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Juan Manuel Correa will undergo a complex surgical procedure on his right foot tomorrow having turned down the option of having it amputated.

The Formula 2 driver has recovered sufficiently from his lung injuries in order for the operation to proceed on Sunday. A statement issued by his family indicated they expect the procedure will take more than 10 hours to complete.

According to his family, Correa has made rapid progress since he was taken out of an artificially-induced coma last week. He has been moved to a different hospital in London which specialises in orthopaedic surgery ahead of tomorrow’s procedure.

“Juan Manuel is now fully conscious and his lungs have recovered much faster than anticipated,” said a statement from his family. “His overall physical improvement and willpower has doctors impressed.

“The main objective this week has been to get Juan Manuel in the best condition possible for his surgery on Sunday that will be 10-plus hours in duration.”

Correa suffered extensive leg injuries in the crash at Spa four weeks ago which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert.

“Sunday’s surgery will be crucial in determining Juan Manuel’s future,” Correa’s family added. “Doctors will have, for the first time since the accident, complete access to the wounds on his lower right leg. They will be able to determine the actual level of damage to his tibia, ankle, and foot.”

“During surgery, they will save what can be saved and removed what needs to be removed in order to rebuild his right lower leg to the best possible condition. The surgeons are the top in their field and are cautiously optimistic given the fast-paced recovery that Juan Manuel has had in the previous week.

“The injuries that Juan Manuel sustained are severe, and the surgery procedure is very complex. Doctors gave Juan Manuel the option of right foot reconstructive amputation. He has chosen not to have the amputation and to proceed with the surgery, understanding all the challenges involved.”

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6 comments on “Correa to undergo surgery to save his right foot”

  1. Best wishes to Correa for a successful surgery.

    One of the most worrying visuals from the replay of the accident was the image of the front crash structure of his car missing, and his boots visible.

  2. The fact that he is fully conscious and can make decisions alone is reassuring for me.

    Hope the surgery goes well too

  3. Go Juan Manuel, a wishing well and speedy recovery.

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