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Todt not capping number of races on F1 calendar

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FIA president Jean Todt says he does not see a need to set a maximum number of races on the F1 calendar providing they are all high-quality events.

The 2020 F1 calendar will feature a record-breaking 22 races following the addition of races in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

“For the first year for the first time next year we will have 22 venues,” said Todt. “We were participating with the commercial rights holder and at the end [they are] proposing a calendar, the number of venues, and we we feel that it’s a good number.”

Asked whether he saw a need for an upper limit on the number of races Todt said: “No there is no maximum. For me it’s not a question of maximum for me what does matter is not the quantity of venues but the quality of venues.”

Some drivers have raised concerns over the impact of the growing calendar on teams’ staff.

“Obviously the biggest problem is probably the team, the mechanics,” said Kevin Magnussen last weekend. “All those guys are working very hard already, so it would be pretty tough for a lot of people in the team.”

However Valtteri Bottas said “if it’s just one more next year it’s not too bad.”

“Obviously it is, like Kevin said, hard work for many of the team members doing so much work between the races as well,” he added. “There’s going to be a limit at some point but I don’t know in detail after how many races that would come. I think we can still do one more but we will see. It’s OK so far.”

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2020 F1 season

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15 comments on “Todt not capping number of races on F1 calendar”

  1. “providing they are all high-quality events”

    So he’s gonna drop Australia, China, Bahrain, Paul Ricard, Barcelona, Sochi, Monaco and Singapore?

    1. @Philups Bahrain definitely doesn’t belong in that group, though.

      1. @jerejj
        You’re right; should be Abu Dhabi.

    2. Todt won’t do anything. He is firmly of the belief that his job is “talking”, not “doing”.

  2. joe pineapples
    3rd October 2019, 15:43

    52 it is then.

  3. More importantly, is he ready to put a cap on the crap events?

  4. Well if he’s looking for high quality events, then maybe he should consider dropping Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, Bahrain, China, and Sochi outright and switch Ricard, Barcelona and Melbourne with Clermont-Ferrand, Jarama and Adelaide respectively? Dubai, India (not really possible), Argentina (BsAs), Finland (Kymi), Miami or Long Beach and Port Imperial would be ideal.

    1. Jarama or Portimao

    2. you haven’t even seen a race in Vietnam. sheesh!

      1. Vietnam is not a good location for an F1 race. It’s obscene, honestly. But a MotoGP race there wouldn’t be a bad idea on a country where there are more motorcycles than people.

  5. Ferdinand Johanssen
    3rd October 2019, 22:20

    The Formula One (F1) at Port Imperial with dramatic and iconic New York City Skyline in the backdrop, would be unique. Amazing for gaming (and video games) as well!

    EXHIBIT: See details below …

  6. Pretty much confirms how out of touch he is.

  7. Isn’t his son manager of Leclerc? He’s from the Bernie old boys network. He’ll do whatever he wants

  8. In words of Max Verstappen: Ever bloating F1 calender is going to cause divorce. This is getting beyond ridiculous.

  9. I am looking forwards already to the interviews with wild eyed unshaven drivers who haven’t had a full nights sleep in the last six months.
    Let’s make these damned overpaid egotistical drivers actually work for a living!

    52 race weekends a year to start with is fine.
    Then let’s look at why Liberty isn’t making profit on a Wednesday night!

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