Hamilton: “I want this battle to continue”

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he hopes Mercedes’ rivals remain competitive over the coming races.

What they say

Hamilton was asked whether he expects the coming races are likely to be stronger for Mercedes following Ferrari’s victories at Spa and Monza:

I’m not thinking that way. I’m not looking forward to the next race thinking it’s going to swing our way. When we go to the factory next week we’re going to do the same process, hope we can improve our car, improve our method on a weekend and do a better job.

I hope I can do a better job in the next race. If they are as competitive, great. I hope it’s competitive between us and the Red Bulls and the Ferraris in the next race. I personally want this battle to continue. More opportunities like that would be great.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Here’s a better name for the black-and-white flag:

It should be called Schrödinger’s flag to signify a move that is both legal and illegal at the same time…

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  • 25 comments on “Hamilton: “I want this battle to continue””

    1. @GnosticBrian: Congrats and no congrats on Keith collapsing the probability field just in time to get or not get the CoTD. Brilliant name either way.

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        13th September 2019, 6:53

        Yes excellent cotd

      2. Schrödinger’s cat won’t be amused.

        1. And also amused.

          1. Brilliant

      3. By observing it you change the outcome!

        1. But at least we know where he was … or was it we knew how fast he was? So much uncertainty.

    2. In this universe, but perhaps not in others…

    3. If Hamilton is a true racer, he wants some sort of competition. It remains to be seen how he would deal with getting beat often.

      Before he became a multi champion at Mercedes, I believe it would be easier to swallow defeat.

      The new always come. Some take it the hard way. But Hamilton seems smart to avoid the classical “these rookies are unrespectful” response.

      They’re not going to respect him at the track. I mean that in a good way. As he did not respect Alonso. As Schumacher did not respect Senna. As Senna did not respect Prost.

      That is just how it is. The world belongs to VER-LEC-NOR now. And maybe OCO-RUS. Bad times for RIC-PER, caught in the middle of the transition.

      1. If you listen to Hamilton interviews, he always hated defeat. He even claimed there is no such thing as a good looser. Bad looser is the only kind in his book.

        Now he is a wise ol’ fox, blisteringly quick and ready for fights like this. Even if cars would be equal and Charles or Verstappen slightly faster, he is slightly more reliable in bringing in points.

        Taking defeat well? I don’t think that is part of his DNA.

      2. Until Charles or Max takes Hamilton’s crown, the world still belongs to him, because all we’re seeing from those guys, are flashes of brilliance & it will take more than that to dethrone Lewis.

      3. What fight, they only lost races because of a dodgy PU and bad qualifying.

    4. well said newverfan. no true competitor is a good loser. bad loser does not equate to unsportsmanship just the extreme prejudice for losing

      1. I disagree on your definition of a bad loser then. A bad loser to me is someone who doesn’t give credit to their opponent, complains or makes unjustified excuses when he/she loses. I’ll use examples from another sport – Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. No one would say they are not true competitors and yet when they lose they are gracious in defeat, give credit to their opponent, and usually downplay any excuses they may have like fatigue or injury.

      2. i think you actually agree with me mr campbell. in your case ur explanation is better suited for a sore loser than a bad loser. i may be wrong though. i tend to be often…

      3. I can’t remember which football (American) coach said it, but:
        “Show me a good looser and I’ll show you a looser”.

    5. Indycar racing at Laguna? The cars are way too fast for that track, that’s like F1 going to Zandvoort…oh wait.

      1. Yeah… I’m scheduling the Quali to watch for this one, I’m not expecting any changes to that running order on raceday barring accidents of course

    6. There’s an error in the ‘on this day in F1’ section: Today is actually the 2009 race day, not qualifying day, i.e., on this day in F1 Rubens Barrichello took his last F1-win.

      How did that GP2-car manage to get on the public roads in the first place, LOL?

      The Mclaren throwback-tweet, though.

      1. @jerejj
        I would be interested to know in which country that GP2 car is being driven. Looks like possibly France. Wherever it is I wonder if it’s legal?
        It wouldn’t be in the UK. I got an official police warning for riding a mini moto on my cul de sac because it wasn’t taxed and didn’t have number plates! Oh yeah, and slick tyres lol.

        1. @eurobrun Furthermore, another reason the UK is out of the question here is that its countries are left-hand traffic countries, and the footage above is from a right-hand traffic country, so any country in the world that applies/follows left-hand traffic is, therefore, out of the question altogether.

        2. @eurobrun
          It was in Czech Republic, it isn’t legal there. The police are already trying to find the driver.

      2. Youtube (source) says spotted on Czech roads.

    7. Interesting commentary from Franz Tost.

      One wonders whether some drivers that on the surface seemed to be well suited to the Red Bull stable may not have been as manageable as we all thought.

      As is often the case, what we see and what goes on behind closed doors can be vastly different. His predictions over the years have always been pretty accurate, none moreso than how he thought Honda would perform and how Albon would.

      Be interesting to see if Albon can live up to his observations. So far he’s made a reasonable go of it without making too much of a mess. Singapore is going to be by far his biggest test as the circuit should suit the RBR car but there, like Monaco it’s a very fine line between a great lap and a wall.

    8. its from czech republic

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