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Rate the race: 2019 Singapore Grand Prix

2019 Singapore Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Singapore Grand Prix.

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59 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. To whom it may concern: it’s James.

    1. Yeah… that’s the season wrapped then. Thanks Toto, and well done getting it almost to the day !

  2. A decent race, not too bad although neither an absolute classic.

    1. seems fair yeah.

  3. A bit boring tbh. Gave it a 6.

    1. Ditto. The battles in the midfield (mainly due to some tyre offsets) saved it. The battle at the front was such a letdown

  4. strangely enough, didn’t require extreme deg to have an entertaining singapore gp, the last 2 had been 2 of the dullest gps ever.

    1. Was that extremely interesting @peartree? I mean, Ferrari human interest, I suppose, but after Mercedes (and Leclerc’s side of the pitlane?) missed seeing how Vettel was undercutting their strategy, it was clear it was going to be a bit of a slog, if it hadn’t already been going that way the way Leclerc was able to go slow (half the field were as fast as him) to enable that undercut. Hm, I wasn’t that last year the same too?

      At least the last two had weird starts to have us talking about I guess. Not great, as often the case here, I gave it a 5/10, which is mainly because it was clear from the start that it had a big threat of a slog.

      1. @bosyber, given that he seems to be quite pro-Ferrari and pro-Vettel, he is going to say that it was a good race because it delivered him the result that he wanted to see.

        1. @bosyber lol anon @daved don’t know which one of you is the anon.

          I said a couple of words pertaining past singapore weekends, short memory for you two or three, these races are always the same, in fact before today the past 3 podiums had been the same as Q. I watch monaco as monaco and singapore as singapore.
          And don’t drag me along your despair, serves no good, changes nothing, just raises blood pressure.
          Ps: there’s a feature on the website that lets you see which team and drivers users support.

          1. Sure @peartree – I am not sure including Monaco into the ‘often not a great race’ (or wasn’t that your point?) changes a lot. Sure, I agree, for Singapore it was quite decent, but on the whole (and since the scores here are used to compare races not only season to season, but also race to race within a season!), I try to keep in mind it’s F1 (ie. not always super on track battles), and I do tend to look at the midfield battles, bc. that’s usually very interesting, but, in this case, I found it a bit less than okay, hence a 5/10.

            It was by no means very bad, but as I tried to explain, it just didn’t intrigue me that much, as it was clear Merc. fixed themselves (and getting likely to be static with the go slow strategy from Leclerc even before that first stop by Vettel), Ferrari were unlikely to take risks with their 1-2, and Verstappen couldn’t do much, but grab the podium available. Which I am sure, after a set of interesting races, was a bit of a downer (even when it was expected to be) for many people, though don’t worry I am not about to switch off from F1.

          2. @bosyber anon You guys got triggered by fresh air.
            What you both replied had nothing to do with what I had originally said, I guess you just wanted to show higher on the comments.
            Anon Let’s talk about the finger boy. I disliked him before it was cool, now it’s lame. I just think a lot of the loathing is completely gratuitous. If the arguments were fair but they are not.

      2. Agreed. Nothing interesting at all for me to watch Leclerc crawl around to save tires for the first half the race. They’ve got to get rid of these tyres that deg so fast…I want to watch racing.

        Then to watch Ferrari give the race to Vettel over Leclerc was just sad.

        Mercedes totally screwed Lewis trying to get too cute with their strategy and no real action at the front end of the race overall.

        I’m a Mercedes fan, but the only thing that would have made this better for me would have been if Leclerc got the win because he at least deserved it.

        I just didn’t enjoy this from any perspective.

  5. Rating reduced beacause of 1 radio messafe
    Valterri,its james

  6. Gave it a 3, not worth waking up for, no action at the sharp end

  7. Awful start (0/10), exciting strategy games and team conflicts in the middle, annoying SCs at the end.


  8. 2: it was an absolute shocker today. First 20 laps the top 8 crawling around at a pathetic speed – to the point where a Williams was fastest on track! Top teams couldn’t follow each other, and worst of all the race win decided by a questionable team call.

    The only reason for a 2 was because of Riccardo’s overtaking through the beginning of the race

    1. +1.
      I gave this race 3, but now I think I was too generous.

      1. Agreed. I gave it a 3 and now I think I was being too generous.

    2. @burden93: Spot on. Horner compared the first 20 laps to ‘fighters dancing around the ring’ – not only was that a sad excuse for a racing metaphor, I still want to punch someone in charge of Liberty/FIA and Pirelli.

  9. I never look forward to this race, it’s as much an endurance event for the fans as it it the drivers.

  10. 4/10. It’s quite unique to see F1 cars racing during night time, but it’s horrible track. Unique challenge for the drivers, definitely, but this GP should rotate between Marina Bay and Sepang. Seeing Marina Bay once in every two years would be enough and Sepang is superior track compared to this.

