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Vettel: 2019 “not the worst” time of my career

2019 Singapore Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel says his difficult 2019 campaign is not the worst period he had been through in Formula 1.

None of Ferrari’s three wins in the past 12 months were scored by the four-times world champion. He has made a series of high-profile errors, most notably at Monza two weeks ago, where he spun out and then caused a collision with Lance Stroll.

Asked whether this was the toughest time he’s been through in F1, Vettel said: “I don’t remember all my career to be honest, [it] is obviously quite a while that I’ve been around.

“Certainly [it’s] not the best one right now. But also it’s not the worst one either.

“I still love racing. I have lots to look forward to and a lot of races this year to hopefully get in a better position to finish the season the way I think we want and then obviously prepare for the next one.”

He described the mistake which put him out of contention for victory in Italy as “part of racing”.

“It is obviously not great but ultimately it’s not a disaster,” said Vettel. “[In] the race weekend obviously the race is the peak and the highlight, one moment can change the whole race and in that case it did.

“I was the first one to admit the mistake after the race as well it was very clear. So nothing to talk different. But I think unfortunately these things are part of us and part of racing.

“Obviously it’s not the level that I want to perform at but these things do happen to all of us every now and then.”

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25 comments on “Vettel: 2019 “not the worst” time of my career”

  1. Can we just call him “Mr. Obviously”?

  2. Sincerely, it baffles me how HAM/VET “have any drive to compete”*.
    Both have more titles than major F1 legends and probably are half way thru becoming billionaires.
    The fact they still “toiling” in the F1 circus it is almost a sign of some psychopathy.
    *have any ducks to give.

    1. For Lewis, I think he simply wants to try and be, statistically at least, the GOAT. Even though he pretends to not be interested in those numbers…

      For Seb, probably wants to be seen at least as Lewis’ equal?

    2. Hamilton is still improving as a driver, enjoys it and can do the other stuff he wants in his life in the proportion he currently wants. Why not continue until that changes? That said, next year could easily be his last in Formula 1 if he hits 7 titles. Vettel, I don’t know, he’s decidedly not improving and now being demoted in his own team. Maybe just pride to stop the slide.

    3. I think Seb’s biggest drive is not retiring while Fernando can still say “I told you so”.

      There was a bigger rivalry between Seb and Fernando then there has ever been between Seb and Lewis imo – Especially during the RBR days when Lewis and Fernando were bigging each other up each weekend and “gangin up” on Sebastian.

      If Vettel walks away from F1 without winning another title, it will be the best Christmas present Alonso could get.

      1. +1. I do think though that Vettel couldn’t care less what Alonso thinks- after all Ferrari dropped Alonso for Vettel.

  3. So, he can’t remember most of his career, but somehow knows this is not the worst period?

    1. He is anticipating 2020

      1. I resisted posting that and you went and did it anyway :o)

        1. Ahaha, that’s great!

    2. Maybe he had some hard times in the past but we can’t know for sure exactly when, and there’s no reason for him to bring it up. The question was about his feelings and his answer is totally comprehensible. Now if you want a technical analysis of his most poor moment in F1, this is it. But it didn’t need to be the moment when he feels the worst.

  4. When you can no longer remember all of your career highlights and low moments accurately it’s probably time to retire. Formula 1 and senility don’t go hand in hand!

    1. I guess that is something that champions have in common, Hamilton is constantly saying that he doesn’t even remember the races from last year, or the ones at the start of the season

      But asking them both to retire seems a bit premature just because they don’t remember every detail of their careers

      Sloppy comment my friend

    2. Isn’t looking at the past what all retired drivers end up doing.
      A driver constantly looking at past glory is not in anyway hungry for the nest race.

  5. That should let you know how overrated vettel is for this not to be his worst season

  6. On the matter:
    I kinda agree. I don’t really know if Ferrari is now interested in adapting the car to him, since obviously Leclerc is the present and future of the Scuderia. However, I really don’t think he’s become unable to drive an F1. It seems that Ferrari is bringing a new big upgrade in Singapore which may go in Seb’s style direction, I’ll wait and see.
    I think he’s a good driver and an amazing human being, who really don’t deserve what’s happening around him. I hope for him he’s strong enough to not only show disinterest, but also to really feel it.

    1. F()ck you Charlie!!! Yeah, an amazing human being.

    2. It seems that Ferrari is bringing a new big upgrade in Singapore which may go in Seb’s style direction


      I think he’s a good driver and an amazing human being, who really don’t deserve what’s happening around him.

      Lovely bloke yes but what exactly is happening around him? He’s been making errors for 2 years now but still has the full backing of his team. Started the season with a clearly stated number 1 status, received multiple team orders in his favour and in the last race the driver who outperformed him was admonished both after qualifying and after the race (“today, you are forgiven”). So how exactly is he being treated badly pray tell?? If you’re talking about a pasting in the press then other drivers have had it worse and the press is only speculating on his many, many errors. They can’t just ignore them and report on other stuff because the Sebfosi are getting PTSD can they?

    3. Well, Leclerc already confirmed that the Ferrari is a little bit tail-happy but he doesn’t find it nearly as much of a problem as Vettel does. I believe that’s all it is: Vettel doesn’t like an unstable rear end. That has been true since the junior formulas until now. I think his feedback regarding this area is what led to Newey & company developing the EBD in the first place. I also believe that Vettel is still driving the Ferrari like he would the Red Bull: most of his spins come on medium & low speed corners, where he’s too aggressive on the throttle at mid corner & on exit (in his Red Bull, that boot full of throttle used to summon more downforce/grip, while at Ferrari it conjures pirouettes).

      1. Yeh I keep seeing this point made and unfortunately it just means he isn’t one of the greatest drivers. The greatest drivers adapt. It’s literally the weakest defence Sebfosi make for his performance as it just means he’s a bit average unless the car is perfectly suited to him.

        1. For sure. He’s not remotely close to being terrible (give him the perfect car & he flies), but he’s not nearly as adaptable as say Hamilton or Alonso (seems we can add Leclerc to that list as well). He also has a tendency to buckle under pressure. That much has been obvious to me since his F3 days. I’ve taken a lot of flak over the years for this particular opinion, but it has never wavered.

          1. Leclerc has actually adapted pretty well to the Ferrari this year and the Alfa and F1 in general last year. His weakness at the moment is wet weather skill, it’s obvious he doesnt have a natural talent for it and will need to focus on it specifically in order to keep up. Agree with your points fully but blinded fans will never look at it objectively.

  7. well, he is spoilt for choice in the last couple of years isn’t he?

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