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Rich Energy officially removed from Haas team name

2019 F1 season

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The FIA has confirmed Haas has dropped former title sponsor Rich Energy from its official team name.

An updated Formula 1 entry list was issued ahead of next week’s Singapore Grand Prix indicates the team’s name has changed from Rich Energy Haas F1 Team to Haas F1 Team.

Haas confirmed earlier this week it had parted ways with Rich Energy, which came on board as its title sponsor at the beginning of the year.

Nine races into the partnership Rich Energy announced it was withdrawing its backing of the team due to “poor performance”. It subsequently retracted the statement and Haas continued to run the team’s logos.

However on Monday Haas announced the pair had “amicably agreed to end their partnership together in the FIA Formula One World Championship with immediate effect” while “a corporate restructuring process at Rich Energy will see the need for a revised global strategy”.

Haas has also removed Rich Energy’s branding from its social media accounts and part of its website. Rich Energy, which sponsors athletes in a range of sports outside motor racing, continues to list Indy Lights driver Toby Sowery as one of its ambassadors and previously backed Jordan King during his Indianapolis 500 appearance earlier this year.

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2019 F1 season

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16 comments on “Rich Energy officially removed from Haas team name”

  1. Shock! Disbelief! Denial!

    How could the most powerful, famous, reliable, rich F1 sponsor fall so hard?!
    How could they?


    1. I’m sure sales will improve even more with the extra publicity.

      1. To 3 cans a year!

        1. @selbbin Shush, the Directors want to know percentages, not quantitative amounts.

  2. It would be strangely appropriate if Haas’ performance had a noticeable uptick from now on, although that seems unlikely.

    1. @phylyp less logos on the car = less paint = less weight

      Bound to make a massive difference to performance.

      That was why the Brawn car was so fast initially – no sponsors logos, not the double diffuser.

      1. You know the double diffuser wasn’t the only thing what the Brawn car made so fast.

      2. On the more serious note, they have a great opportunity to do a great livery. Some of them without sponsors were really great and leave plenty of place for creativity. But given Haas livery history, I don’t expect too much. Probably some grey, red and black in whichever order and arrangement…

        Something like this would look gorgeous and leave some space for the Haas brand to be clearly visible. It would also bring some color and punch to the grid.

        1. Back to the 80’ies😉

  3. Two words – Due diligence.
    Gonna miss Storey’s Twitter rants though, that was entertaining.

  4. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m so happy Williams managed to dodge this bullet.

  5. Their corporate logo is basically white writing on a red background, and that red car white writing colourscheme is pretty much taken…… they could reverse it i suppose

  6. Surprised you didn’t draw a big red cross on the Rich Energy name on the image there @keithcollantine

    To be honest, I was hoping for the court case to give us the juicy details on the Haas sponsorship but it wasn’t to be. Just another chancer pretending to have money they don’t. We’ve seen enough of those over the years in F1.

    1. @stopitrawr I thought exactly the same thing about the cross!

  7. but did they at least prove that they are #betterthanredbull ?

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