Markelov returns to F2 with Arden for final two rounds

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Artem Markelov will return to Formula 2 this weekend with Arden. He will drive the team’s second car which was previously occupied by Anthoine Hubert, who died following a crash at Spa-Francorchamps.

Markelov, 25, is a veteran of F1’s leading feeder series, with nine wins in F2 and GP2. His last appearance in the championship this year came at Monaco, where he substituted for Jordan King at MP Motorsport.

“First of all I want to give my best to the family of Anthoine,” said Markelov following his appointment as Hubert’s replacement.

“This guy was not only a good driver, he was a great man who was happy all the time and always gave us a smile. He showed everyone his talent. Thanks to the team for trusting me in this situation and I’m going do my best for them. We are going to drive together in memory of Anthoine.”

The championship has confirmed Hubert’s race number, 19, will not be used for the rest of this year’s championship. Markelov will race using number 22.

Arden team manager Kenny Kirwan said they were pleased with the appointment.

“Following on from recent tragic events and our return to Sochi as a two-car team, we are proud and humbled to have Artem join us for the remaining races of the season,” he said.

“Artem is a proven race winner in this category and we very much relish the opportunity to work together and to continue where we left off with Anthoine, who we miss very dearly.”

Markelov’s return will further boost the Russian contingent for this weekend’s round of the championship at Sochi, as Matevos Isaakyan will make his F2 debut for Sauber Junior Team in place of Juan Manuel Correa, who was seriously injured when his car collided with Hubert’s.

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3 comments on “Markelov returns to F2 with Arden for final two rounds”

  1. I really thought that we will never hear about him again when his father was arrested, but he keeps on ticking in Super Formula and now back in F2…good for him.

    1. Frankly superformula was going so bad that he can only do beter by returning to f2 mid season.

  2. Not really the way he would have liked to return to F2, I’m sure, but he’s very talented and deserves a place in the series. Something about the way he carves through the pack made him an interest in most races. I never understood why he got dropped last year, as I rate him up there with Aitken, DeVries and Latifi.

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