Robert Kubica, Williams, Sochi Autodrom, 2019

Williams retired Kubica’s car to conserve parts

2019 Russian Grand Prix

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Williams retired Robert Kubica from the Russian Grand Prix to save parts for future races.

Kubica pulled out of the race on the 28th lap out of 51 while he was running in 16th position.

A team spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans they decided to retire Kubica to conserve parts as they were not in contention for points.

Kubica retired one lap after his team mate George Russell crashed out. Williams is looking into the cause of the lock-up which sent his car into the barriers at turn eight.

“This weekend has been very disappointing,” said Kubica. “You always have to try your best with what you have, and this is what I was trying to do.

“After George’s DNF, the team decided to stop my car, to take care of the parts that we have on the car. We are not in an easy situation and Japan is around the corner.”

Senior race engineer Dave Robson said the race had been “tough and deeply frustrating for the whole team.”

“An issue shortly after the restart caused George to lock a front wheel, damaging the car further. We opted to retire Robert soon afterwards in order to conserve parts ahead of the intense flyaway races which end the season. It’s a very disappointing way to end two weeks on the road.”

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22 comments on “Williams retired Kubica’s car to conserve parts”

  1. Eh, ‘not in contention for points’ I mean, sure some ambition in the goals, but so far they haven’t been in that position outside of a lucky attrition in Germany. Dissapointing, but indeed, hardly anyone will have missed him on track (which is sad for him and Williams both, and a few weary fans).

  2. Shame shame ! Becouse George has crash ? Parts for him ? Its not professional team..

  3. Cristiano Ferreira
    29th September 2019, 14:20

    What a lazy excuse

    When was the last time they were in contention for points? Esp with Robert (save for that mess of a race in Germany)

    They should retire their cars every race since the beginning of the season if that’s really their excuse.

  4. This is why I don’t own an F1 team. I’m conserving parts.

    1. Wonder, when was last time team officially said they are not going to race to safe parts, surely they would safe even more if they stop racing!!!
      GR accident very suspicious as well….
      Was RK car going to fall apart as well?
      Very dark clouds over Williams

  5. I thought Kubica’s DNF was precautionary in case Russel’s off was caused by a brake failure.

    1. Perhaps that’s only when someone from the FIA is with earshot..

    2. Probably need Robert’s parts for George’s car.

  6. Williams = parts collectors. It is impossible to read those press information from team with that big history

  7. wiliams shame on you !!! it’s a joke

  8. Sounds like someone is strapped for cash.

  9. This excuse is a yoke. As if they’ve been in contention for the points all season long.

    I just feel sad for the team and Robert.

  10. Do the regulations even allow them to retire without some issue being present? I figured it might have been for safety based on something they saw in Russell’s data about the brakes.

  11. Is this the beginning of the end of Williams?

    1. Pretty sure Lance Stroll was.

  12. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    29th September 2019, 22:00

    If that is the case then I’m surprised Kubica had finished all of the races leading up to this one! ;)
    After KUB and VET retiring I believe Hamilton is now the only driver to have finished each race so far this year?

    1. Yes and has taken points at every race as well..

  13. Small correction just to be accurate “Williams retired Robert Kubica from the Russian Grand Prix to save parts for future GR races.” Kubica is obviously just using the parts the team so desperately needs for the whole season.

    WHAT A JOKE!!!

    Let us see another GR comment about Kubica’s lacking the tires knowledge now. Does anyone still has any doubts about equal cars, equal parts and equal drivers treatment in this ridiculous team.

    1. well said… :(

    2. I thought the whole unequal car argument was suspicious, but not anymore. I low-key wonder if they were hoping to make George Russell look so good that another team would want to buy his contract off of them now.

  14. They have no money or no more will to spend on racing, or they already know that next season they will appear as Mercedes-B and will have to produce old spec Merc chassis, so they will not waste money on developing this joke of a car nor produce extra parts as they can glue old ones.

  15. ROKIT Williams Not Racing Team

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