  11. Not too much fun. Valtteri it’s James, Leclerc’s whinging and Grosjean somehow still being in F1 makes an unhappy day.

  12. Street circuits tend to produce bore fests (bar a crash or two). Today was no different.

    I say, let us get rid of Singapore, Baku, and Monaco as well as tight and twisty tracks that are effectively street circuits like Melbourne, Zandvoort, and Sochi. Really the only one that works is Montreal and perhaps Budapest should get a pass as well.

  13. 2. Singapore isn’t a race track. It’s an anti-race track. As soon as actual racing occurs, someone picks up damage and it’s a safety car. Always. Qualifying laps are fine, it’s the driver against the track. But racing? Pointless. Worse than Monaco because at least you know that’s just a parade circuit. But Singapore lulls you into thinking a race might actually happen.

    1. I completely agree with you.

  14. I don’t know about the race itself (because the midfield again had some great battles, and the Ferrari story and Hamilton’s loss at least has some storylines) but I think the first ten-fifteen laps were more farcical than Monza’s Q3. The state of modern F1, cars so scared to pit because they’d end up in traffic. Sad. Boring.

  15. Boring race. Crashttel go lucky, Leclerc unlucky. Merc messed up their strategy. Lando drove superbly though.

  16. Strong 8.
    Stupid Safety cars and soft tyres ruined some fun, but in general very nice weekend!

  17. Wow. Really surprised about the low ratings. Because Lewis was nowhere? In my optionion about 65% of the race was a 9-10 and the rest 5-6 so I gave it a 9.

    1. @f1lauri, probably because so much of the first quarter of the race felt like an anti-climax with the way that the field was being backed up – when Russell, after his early pit stop, was at one point the fastest man on track, you can understand why many thought that the tyre saving in the early stages felt so excessive and why so much of the opening part of the race felt like an underwhelming slog.

    2. Too many safety cars. With the added absurdity of a time limit at a track where they start racing after its gone dark! Two times I thought, OK, dull race, but at least maybe we’ll still get to see if Mercedes pitting Lewis from 2nd was actually worth it, despite seeming to be utterly daft. I switched off after the third SC. (Admittedly switching back on 5 minutes later.) It could have just a well been Verstappen chasing the same strategy rather than Lewis. But seeing some actual racing for the lead as the frontrunners’ tyres went off, it would have been great. Instead we had another Monaco-style formation race with frustrated expectations of something actually happening.

      I know the drivers and teams love Singapore and Monaco, and apparently fans visiting the races. That’s really super. So why don’t they stick these, and the French GP, at the end of the season, after the championships are over, and no racing is needed anyway? They can enjoy themselves and we can safely ignore the existence of these tracks. Everyone wins.

    3. @f1lauri I agree on the ratings being artificially down. C’mon 9! Maybe in the scale of past singapore gp but not in general. I don’t know what expectations people had, as if this race isn’t usually even more flawed than this.
      You’ll only trigger angry replies.

  18. Please, those 5% (3 persons out of 62) give us the reason for giving this race 10. I mean, this is not April 1st!

    1. Vettel’s most loyal fans and those who gave 9 are either the 2nd most loyal fans or mercedes haters, I think.

  19. Gave it a 7. VET built his win on a solid pace, with some to spare in the end by good tyre management. I was expecting him to come ahead of HAM by pitting first, but he managed to jump ahead to the lead, working relentless through the field all the time. Great job!

    However, I expected some battle between the two reds. The multiple safety cars spoiled that along the impression that LEC hadn’t managed his tyres as well as VET. It’s a shame, because I would found nicer LEC to extend his win streak, but I’m glad VET finally broke his curse. It was about time he won one. And actually, he was always strong at Singapore, retaking the most GP wins statistic alone today.

    Also found nice that VER could be ahead of the Mercs, it may be a sign for good upcoming races. Let’s hope both teams can challenge Merc for real constantly till the end. Downside is next race is Russian GP. :/

    1. @niefer Or perhaps Vettel was lucky that all those safety cars made his tyres last well to the end of the race. Vettel was a lot slower than Leclerc.

  20. Awful track, the only way you could enjoy this “race” would be if you were there in the infinity pool doing something else and just occasionally watching the race, F1 doesn’t need a second Monaco.

  21. Not too bad, but minus points for Leclerc, Bottas and Giovinazzi being screwed by their team.

  22. B O R IN G !

  23. Very dull and terrible circuit.

  24. The first third was one of the most dismal, dreary periods of F1 I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness. The phrase “I’d rather watch paint dry” is somewhat overused, but on this occasion I think observing the development of dry patches between slightly thicker bits, and truly taking in the evolution of the coat as a whole, would have been more exciting.

