who get to make that call, as his representatives.

      1. that is just your opinion about “entitled” but I agree with t3x, it is frustrating for fans, Schumacher might be perfectly sound in his mind, but in a completely vegetative muscle state, and his family might be doing wrong by him by keeping him hidden away in a hospital bed. Maybe he wants the world to see how he is. maybe he has 1 month left to live, and he cant say goodbye to his fans because of his family feeling some sort of shame (perhaps). there lies the frustration fans feel, there are many reasons to want an update. If we don’t get updates, its human nature to assume the worst for his position, but even if it is the worst scenario, I think fans are entitled to know that, as it is 2019, and there should not be stigma to the disabled.

    2. In my view Schumacher is spitting on the fans who supported him now that he does not need them anymore. He should be ashamed.

      1. You don’t even know if he is mentally in a position to be making this decision himself.

        Disgraceful comment, it’s not Michael who should be ashamed here.

      2. That is probably one of the most self-centered, insensitive, and depressing posts I’ve seen on the internet in some time.

        If Michael Schumacher was able to communicate with his fans, he would have done so by now.

  3. Alonso in the paddock seems radiating bad omen for McLaren. They were getting better and better before this week.

    1. different race track and car configuration. nothing to do with Alonso.

      1. Do not underestimate the power of the Alonso.

    2. @ruliemaulana – ha ha, I didn’t make that connection until now :)

  4. Peroni is currently recovering in hospital where he evolves favorably.

    ….to Accelgor ?

  5. The points-gap between Mclaren and Renault was as high as 43 points (before the Belgian GP), but since it’s been cut down to 18, so maybe Renault still has a shot at P4 in the WCC after all, although the next venues mightn’t be ideal for them unless they can get better on the aero-side, which has seemed to be their biggest weakness this season, or recently at least.

    Regarding the COTD: I agree that the return of the black-and-white flag has been a change for the better.

    1. It looked like Renault has a lot more straight line speed than Mclaren and both Spa and Monza were unique in those terms. Singapore is like Monaco in terms of tight and twisty turns which might cause Renault a few headaches.

      1. that’s because their car has less downforce, so they are fast on a fast track, but slow on a slow track, like Singapore no doubt.

        1. Judging from recent events, it seems that way. However, Renault were not all that bad in Monaco. Of course, Ricciardo loves it there…

      2. Monaco wasn’t too bad for Renault, afterall Ricciardo qualified in the top 10 and was on for 5th placed but Renault as usual botched the strategy. Ricciardo has always gone well at Singapore too so I wouldn’t put it past Renault to have a good result there.

  6. I don’t think McLaren need worry to much about Renault this yr, sure they showed good pace in Belgian and Italy but I still don’t think Renault can match McLaren on the higher downforce circuits…but next yr I bloody hope so :)

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