Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Sochi Autodrom, 2019

Kvyat sees benefits in moving Russian GP from Sochi

2019 Russian Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat says moving the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi Autodrom could help more fans attend the race.

As RaceFans revealed earlier, Russia’s round of the world championship could move to St Petersburg due to new construction developments planned at the Sochi circuit which has held the race since 2014. A new racing circuit is under construction in the vicinity of St Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city.

Kvyat was born in Ufa, Bashkortostan, which is not close to either venue. However he sees benefits in a potential move to St Petersburg.

“I think as long as there is a race in Russia I’m up for it,” said the Toro Rosso driver in today’s FIA press conference. “Maybe it’s not a bad idea to have it closer to that region also where there is even more accessible to the people from Moscow, from St Petersburg.”

St Petersburg lies close to Russia’s border with Finland, home to Kvyat’s rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas.

“Maybe it will bring more spectators which is cool, maybe also from Europe, from Finland. It’s a very popular sport there, it will be cool.

“It’s not a bad idea,” Kvyat added. “Here is very nice but knows it could be even better. Why not?”

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6 comments on “Kvyat sees benefits in moving Russian GP from Sochi”

  1. The primary benefit, of course, would be no longer having a race at Sochi…

  2. Sochi was never a viable track location.
    It was only because Putin and his Cohorts needed to launder even more $ millions left from Olympics, while having the track close to “dachas” of Putin and his chums.
    And of course to show off hugely, that Russia is so cool as to host F1.

    These goals have been reached, now it is time to launder even more $ millions elsewhere (of course on top of what is already stolen).

    1. The only benefit of Sochi was its weather – other parts of Russia are cover by snow 6 months a year.

      Not a joke – Moscow has seen first tiny snowflakes couple of days ago.

  3. No thanks Danil. We’ll wait for the KymiRing (official) announcement

  4. Saint Petersburg also sees more rain than London on average, which is promising for the races.
    But the only thing I’d care about is just not seeing the Sochi track anymore

    1. Entire central Russia is under long sustainable drizzling rain for some over a month in September-October. It’s called autumn.

      But there are no FIA 1 race track under construction around Saint Petersburg, as far as I know. As I remember there was one short FIA 2 grade under construction. The only another FIA Grade I circuit in Russia is Moscow Raceway 90 km west from Moscow. But it’s only 3.9 km long and requires second phase extension to accommodate F1 Grand Prix.

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