Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Sochi Autodrom, 2019

Ricciardo: Practice crash gave insight into ride quality problems

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo explains how his crash in first practice happened.


What they say

Ricciardo said his hit with the wall in first practice was “a little strange”:

Obviously it caught me a bit by surprise. It seemed just as I kind of got pretty much onto the apex kerb it seemed to spit the rear around.

We’ve been trying to kind of smooth the car out, it still is a bit rigid in some areas with the ride. So I felt like it just kind of unloaded the rear and then it spun it around. It caught me a little bit off guard but it’s OK.

Fortunately we didn’t do too much damage and it was actually hard for us to look into the data, obviously it’s better not to crash, but it gave us something to look at in terms of what we can improve with some of these feelings with the ride.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

The ‘only one helmet change rule’ which Daniil Kvyat has fallen foul of needs to go, says Andrew:

That ridiculous rule is an insult to the audience’s intelligence. It has no place in F1. And for crying out loud, make it as a recommendation at best, not a sporting rule.

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On this day in F1

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  • 10 comments on “Ricciardo: Practice crash gave insight into ride quality problems”

    1. Just gotta say, I sure like the sound of those normally aspirated engines. F1 were even better @ 20,000 rpm and on the edge of destruction. Sigh.

    2. The helmet rule is just plain stupid and should have never been introduced. Iirc the reason for the rule was simply because vettel used to change his lid colors everytime he won a race. And if he wanted a new helmet after every win then I’d say that alone has more positives than negatives. After all if the sponsors were against it he would not be allowed to change helmets because his team would not allow it. So the idea of protecting the sponsors or making sure the drivers can be distinguished by their helmet color is now especially weak argument considering the halo obscures the driver’s helmet in the cockpit. Maybe fia should introduce rules against facial and hair style changes for the team bosses and technical directors. How is the casual fan going to recognize binotto if he changes his glasses to rectangular ones for example?

      1. @socksolid Yes it’s a stupid rule and I want to see it go. Pity that the FIA want a rule for everything (remember qualy Italy).

        On the other hand: Kvyat should know the rules. I knew this rule, so should he. Why take a different helmet in Italy then?

        And what’s up with the urge of constant changing the helmets? In the previous generation, the helmet was iconic. I recognised every driver just by looking at the helmet. Nowadays I don’t even bother. Too busy designs, too little difference and too many changes. I don’t want a rule but I want the drivers to come up with an iconic recognisable design and stick with it.

        1. To be honest I can not think of single instance where the helmet is the only thing you can use to identify a driver. Different teams have different colors, the cars have have numbers and different color rollhoop cameras. The helmet barely factors in at all. And it is fine imho. And I don’t think nobody even cares about the helmets unless there is a change. Only time people care when the helmets change. One great thing about monaco for example is that different drivers bring different helmets to the event and we get to see them and talk about it. While not earth shatteringly amazing some of them are pretty cool.

          In fact I think all these rules about what the driver looks like should be done away with. Allow drivers to change new helmet color every time they take helmet off, allow team mates to wear different color racing suits. I’d be willing to to let teams even paint their cars in different colors for every session if they want to. Why not. It is only their own loss if it doesn’t work out. Most teams are never going to do it anyways so there is no danger or each race looking like a different grid of cars. But if there are one or two teams who want it then let them do it. Let them do it for every race if they want to. If the average fan gets confused by different colors then let the team understand that and still let them take that risk instead of writing boring rules to make sure nothing changes.

      2. the helmet rule is sky sports doing. They’ve invested so much, pay so much for the rights that they have to get their moneys worth. Sounds silly but it is true, they keep trying to influence things, dictate their narratives.

    3. On CotD, the helmet designs became virtually overcome. The halo is all what everyone can see now. With the sport stagnant at a tawdry pool, it’s only another thing amongst many others that does not appeal tastefully at all.

    4. (Nostalgia warning) While the helmet design rule is stupid and unnecessary, there really haven’t been that many memorable designs in the past decade or so. The helmets are just so full of clutter and sponsor logos that, at least for me, it is impossible to remember what kind of helmet everyone has. There are some small features or splashes of colour that help identify the drivers, but other than that, they all just look very much the same.

    5. I’m not really either against nor in favor of the helmet-design rule.

    6. I totally forgot that 28 September is global discussing-silly-helmet-rule day.

      Well done Nick; will be a worthy champion. Unfortunately no seat in F1 next year.

    7. I always identified Felipe Massa with his helmet

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