    Picked up a little bit with the stops but it was still all about tyre strategy and pit stops up front, where it became painfully clear very early on that there’d be no Vettel vs Leclerc, or Verstappen vs Hamilton, or anything other than follow-the-leader all the way to the end because the car performance was so closely matched.

    On the bright side, the midfield provided some decent entertainment throughout, more so after the SCs. But even that was hard to get fully into because these fights were presented as sideshows to the main event – and the main event was a single-lane Scalextric track.

    A disappointing four from me, with three of those marks awarded to the midfield and one to the Ferrari strategist who at least made the team radio a bit more interesting…

  25. Let’s put it this way: I don’t mind drivers going slow. But what I want to see in addition to that, is something else happening, something that derails the well thought-out plans. Much like the ridiculousness of Monza Q3, what I hoped to see today was someone from the top 6 eventually deciding they had enough and go racing, and winning the race. Of course, that’s what almost happened, as Vettel was the first to pit and got the lead.

    This was a pretty typical Singapore race, with plenty of pace management, and some dicing in the midfield. Too bad it always seems to be P13-17 that have the greatest battles here, instead of the top positions.

    5/10, largely forgettable as a single race, but if this marks the Ferrari resurgence, a race to remember.

  26. 6. These tyres were just awful. I think they were tiptoeing around at 8 seconds a lap slower than full pace. Poor tyres makes for poor racing.

  27. That was just an awful race.

  28. A boring procession of cruising ‘racing’ cars interrupted by three safety car periods – little wonder F1 audiences are falling.

  29. 10. A great race.

    1. I’ll have what you’re having.

  30. 3.

    Look, I love that this is my home race, but the racing is all so boring. Thank goodness for Red Hot Chili Peppers performing afterwards so the fans who paid good money got some entertainment.

  31. Rate the procession – I gave it 4 purely due to the mdifield and tail enders fighting.

    Watching 20 odd laps of fuel saving and then 20 more laps of not much happening up front and finally 20 laps of SC is not my idea of a good race.

    I’m assuming those giving high scores are Ferrari fans, but even if you are a tifosi, this is not entertaining.

    Not even a hint of an overtake up front.

  32. 6 and im generous, not for the race itself but for the tactics that MB and Ferrari did.
    Ferrari pitted VET 1st gaving him the win without pitting immediately Lec and MB in HAM pitstop told to Bottas to do a 3 sec more in his lap to be behind Hamilton.

    Thats a joke totally and they really dont understand what harm they do. We are not sheeps here..

  33. 7/10 for me. A bit dull at the front but well done to Ferrari on the Vettel strategy call.

    Some quite interesting battles in the midfield kept me entertained. The safety cars are always expected here as it’s quite a narrow, twisty track which does not rule out overtaking to the extent Monaco does but makes it very difficult.

    It’s not going to be many people’s favourite.

  34. 9/10 for me, but looking at the comments maybe I’m mad! My criterion for a great race is asking myself do I know who is going to win. Before, during and after the pitstops…did I know? No. That makes it exciting for me. Did I care that the top cars were driving slowly? No. (And what does slowly mean anyway?). Lots of overtakes and some great battles.

    What did I see that everyone missed?!

    1. @danielh Have to agree, I thought it was a cracking race. Not sure what race everyone else watched.

  35. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
    23rd September 2019, 9:41

    It’s a street circuit so what do you expect really on race day. Probably more action going on on the motorway above. My issue however was with the broadcasting. It was awful! Giovinazzi must be fuming

  36. So I was undecided between 7 and 8, was a 7,5 race for me but can’t give half marks, so obviously my preference on result and events tipped it off to 8 in this case because 1) mercedes made a strategy blunder and fell back, I think mercedes won too much in recent times, 2) ferrari finally capitalized on a 1-2 win, they even over-delivered, when they threw away chances before this season, 3) vettel is back to winning after over a year, this is enough to decide 8 vs 7 ofc.

    Apart from that, I think the race was decent but not great, however have to keep into account it’s singapore, hard to overtake, the expectations should be lowered, like monaco, we had some good midfield battles, some overtakes at the front but only when all the top teams’ drivers were passing midfield cars that hadn’t pitted yet and also with a tyre advantage, we saw again the importance of strategy in such tracks with verstappen and vettel passing hamilton by boxing earlier, hamilton losing 2 places due to being the last to pit, leclerc losing a place by waiting just a single lap to pit, we also had some accidents and obviously on the negative side, 3 SC were too many imo and regardless, each time the race restarted I checked, there was never a serious chance to try anything at the front, they were always way too far from each other.

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